Genjuro Kazanari
Genjuro Kazanari Casual
Kanji風鳴 弦十郎

RomajiKazanari Genjūrō
Character Information
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGold
RelativesFudo Kazanari (Father)
Yatsuhiro Kazanari (Older brother)
Tsubasa Kazanari (Niece, biological younger half-sister)
MangaChapter 1
AnimeEpisode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseHideo Ishikawa

Genjuro Kazanari (風鳴 弦十郎 Kazanari Genjūrō?) is the commander of Special Disaster Response Team Section Two.


Genjuro is a tall, muscular man with gold eyes, spiky red hair and a goatee. He is mostly seen wearing a red dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pink tie with its end tucked into the left breast pocket of his shirt, light beige slacks and black and blue athletic shoes.

He is also seen in various suits.


Genjuro is a mature, responsible man. He specifically identifies himself as OTONA (おとな/大人, meaning "Adult") in front of most of the crew, and acts as the parental figure for most of them.

He has a warm and outspoken personality. Although he looks rough and goes to the dramatic side very easily, deep down he cares a lot for those around him, especially the Symphogear users. He is also a huge fan of action movies. He claims that he gained his superior fighting skills through "Eating a lot, sleeping well, and watching action movies".


After the attack by Chris Yukine in the Nehushtan Armor, he becomes Hibiki's teacher in martial arts at her request. He later defended Chris so that she can use her Symphogear. He volunteered to take in Chris after she was rescued from the Val Verde war zone, and blames himself for not being able to save her when Finé kidnapped her two years prior of series' events. However they both made up and she willingly cooperates with Tsubasa and Hibiki under his command only.


Season 1

Genjuro watching the Nehustan Armor

Genjuro Witnessing Nehushtan's Activation

Genjuro is first seen approaching Kanade and Tsubasa right before their concert in Episode 1. He only speaks slightly before Kanade cuts him off and finishes in a care-free way. He smiles and says that he'll hold her to her word as the concert will decide the fate of mankind. He then calls Ryoko to check and leaves the girls to go to the underground laboratory. He is later seen in the laboratory, where everything seems to have gone well and a claimed to be a success. However it was short lived as the lab can no longer handle the accumulation of Phonic energy and an explosion is caused. Having survived the explosion and collapse of the laboratory, he witnesses the activation of the Nehushtan Armor.

Later in the episode he is heard giving orders to gauge the Noise and back up the army to Tsubasa. However she refuses. He is seen later at the headquarters monitoring the Noise attacks along with Ryoko. He exclaims in surprise as the Aufwachen Waveform of Gungnir is detected.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 02 - Large 12

Genjuro welcoming Hibiki

In Episode 2 he is seen wearing a large top hat and throwing a welcome party for Hibiki, in which Tsubasa displays a slightly annoyed look. Genjuro then explains to Hibiki the reason for the Mobile Disaster Response Corps as he does a magic trick of making flowers appear. He then introduces himself as the one who calls the shots on Hibiki. The next day he informs Hibiki that Tsubasa carries the first relic Ame no Habakiri. He also explains that relics are activated through song. He also tells Hibiki that it needs to be kept a secret as everyone she knew would be placed in danger if they knew. He then requests again that Hibiki cooperates with them. As Hibiki tries to leave and fight the Noise, he stops her however she leaves anyway.

Genjuro exits the headquarters in Episode 3 as he needed to stop Tsubasa and Hibiki. As Tsubasa attacks Hibiki, Genjuro steps in the way and deflects her attack and repels her, showing his super strength, he also damages the bridge they are standing on and breaks a water pipe. He then comments about the mess and how much he had paid for the shoes, noting that it was normal for Tsubasa to act in such a way. He notices her crying and asks if she is okay, in which she denies it.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 04 - Large 01

Genjuro hugs Kanade

Genjuro is seen watching Kanade as she struggles in bindings 5 years ago in Episode 4. An agent then gives him a report on Kanade as she then tells him to give her a weapon and allow her to fight. He kneels down to speak with her and asks her to tell him what happened so that they may avenge her family. As Kanade stops, Genjuro pats her head and hugs her. He watches as Kanade is injected with LiNKER and clenches his fist hard enough to draw blood.

Back in the present, Genjuro is seen giving orders to seal off the area and contain the Nehushtan Armor. He is later seen driving with Ryoko trying to get to the area where Tsubasa and Chris are fighting. Genjuro arrives just in time as Tsubasa had just finished. As she collapses Genjuro runs to see to her.

