In the Distance, That Day... When the Star Became Music
Symphogear G X-Drive

RomajiHaruka Kanata, Hoshi ga Ongaku to Natta… ka no Hi
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Episode13 (26)

SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear G

Air DateSeptember 26, 2013
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EndingNijiiro no Flügel
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"In the Distance, That Day... When the Star Became Music" (遥か彼方、星が音楽となった…かの日 Haruka Kanata, Hoshi ga Ongaku to Natta… ka no Hi?) is the thirteenth and final episode episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G and the twenty-sixth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime.



Now that Hibiki has regained the use of the Relic Gungnir, will she and the other Symphogear users be able to thwart Dr. Ver's plans? And will Maria be able to produce the miracle needed to reactivate the Lunar Ruins?


As Hibiki's Symphogear finishes forming, Maria is surprised that someone else is able to use her Gungnir. Watching Maria's live broadcast, Yumi, Shiori, and Kuriyo acknowledge that Hibiki is doing what she does best again, saving people.

Dr. Ver, however, is not happy. He runs down the stairs, tripping and falling, and declares that he won't let this be the end as he slams his left arm onto the floor, creating a hole as Maria collapses. As Genjūrō and Shinji run towards him, Genjūrō calls his name, only for Dr. Ver to get up and escape through the hole he created, with the hole sealing itself afterwards. Shinji asks Hibiki where she got that Symphogear, and Hibiki tells him that Maria's Gungnir responded to her song.

Just then, the Frontier shakes. In the Section Two transport, Sakuya reports a gravitational anomaly, and Aoi reports that the Frontier has started to move laterally while rising. Maria tells Hibiki, Genjuro, and Shinji that as long as Dr. Ver's left arm is connected to Frontier, he can control it any way he likes. Deep inside the Frontier, Dr. Ver says he'll use gravity itself against his opponents. Maria says that the Nephilim's heart is Frontier's power source. If it can be stopped, Dr. Ver's plans will be stopped. She then asks Hibiki to go in her stead, saying she doesn't have the right to fight anymore. Hibiki says that Shirabe asked her to do something. She asked Hibiki to save Maria. So, there's nothing to worry about!

Genjūrō uses his superhuman strength to punch a passage for him and Shinji to follow Dr. Ver. He says they'll handle Dr. Ver, so Hibiki knows what she needs to do. Hibiki confirms that her mission is to stop the Nephilim's heart, and they go to do their duties.

Reunited with Tsubasa and Chris, Hibiki says they don't have any time to waste. Tsubasa confirms that they're in it together. Hibiki then congratulates Chris on recovering Solomon's Cane. Genjuro then calls them over their communicators, saying that with HQ's analysis, they were able to detect a high-output energy source. It is definitely the heart of the Frontier. The Symphogear users are to follow HQ's directions and take it out! Tsubasa tells Hibiki and Chris that with spear, bow, and sword in hand, they are the ones who must fight!

Inside the Frontier, Dr. Ver calls the three Symphogear users filthy stray cats and tells them to get out of his garden. He then says he'll have them feel the Nephilim's wrath as it eats away at the Frontier from within! He then uses his power to shape part of the Frontier into a copy of the Nephilim's body. The Nephilim attacks, and they evade as Chris notes how powerful it is. Dr. Ver gives the Nephilim one command: Consume everything and everyone that stands in his way! He then extorts that he wants the Nephilim to show them why it is feared far and wide as the Devourer!

Walking down the stairs, Maria starts crying. She couldn't do anything, and because of her, Serena's song and death were in vain! Just then, Serena herself appears from Heaven and asks Maria what she wants to do. Maria says she wants to save the world with her song. She wants to save everyone from the cataclysm that the fall of the Moon will bring. Serena tells Maria not to hide her pure, true feelings, and the two of them start singing Apple. As they sing, the whole world joins in. Whether it's people out on the streets or monks in a monastery, they all join in singing this simple, pure song. Up on the Moon, Professor Nastassja uses some armor to escape from rubble that had collapsed on top of her, noting that phonic gain from the whole world is being focused on that point through the Frontier. It should be enough to restart the Lunar Ruins and return the Moon to its natural orbit. She then calls Maria, telling her that the whole world is resonating with her song. This much phonic gain is more than enough to restart the Lunar Ruins. She then says she will make sure the Moon does not fall, and that there's nothing holding Maria back anymore. She just wants one last thing, to hear Maria's song. Regaining her confidence, Maria declares that it's time to raise the curtain on the world's greatest stage!

Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris are using their full power against the Nephilim, but none of their attacks are having any effect whatsoever. It attacks Chris and Tsubasa, but just as it's about to hit Hibiki with a punch, Kirika attacks and manages to cut off its arm as Shirabe lands a blow on its body! They declare that they're there to help, although Kirika notes that even with them, the Nephilim might be more than they can handle. Just then Maria, who is on a floating rock, says that they still have their songs! The others all gather around Maria as she says she won't hesitate, not while Ma'am is going to sacrifice her life to stop the Moon's fall.

Dr. Ver is quite unimpressed, saying that no matter how many enemies gather to fight him, he will not lose. At his command to burn them to ash, the Nephilim unleashes a massive fireball at them. He starts laughing, thinking he's won, only to stop laughing when he hears Maria sing Airgetlám's activation song. By starting her transformation, she converted her transformation energy into a barrier field that protected all six of them. Maria thinks that she has Kirika. She has Shirabe. Ma'am and Serena are with her in spirit. With their support, a little miracle like nothing!

Dr. Ver says that the barrier field won't last forever, and the Nephilim unleashes another fireball. This time, however, Hibiki converts all six of their Superb Songs into an S2CA attack that overpowers the Nephilim's fireball. They all join hands, with Tsubasa telling Shirabe that they don't need a reason to be drawn together, and Chris telling Kirika that there are some things even she can't change. Kirika says she knows how Chris feels. Shirabe says that she wants to believe Hibiki is more than just a hypocrite, so while she's here, she wants Hibiki to show her what saving people means to her.

Dr. Ver says even if they're using six superb songs at once, he'll just silence them all at once. The Nephilim attacks with a barrage of lasers, and the attack seems to destroy their Symphogears. However, Hibiki thinks that it's not just the six of them, but the superb songs of all seven billion people on Earth! With that, their Symphogears are born anew, in their X-Drive, and together, resonating with everyone's song, they combine their powers into an attack that destroys the Nephilim!

As Dr. Ver collapses in shock, Genjuro and Shinji arrive, with Genjuro noting that the world seemed to be too big to fit in Dr. Ver's hand. Dr. Ver starts to do something, but Shinji fires a bullet into his shadow and uses Shadow Weave to stop him! But he refuses to give in that easily. Saying that if miracles are the reward for trying as hard as you possibly can, he deserves one, he manages to slam his left arm onto a piece of rock. As the Nephilim's heart starts glowing even brighter, Genjuro asks what he did. Dr. Ver says he did just one thing: He released the Nephilim's heart. It will rage unchecked throughout Frontier, consuming it as fuel for its rampage. The energy released will be greater than one trillion Joules! If he can't be a hero in this world, the world should just evaporate! Genjuro crushes the piece of rock that was used to deliver the command, and Shinji notes that they probably won't be able to stop the Nephilim's heart by breaking it.

Outside, Tsubasa and the others are briefed on the situation, and Tsubasa says that they'll stop it before it goes critical. Inside the Jeep that Genjuro and Shinji are using, Dr. Ver asks why they would capture him alive when it would be so much simpler to just kill him. A massive boulder threatens to crush the Jeep, but Genjuro lashes out with a punch that destroys the boulder before saying that they won't kill Dr. Ver. They won't let him become the villain who destroyed the world, or the hero who sacrificed himself for his ideals. He will face justice for his crimes, just like any other human! Dr. Ver responds by begging them to kill him and make him into a hero.

The Nephilim's heart emerges. Genjuro tells Sakuya to report as he arrives on the bridge of their mobile headquarters, but Sakuya says that there's no time, and Aoi says that they need to focus. They fire a barrage of missiles that strikes the ground around the mobile headquarters, causing the ground to collapse around the mobile headquarters so they can descend to Earth.

Shirabe and Kirika decide to attack the Nephilim's heart first, with Shirabe using Final Omega Style: Dystopia while Kirika uses Last Butcher: Neverland. However, not only does the Nephilim's heart not take any damage, but it drains some of their energy, causing them to be hurt. Chris, seeing this, decides to try a different method, and uses Solomon's Cane to open the Gate of Babylon, using her X-Drive to amplify the power of the cane. If they can't destroy the Nephilim's heart, they'll simply seal it away in the Treasury of Babylon instead!

