Garie Tūmān
Gali character design

RomajiGaryi Tūmān
Character Information
Theme Color Ultramarine
AnimeGX Episode 2
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseMichiyo Murase

Garie Tūmān (ガリィ・トゥーマーン Garyi Tūmān?) was one of the four Autoscorers created by Carol Malus Dienheim.


One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_020

Her fighting style focuses on confusing her enemy, she is a master of utilizing the moisture in the air as a mirror, projecting illusions and other things.


Like her fellow Autoscorers, her name is derived from one of the angels of Christian and Jewish religion. In Garie's case, her name is derived from the Angel Gabriel.


Fittingly with her cute appearance, Garie acts very girlish, taking a flirtatious tone in general when talking to others. She also enjoys taunting others and is very overdramatic such as fake crying over Micha Jawkān hogging all the memories to herself or sarcastically stating she was going to lose to Maria Cadenzavna Eve while looking scared. Underneath her playful exterior, however, Garie is a very dangerous enemy who has a lust for combat. She is very disappointed in Hibiki’s failure to sing in Episode 4, but becomes positively elated when Maria dons Black Gungnir to fight her instead. On top of this, she can also be very sadistic in battle, accepting Shiori’s offer to let her and the others run away only to make it more satisfying for herself when she surprise attacks them, crushing all sense of relief they had along with their lives. This obsession with combat can cause her problems though, as she is unwillingly to fight a Symphogear who is not able to entertain her in a fight causing her to spare Maria twice.

Believing firmly that strength is all the matters, Garie is very arrogant nonchalantly discarding the weak who cannot fight without care. Even when Maria expresses that weakness can in fact be strength, Garie just can’t seem to get it, becoming very confused and visibly upset at this ridiculous logic. Her arrogance, though, appears to mask possible self-esteem issues. Despite initially coming off as in control and deceptive she is easily the least calm of the Autoscorer’s and is very easy to anger. She is also prone to jealousy, becoming very mad when the rest of the Autoscorer’s berate her for being the only one to never destroy a gear. Furthermore she is the most obsessed with earning Carol’s approval despite Carol being relatively disinterested in her and even calling her rotten. She even makes sure she is the first Autoscorer to be defeated and record the cursed melody for Carol just to try to get Carol to recognize her even more. All of this together suggests that she substitutes her supposed strength in battle in place of her weakness as a person.


Symphogear GX

Symphogear GX Episode 2 10

Effects of Garie’s Kiss

Garie first appears in episode 2 when a bystander tries to film Carol. She playfully teases him about filming ladies being a naughty habit as she kisses him to suck out his memories aging killing him in the process. Garie is next seen watching Carol’s battle with Hibiki where she proclaims Hibiki is a nuisance due to questioning about Carols plans instead of just fighting. Carol, annoyed that Garie was spying on the fight, calls her rotten prompting Garie to say she can’t help how Carol made her. Annoyed, Carol questions her about how her job of collecting memories is going. Garie insures her that it is going well, but pouts that Micha requires too many memories in comparison to herself. Carol, contempt with her explanation, orders a retreat which Garie happily supports, teleporting away from the battle.

Symphogear GX Episode 3 15

Garie Tūmān reactivating Micha

In episode 3 Garie, back at Château, kisses Micha to transfer the collected memories to power her inactive body. In response to Carol saying that it took a while to power Micha on, Garie states that she did her best, but had to be careful to avoid unwanted attention. Thus, she had to pick off naughty boys like a biker gang in the middle of the night. Carol decides it doesn’t really matter how it was done only that it was done and now they can progress their plan to the next phase. Micha suddenly states that she still can’t move to which Carol orders Garie to go collect more memories. As she leaves Garie smirks about how the Symphogear’s have taken in Elfnein. Carol casually dismisses this as something she already knows.

Symphogear GX Episode 3 18

Garie Tūmān ready to attack Hibiki

Garie makes haste by going to the school and kissing several male students which she seemingly left for Hibiki and her friends to notice. When they do see them Garie muses about her power as the Holy Grail and Hibiki’s role as a sacrifice. Hibiki tries to talk things out, but Garie becomes annoyed at Hibiki’s pacifistic approach and tells her she must fight while summoning a horde of Alcanoise. Hibiki fails to activate her gear, further irritating Garie who wants a fight.

