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The Ignite Module (イグナイトモジュール Igunaito Mojūru?) is a power-up for the Symphogears introduced in Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX as a final result of "Project Ignite". It utilizes a shard of the relic Dáinsleif to harness the strength of the Berserk mechanism into a form that keeps the sanity of the user.


Hibiki activating the Ignite Module

With the command Drawn Blade (抜剣 Bakken?) and Symphogears that have been enhanced by Elfnein's alchemy, they can briefly increase their power exponentially.

When the damaged gears were restored, this was added as a combat booster. It utilizes the "Berserk" mechanism that had been analyzed after previously being observed in cases of sacrist/human fusions. As a result, the module is capable of bringing out energy levels on par with that of the berserk mode. However, because it also offers the ability for the user to retain their presence of mind and utilize their fighting techniques, it can be considered a considerable improvement in fighting strength outside of measurable values. The large increase in output does more than simply raise offensive strength, it also raises defensive power which reduces the burden the adapters feel from the backfire, increasing their durability. This change in offensive and defensive power makes this a trump card useful for getting out of difficult situations.

The timer for the Nigredo Phase

The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the adapter will not lose their mind when using it. Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user's combat potential. However, there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), this starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade or beyond, the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster. When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose them to even further danger.

During the battle with Adam Weishaupt, the shard of Dainsleif was used as a catalyst to divert the strain of alchemic energy from the Symphogears, disintegrating the shard and the Ignite Module along with it.


  • Nigredo: The first phase of activation, activated by squeezing the sides of the Relic once. It has the lowest amount of extra power, but has a longer amount of operating time than the other two phases.
  • Albedo: The second phase of activation, activated either by squeezing the sides of the Relic twice when the Ignite Module is not active with the command Double Drawn Blade (ダブル抜剣 Daburu Bakken?), or by squeezing the sides of the Relic once in Phase Nigredo. It has higher power, but less operating time is available.
  • Rubedo: The third phase of activation, activated by squeezing both top and bottom of the Relic. It has the highest output, but the rate at which it drains the timer causes it to be highly impractical in a drawn-out fight.


Key art of every character's Ignite Module.

The appearance of the Ignite form varies widely between relics, but it will usually introduce a lot more black and dark tones into the user's color scheme, as well as sharpening design elements and thinning out the main leotard so that it shows more skin. Each Ignite form also displays a butterfly-shaped emblem on the chest of the user.

When used with X-Drive, the wings turn into black fire, and the fire extends to the arms, legs, and even headgear. The rest of the appearance applies, and the X-Drive 'wings' look much larger and have a wider span.


Ignited Battle Songs



  • The activation command is a reference to how the core of the Ignite Module is part of the Dáinsleif, a cursed sword that, once drawn, cannot be sheathed again until it has taken a life.
  • The only time X-Drive was used together with Ignite was at end of GX, by Hibiki while trying to save Carol.
  • With the exception of Citrinitas (usually due to the word does not have a "-do" at the end), the three phases of the Ignite Module are named after three of the four stages of the Magnum opus in alchemy:
    • Nigredo, meaning a blackening or melanosis.
    • Albedo, meaning a whitening or leucosis.
    • Rubedo, meaning a reddening, purpling, or iosis.
  • Maria's Gungnir resembles the color scheme of the Ignite Module.
  • In the XDU event, Noroi Terasu Hikari, Kanade, Serena and Miku achieve the Ignite Module for their Symphogears.

See also

  • X-Drive - Another power-up that is even more powerful, but is considered a miracle due to how much phonic gain is needed to unlock it.
  • Amalgam - A form unlocked by accessing the hidden power power of the Symphogears rebuilt by the Philosopher's Stone. It is a fusion of the Symphogear and a Faust Robe.