Telling Solomon to prove that his cane isn't just a tool for murder, Chris opens the Gate enough for the Nephilim's heart to be sent through it. However, it lashes out at her, causing her to drop the Cane. Maria catches the cane and holds the gate open, but the Nephilim's heart grabs her as it's sucked through. She intends to close the gate from the inside, sealing herself and the Nephilim away. She knows her sacrifice won't even come close to atoning for her sins, but she will protect the lives of everyone in the world. However, Hibiki says that if that's the case, it's only fair that they protect Maria's life, and they go through the gate with her.

Inside the mobile headquarters, Miku yells Hibiki's name as Aoi says to brace for impact. They separate the main module and deploy its parachutes. Up on the Moon, Professor Nastassja says that the phonic gain projection was successful. She coughs up blood, but confirms that the Lunar Ruins and Curse of Balal have both been restarted. Restoring the Moon's orbit, she smiles one last time because the world won't have to end.

Inside the Treasury of Babylon, the Symphogear users are dealing with the Noise and the Nephilim's heart. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris fight off the Noise with their Armed Gear, with Hibiki using hers for the first time, while Shirabe works on freeing Maria while Kirika stands guard. Just a little more...there! Maria says she can't control this many Noise with the Cane, so Hibiki says she should focus on trying to reopen the gate. Tsubasa says that if it can work from the outside, it can work from the inside as well, and Chris points out that it's a key.

Calling on Serena to give her strength, Maria opens the Gate again. They all get ready to escape, but the Nephilim's heart gets in their way. Since the only way to escape is through it, Hibiki suggests they hold hands! Maria summons a sword and throws it into the air before taking Hibiki's and Shirabe's hands, declaring that she will never let go of their hands! The sword then disintegrates, bathing them in energy as Hibiki's and Maria's armor separates from them. Hibiki's armor forms a giant golden right hand, and Maria's armor forms a giant silver left hand. The two hands join together, and backed by all six of the Symphogear users, unleash the attack Vitalization, smashing through the Nephilim's heart!

The six of them land outside the Gate, but the battle has taken its toll on them. They're too exhausted to even move. Maria says they need to close the Gate before the Nephilim's heart explodes. Chris says not to give up, and Tsubasa says they have one more strong-willed comrade who can save them. It's Hibiki's best friend, of course. Miku thinks that Hibiki taught her that you don't need a Gear to fight. So she'll fight too! So that that no one else will have to fight in this world! She grabs the Cane, and with the command to seal the Gate, throws the Cane through the Gate! The Gate is sealed just in time, containing the explosion of the Nephilim's heart.

Afterwards, Dr. Ver is being escorted away by the army as he says a world that has no need for heroes is just wrong. Shinji informs Genjuro that the Moon is returning to its normal orbit, but they can't contact Professor Nastassja. Maria notes that Professor Nastassja opened the way to the future for them, and thanks the woman she views as a mother. Hibiki offers to return Maria's Gungnir, but Maria says Hibiki is the one who is worthy of it. She then notes that the Lunar Ruins were reactivated, and Tsubasa realizes that this means the Curse of Balal will endure. Chris feels like mankind is even further away from being able to understand each other, but Hibiki says it's no biggie! After all, the world has songs! Shirabe says that one day, people will be able to understand each other. But it won't be "some other place" or "some other time" in the future. Maria then says she is glad to have met Hibiki.

Later, Hibiki and Miku meet Tsubasa and Chris at Lydian Private Music Academy. Tsubasa says Hibiki won't believe this, but since that day, Chris has refused to call Tsubasa her senpai. Hibiki starts teasing Chris, but Chris points out that she's older than Hibiki, so she's Hibiki's sempai as she starts roughhousing with Hibiki. Tsubasa and Miku sigh in unison, and Tsubasa pulls Chris away, saying that her wounds haven't healed completely yet. Miku then asks Hibiki if she's all right, and Hibiki tells Miku to stop worrying about her so much. The relic fragments that were spreading through Hibiki's body were all wiped out. However, even though the fragments of Gungnir might have been removed from Hibiki's chest, the song Kanade gave her will always live on within her heart. And that doesn't just apply to Hibiki. She knows that songs resound through everyone's hearts.

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  • This episode marks the first time Hibiki would theoretically be able to summon an Armed Gear, due to using a whole Relic instead of fragments embedded in her body.
  • Nastassja says the first line of the second verse of Gyakkou no Flugel during this episode, as she dies. The line is this season's tagline. It is mistakenly translated by Commie Subs as "now the world won't have to end."
  • Serena, when spiritually assisting Maria, quotes Vitalization: umareta mama no kanjou wo kakusanai de (生まれたままの感情を隠さないで). It is translated as in the wiki as "don't hide your pure, true feelings."


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