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Ichaival (イチイバル Ichii-baru?) is the Symphogear system created from a fragment of the second classified Relic, Ichaival, its user, Chris Yukine. The relic focuses on long range-projectiles weaponry.


At a point during World War II, Japan was facing a losing war and tension was running high. In the interest of researching an 'absolute power' that might help to turn the tide, Ichaival was obtained from Germany. However, 10 years prior to today...

The private organization that established the core of holy relic research, the "Kazanari Agency," was newly formed into the Special Disaster Response Team Division 2. It was around this time that Ichiaival went missing. (At this point the leader of Division 2 was Tsubasa's Grandfather, Kazanari Fudou. He resigned as a result of the incident and a young Genjuro, who was working as a public safety officer, was assigned as the 2nd generation Commander)

The details of Ichaival's disappearance and how it came into the possession of Chris are currently unknown.

Transformation Chants

Evening draws in the awakened Ichaival
Killiter Ichaival Tron


Ichaival is a bow owned by Odin and is capable of turning one arrow shot into ten arrows shots.


  • The translation of Ichaival's transformation lyrics is "Evening draws in the awakened Ichaival". This may refer to the day Chris, awakened her relic Ichaival for the first time. That day she was fighting with Hibiki and they were fighting in the evening.
  • There is proof of Ichavial of being a bow because her charater theme song in Season 1 being Makyuu Ichaival. Makyuu translates to Evil Arrow surgesting that she has the ability to fire multiple firearms at once and having the ability to multiply her shots.


File:Chris Transformations

Skip after Hibiki's and Tsubasa's Transformation to see it.

File:Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - Ichaival Transformation

Chris' transformation from Symphogear GX