At the hospital, the doctor informs him of Tsubasa's condition, he then leaves with agents to try and trace the Nehushtan Armor. At the end of the episode, Hibiki goes to ask him to teach her how to fight. He agrees and tells her that his training is rather harsh. She agrees nonetheless and he asks her if she likes action movies. His odd training regiment contains training and actually watching action movies.

Genjuro is once again overseeing Hibiki's training in Episode 5. After training, Hibiki asks him about other weapons that could be used to fight the Noise and Genjuro informs her that the Symphogear is a top secret government project. He also informs her that Ryoko had been called to the Government Building to inform officials about the 2nd Division's security and defense systems. He later informs Ryoko of the Defense Minister's assassination and at the meeting he tells Sakuya where Durandal is to be transported as they are civil servants and cannot defy government orders.

Genjuro later briefs the agents and Hibiki before they set off and is seen flying in a helicopter above the agents and Ryoko. He is the one to inform Ryoko of the Noise attack and their whereabouts.

Genjuro first comes back fron Denfense Minister Hiroki's funeral in Episode 6 where he asks Ryoko about their progress. He reveals that it was the Defence Minister who had opposed their requests for updates as he didn't support pumping tax money into a secret organization, but it was also to protect them from any external interference. He also informs them of the Denfense Minister's sucessor supporting them in terms on upgrades, however also being pro-American and international cooperation.

Genjuro tells Tsubasa not to do anything rash as she fights Chris in Episode 7 and later calls what she did nuts, in which she apologizes.

Genjuro protecting Chris 02

Genjuro displays his super human strength

Genjuro informs Hibiki of a Noise attack an hour earlier and of the traces of Ichaival in the same area in Episode 8. Genjuro wouldn't allow for Tsubasa to fight until she got the all clear from her doctors. He steps in to save Chris with the use of his super human strength. After the attack he tells Hibiki and Miku to leave the rest to the adults. He reassures Miku that Chris hadn't been on the list of casualties.

Genjuro walks in the rain and comes to a large building in Episode 9. He found Chris and brought her food. He begins to recall Chris' past to her before offering her milk. He reveals to her that he was to be his legal ward before she went missing and after the case was closed. He also tells her that it was an adult's job to finish what he started.

Symphogear G

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

Abilities and Powers

Genjuro punches rock

Genjuro destroys a rock with a single punch

Though not a relic user, Genjuro possesses enormous superhuman strength, enough to shatter a falling boulder with a single punch. He is also capable of other amazing feats, such as jumping to the top of a building from the ground (while carrying Chris), and jumping down safely from high places without protection.

He is master in martial arts, and is seen sparring with Hibiki and the others.

While he has no special resistance against Noise, he has on occasion defended himself against them by using the terrain as projectiles, and his strength is enough to hold out even against relic users for a brief period of time. Because the Noise need to materialize at the instant of their attack, Genjuro is able to snap that very moment and hit them to achieve damage even with his bare fists. Of course, this way of fighting is very inefficient so he still prefers to leave the fighting to the Symphogear users.

He is the absolute strongest fighter in the series as he can easily gain considerable advantage even when he's fighting users of complete relics (Finé in the first season). However, his body is still that of a regular human, so he got grievously wounded in a single strike by Finé while he was distracted.

Despite all his fighting capabilities, he still prefers to leave the fighting to the Symphogear users, so "those younger people could learn from experience"

  • Genjuro Style・Shattering Sky Palm (俺式・断空裂破掌 Ore-Shiki・Danku Reppa Shō?) - Genjuro charges toward his target, striking them with a single punch, then manifests an unknown power, ablazing him, before performing a powerful uppercut, shattering the reality.
  • Genjuro Style・Strong Attack (俺式・剛衝打 Ore-Shiki・Tsuyoshi Shōza?) - After preparing his fist, Genjuro charges toward his target, striking them with a single punch.


Genjuro's Solo Songs
Symphogear G volume 3 cover
Genchaku! Denkō Keiji Ban

Genjuro's Group Songs
Symphogear G volume 5 cover
Eiyū Koji (Ver.Training Day)
Together With



Tsubasa Kazanari - His niece/half Sister.

Members of S.O.N.G.

Hibiki Tachibana - Following the first battle against Chris, he becomes her teacher in martial arts at her request.

Chris Yukine - Genjuro volunteered to become Chris' legal guardian when she was rescued from human traffickers in Val Verde, but he could not fulfill his responsibilities as she was subsequently kidnapped by Finé. He gets to finally act as her guardian following the events of the first season.


  • He is the only male character in the series to have a song.
  • His voice actor, Mr. Hideo Ishikawa, actually studied a Vocal Performance major in university.


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