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Symphogear Ep 11 09 1.png
Kanji カ・ディンギル

Romaji Ka Dingiru
Anime Episode 11
Relic Information
User Finé

Kadingir (カ・ディンギル Ka Dingiru?) is a gigantic particle ion cannon that was created by Finé. The purpose of the weapon was to destroy the Moon, which holds the Lunar Ruins and the facility in which the Curse of Balal was activated.


In ancient times, "Kadingir" was a word used by the Sumerian, meaning “elevated existence”. In another form, it also carries the meaning of “a tower that reaches the heavens”. It was used to refer to the Tower of Babel.


This ion particle cannon was a weapon that Finé worked on for many years, in order to destroy the Moon. This massive cannon was hidden deep underground just like the Mobile Disaster Prevention Corps

When the direct attack from Kadingir occurred, the likelihood of Ichaival’s diffused attack being easily penetrated was very high. For this reason, Chris made use of Ichaival’s energy reflectors by spreading them around her surroundings. The reflectors took the normally-diffused energy vector and focused it on a single-point aimed at Kadingir. This quickly-planned action was a display of Chris’ high-level battle sense.

But that wasn't the end of her planning. Chris perceived that even the focused energy of her Superb Song wouldn't be enough to bring Kadingir's attack to a complete stop. So by again using the energy reflectors, she was able to dampen some of the attack's energy and thereby alter its trajectory by a fraction.

The result wasn't just that Chris prevented a direct hit on the moon, but furthermore was successfully able to abate the damage that was directed at her from the Kadingir.