Garie attacks Hibiki's Friends

Garie attacks Hibiki's Friends

By Episode 4, Garie decides to screw conversation and just have the Alcanoise kill them as that might wake Hibiki up to reality. She realizes that she is doomed to fail if Hibiki does not use her gear, so she decides to attack Hibiki’s friends as the primary targets instead. Shiori gets ticked off and tells Garie to leave her and the others out of Hibiki’s business, Garie is even further angered when Shiori tells her to move out of the way. She reluctantly listens commanding the Alca-Noise to stand down and let Hibiki’s friends go. This is only to lure them into a false sense of security as she quickly sends the Alca-Noise back after them all. Just as Garie was about to kill Hibiki and her friends, Maria and Shinji Ogawa arrive on the scene with Maria using Hibiki’s gear to don Black Gungnir once again. Maria disposes of Garie’s summoned Alca-Noise with ease, which Garie decides to replace only to have her second group of minions also easily defeated. Maria then rushes Garie with her armed gear, but Garie blocks it by freezing the water particles in the air into a barrier. To her surprise, Maria splits open the top of her spear, forcing the shield in two and then proceeds to try to impale Garie through her chest.

Garie freezing air to block Maria's attack

Garie freezing air to block Maria's attack

However, Garie nonchalantly freezes more air particles into a small hexagon just big enough to block the attack. Absolutely excited by the prospect of real fight, Garie expands her barrier and then extends it outward as ice pikes forcing Maria back. Licking her lips, Garie proclaims that Maria is her destined opponent and proceeds to skate straight towards her to impale her Symphogear. Without LiNKER, Maria is unable to remain in her Symphogear and Gungnir disappears preventing Garie from being able to personally destroy a gear. She then belittles Maria for her weakness disgusted that this was all Maria could do and angrily teleports away having obtained the memories she needed.

Garie Tūmān at base

Garie annoyed at the Symphogear users she attacked weakness

After returning to base Garie senses Carols upset and apologizes saying that one couldn’t sing and the other couldn’t accomplish anything with singing. She slyly remarks that it would be pointless to destroy either of their gears. Carol warns her not to forget the reason she was created. Garie insists she knows that the Ley Lines need to be laid out and would be happy to help. Carol clearly not convinced assigns Garie with Micha this time to prevent a failure. Garie is very upset at Carol praising Micha, demanding Carol to stop telling Micha that she is the strongest. Garie then laments how Maria’s gear was disabled forcing her to come back in disgrace. A few days later when Hibiki closes in on Micha with a punch, Micha turns to water droplets as Garie reveals that she created a fake Micha by reflecting an illusion off of a puddle on the ground. This allows Micha to finish off Hibiki breaking her gear.

Garie destroying the hydro-electric plant

Garie destroying the hydro-electric plant

Garie next appears in episode 5, overwhelming a hydro-electric power plant by breaking the stations with intense torrents of water. She laughs about how Lieur’s little sister won’t even be necessary for such an easy task.

Garie makes a brief appearance in episode 6, being the only one of the Autoscorers to show reaction at the death of Carol, triggering flags of their respective colors to lower down to their pedestals. Garie smirks clearly knowing what is about to happen.

Garie attacking the Symphogear users at the beach

Garie attacking the Symphogear users at the beach

In episode 7 after wrecking the shrine at the beach the Symphogears were relaxing at, Garie appears taunting them about how they must have had enough summer fun by now. Chris Yukine rushes into the scene saying no way, activating her gear and proceeding to shoot Garie full of holes. That Garie was merely a water clone, though, and the real rises up out of a water geyser from behind her slamming both Chris and Hibiki out of the way. Hibiki tells Maria to get Miku and Elfnein out of here. Garie tries to chase Maria, but is intercepted by Hibiki who demands to know why she is acting without Carol’s orders. Garie jokes about this as she summons Alca-Noise to act as a diversion for her to be able to chase after Maria instead. Garie then cuts off Maria’s path calling her a failed wielder to provoke her into a fight as she charges forward to impale her.

Garie Tūmān hit by Maria

Garie Tūmān hit by Maria

To Garie’s utter shock, Maria socks her in the face with her new Airgetlám gear silver left arm. Telling Maria not to disappoint, she then sizes up her new fighting potential by sending Alca-Noise after her. Maria easily defeats the Alca-Noise causing Garie to joke that she might actually lose the battle. Garie begins cracking up as Maria tries to slash at her, but Garie evades laughing about how she was just kidding as she slams an ice pike into Maria’s face knocking her to the ground and disarming her. Maria acknowledges Garie as strong and decides to use her Ignite Module.
Symphogear GX Episode 7 09

Garie Tūmān dodging berserk Maria

Garie is very excited demanding to hear her song. Maria tries to use it to kill her weak self which forces her into Berserk mode instead. Berserk Maria begins lashing out at Garie who is grossed out that her opponent is a mere rabid beast now. After evading several mad claw attacks Garie casually grabs Maria’s head and slams her into the ground forcing her out of Berserk form, leaving her a defeated mess on the ground. Garie then cleans her hand with a napkin as Chris shoots more bullets at her which she easily deflects with her hands. She departs telling Maria that it is not that easy to be strong. Garie is next seen back in headquarters where Leiur Darāhim complements her on how flashy she was in destroying her shrine while Micha’s playfully jeers that Garie was upset that she was the only Autoscorer never able to destroy a gear. Garie yells at Micha to shut up saying that she purposely made sure she would be the first to rip Maria’s gear from her. Phara Suyūf compliments Garie for trying hard saying that she better get started on her own work. Garie realizes that Phara is now going to try too makes a vow to herself to not let Phara be the first.

