John Wayne Vercingetorix

RomajiJon Uein Uerukingetorikusu
Character Information
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlue
RelicSolomon's Cane
AnimeG Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseTomokazu Sugita

John Wayne Vercingetorix (ジョン・ウェイン・ウェルキンゲトリクス Jon Wein Verukingetorikusu?), more commonly known as Dr. Ver (ウェル博士 Ueru-hakase?) is the main antagonist of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G and a minor antagonist turned ally in Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX.

He was a researcher who was transferred from the USA’s sacred relic research institution and works together with the Special Disaster Response Team Section Two to analyse the Sakurai Theory.


  • In old Norse, "ver" translates to "we" and "sea".


Dr. Ver's Character Design in G

Dr. Ver had white short hair parted from the left with blue eyes. He wears silver rimmed glasses along with a olive green turtle neck, a white overcoat with light violet trimmings, grey slacks and light brown shoes.


Symphogear G Ep 7 07

Dr. Ver's insane personality

Ver was visibly insane, prone to sudden and extreme outbursts of emotion despite his normally calm demeanour at the start of the series. He's also quite cowardly, running away and screaming (while tripping a lot) whenever things don't go his way.


As an expert on biochemistry, he has demonstrated an aptitude for research involving the bonding of living organisms to sacred relics. He holds an admiration for the heroes who saved the world, Hibiki and co., and harbours many personal ambitions. Deeply ambitious, Ver is fascinated with the Symphogears and their users, and developed a more advanced form of the LiNKER drug that allows sync ratios to be raised by force along with a counteragent. It's later revealed that he planned to make the moon crash to Earth so he can repopulate humanity himself.






Ver Returns

Dr. Ver returns

Ver managed to escape from imprisonment inside the Undersea Dragon's Palace due to collateral damage from a battle, after which he absorbed a missile from Chris' Mega Death Quartet, thus saving Carol from the attack.[1]

He is later seen with Carol helping her complete her plans but she betrays him and stabs him with her Dur da Blá (Harp Form) and falls off the Chateu.[2] Ver is not seen again until later where he helps Maria and co. to stop the Chateau. However, after it explodes, he is severely injured and crushed by the debris of the Chateau and is close to death. He gives them his final words before giving them something to help them stop Carol and dies on the spot.[3]


Dr. Ver returns

Dr. Ver in Maria's mind

Ver reappears inside Maria's mind as memories and mental images, where he meets and entraps her and Elfnein.



XDU exclusive

  • I am a hero! (僕は英雄だッ! Boku wa Eiyū da!?) - Dr.Ver makes his arm grow exponentially, taking the form of Nephilim's arm, before smashing his target three times with it.



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