Garie attacks Maria for the 2nd time

Garie attacks Maria for the 2nd time

Later on that same day while Maria is questioning Elfnein what it means to be strong, Garie emerges from the ocean to finish things once and for all with her. Maria quickly transforms prompting Garie to tell her that fighting is the only way to prove she is not a failure. Garie then summons more Alca-Noise while charging a magic seal with a giant water field on top. She then begins blasting torrents at Maria who blocks it at first with a barrier and then her armed gear causing her to be frozen over as Garie solidifies the water around her into ice. Maria manages to break out of the ice coffin, but is exhausted from doing so. Garie very upset starts raving about how Maria is weak, which Maria accepts further confusing Garie who cannot understand how someone can accept weakness as a strength. Maria then manages to successfully activate her Ignite Module this time causing Garie to laugh about her logic of weakness being strength which are clearly two exact opposites. Maria then shows her newfound strength by obliterating waves of Alca-Noise the sheer power of it finally making Garie’s boredom go away for sheer enjoyment. Maria then slashes Garie in half from the torso who bursts into loads of mini-sized Garie’s in bubbles in the air that start floating away. Maria blasts these bubbles to bits, with the last bubble floating behind Maria and forming into a full sized Garie who taunts about how she is going to be the first.

Garie is destroyed

Garie defeated

Maria then charges to punch at Garie who flash freezes a barrier in front of her, however this time Maria uses her sword to slash the barrier to pieces and then lands an uppercut on Garie sending her into the air. Maria then leaps into the air above Garie and charges her Sere†nade attack slashing straight through Garie. Garie laughs ecstatically as she begins to self-destruct elated that she will in fact be the first, content with her apparent success.

Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

Garie possess all the normal traits associated with being an Autoscorer, having inhuman mobility and exceptional strength even taking down a Berserk Maria with her bare hands. Garie can also drain memories from people, turning them into elderly husks which she uses the most due to her importance as the Holy Grail. Garie also carries crystals to summon Alca-Noise and likes using them to judge how powerful an opponent is. In combat she takes the stances of a ballet dancer, majestically evading attacks as opposed to taking them directly, although she is able to take a punch from Maria and be fine if she finds herself unable to dodge attacks. However, she is ultimately unable to stand up against Maria’s Ignite Module, succumbing to it rather easily.


  • Water Alchemy (?) - As the Autoscorer of water, Garie has full mastery over the element of water in all its forms including solid, liquid, and gas. This means that her attacks as much more versatile than the other Autoscorers. She generally prefers to use ice to create sharp blades, increase her agility by skating on ice paths, or solidifying the water in air particles to use as a barrier for protection. When she attacks with water in the liquid form she generally uses it as a water jet to cut through and crush obstacles. She can even mix the use of both water and ice by firing freezing cold water and then solidifying it into a block of ice to create an icy tomb.
  • Icicle Coffin (アイシクルコフィン Aishikuru Kofin?)[1] -
  • Illusion Master (?) - Garie is able to alter the reflections off of water particles to produce optical illusions. She uses this to make Hibiki Tachibana see a fake Micha as well as using it to support herself in this manner when attacked directly. She can also use it to reflect mini versions of herself in water bubbles.
  • The Holy Grail (?) - As Garie’s Tarot motif is cups she unlike the rest of the Autoscorer has the power of the Holy Grail inside of her. Like in legend where it can store infinite abundance she is able to store more memories from using her kiss, but also that she can transfer these memories to others effectively giving life to other Autoscorers. This is very important as Micha is unable to drain memories from others meaning that she absolutely needs Garie to transfer memories to her in order for her to function.

  • Piercing Snow Light (ピアッシング・スノーライト Piasshingu Sunōraito?) -
  • Aqua Pirouette (アクアドゥピルエット Akuado Piruetto?) -



  • Garie like all the other Autoscorers is themed off of 4 things: dance, element, a suits in an ancient turkish tarot deck of cards, and an Archangel:
    • Garie's dance is ballet.
    • Garie's element is water.
    • Garie's suit in the tarot deck is cups.

References and Notes

  1. While not named in the anime, it was named in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.

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