Striking Spear
Hibiki's Gungnir restored

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Episode12 (25)

SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear G

Air DateSeptember 19, 2013
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"Striking Spear" (撃槍 Gekisō?) is the twelfth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G and the twenty-fifth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime.




While Tsubasa fought against Chris, she asked what her opponent was trying to achieve. Chris's response, that she wouldn't let anyone else bear her cross any longer, drew Tsubasa's attention to a collar around Chris's neck.

Over with Shirabe and Kirika, Kirika's response to the same question was that she was afraid that Finé's soul would soon take over her body. So she had to hurry and save the people who were important to her, before she was lost forever. Hearing this increased Shirabe's resolve to stop her beloved Kirika before she was tainted any further.

As Genjūrō and Shinji climbed into a jeep, Genjūrō said he couldn't believe how much trouble his pupils were causing him. Shinji retorted by saying he should be glad they were providing him with a chance like this. As they were about to depart, Sakuya let them know that they needed to see a broadcast by Maria. Maria confessed to everything she did, and the reasons for what she was doing, A flashback from Maria showed that Professor Nastassja had said that with a high enough level of phonic gain, the Lunar Ruins could be reactivated, and the Moon's course could be corrected. With that, Maria transformed and asked the people of Earth to lend their voices to her song, as she couldn't stop the Moon alone. Then she started singing Retsuyari - Gungnir as Genjūrō told Shinji to follow that transmission.

As all this was happening, Hibiki was running across the battlefield. In spite of no longer being able to use a Symphogear, she was still determined to do what she could to help everyone.

While Chris and Tsubasa fought, Dr. Ver let Chris know that if she didn't hurry, he wouldn't give her Solomon's Cane. Tsubasa, realizing that Chris's collar was somehow being used to ensure her obedience, asked what Chris sought that was worth being collared like a dog. Chris responded by saying that the dirty work always falls to those who have nowhere else to go. Tsubasa simply smiled and said that even if she had to drag her by the scruff of her neck, she would bring Chris back where she belonged, and that no matter how much Chris tried to reject it, Tsubasa would help her in her endeavors, because it was her duty as Chris's sempai. Reminded of Kanade, Tsubasa said she knew that you can't fly with just one wing, and Kanade's spirit said that Tsubasa was right about that.

Chris yelled at Tsubasa not to act so high and mighty, but after Dr. Ver let Chris know she didn't have much time left before the collar went off, Chris got an idea. Addressing Tsubasa with the honorific of sempai, she suggested they decide the match in one round, saying that she would use the combo that she had been practicing. Catching on to what Chris had in mind, Tsubasa said that she would show the best she had to offer as well. The two then fought in a clash that ended with them using Mega Deth Party and One Thousand Tears, causing them to fall into an underground cave as Dr. Ver laughed and said that this was the best.

When Genjūrō learned that the Ichaival and Ame no Habakiri had disappeared from radar, he showed concern for them, but knowing that he could not waver from the task at hand, he resolved himself to believe in them.

Kirika and Shirabe were fighting as hard as they could, clashing Forbidden Moon Ring with Twin Cutter: Cinderella at the beginning, and unleashing attack after attack. Pausing to catch their breath, Shirabe asked Kirika why she wouldn't back off. Kirika told Shirabe that if she wanted to make her back down, she would have to do it by force, pulling out LiNKER for both of them to use as she did. The two of them sang their Zesshou, with Kirika saying that while her Igalima's Zesshou normally would reap the very soul of her opponent, this time she just wanted to take off a little bit of Shirabe's fighting spirit. She responded by saying that Kirika didn't understand. A world without Kirika in it was one that Shirabe feared the most. She didn't want a world that forced solitude on people. The two of them clashed, with Kirika saying that she would protect Shirabe even if she got taken over by Finé's soul, while Shirabe countered by saying that those few people who were saved using the Doctor's methods would feel the same loss that Shirabe would. She asked who would want to live on in a world like that, and said she couldn't sing for that ideal. Kirika responded by saying that it was the only way, and that there was nothing else they could do. She had to do it, even if Shirabe ended up hating her for it.

With that, Kirika's next attack destroyed the rings that Shirabe was using her Shul Shagana to fight with. As Kirika moved in to settle the match, Shirabe said that Kirika shouldn't fight any longer and begged not to have the Kirika she loved taken from her, involuntarily protecting herself with Asgard as she said this, thereby proving that she was Finé's reincarnation. Kirika was shocked by this. All this time, she had never been in any danger of being taken over by Finé's soul, and her attempts to make Shirabe happy had only served to make her sad. She summoned Igalina's scythe with the intent of ending her life with it, saying she had been a bad girl and just wanted to disappear forever. But Shirabe would not allow this, and threw herself in the scythe's path, getting impaled in the back as Kirika called her name.

Meanwhile, just as Hibiki arrived in front of where Maria was making her broadcast, Maria finished singing Retsuyari - Gungnir. But because no one had joined her in her song, the Lunar Ruins remained silent. As Maria broke down in tears, Yumi, Kuriyo, and Shiori, who had been watching the broadcast, realized that Maria was just like Hibiki. She sang to save people.

Arriving in the cave that Tsubasa and Chris had fallen into, Dr. Ver said that Symphogear users were not needed in his future, and that was why he had them do battle. However, it seemed to have gone much better than he had anticipated. He then saw Chris standing over Tsubasa's body and was quite shocked. Chris turned to him and said that because she had kept up her end of the bargain, she wanted him to hand over Solomon's Cane, as he had promised. He asked who would uphold his end of such a disadvantageous bargain and tried to activate the collar, only to be surprised and ask why it didn't go off. Chris said that it was broken, and that villains like him double-cross as naturally as breathing as she marched towards him. He responded by using the Solomon's Cane to summon a bunch of Noise. Chris prepared to fight, but was crippled by Anti-LiNKER that the doctor had started spreading from a canister.

Chris used Armor Purge to defeat the nearby Noise and managed to knock the cane out of Ver's hand, but then more Noise advanced on both of them. Helpless to defend herself, Chris yelled, "Sempai!" Just then, the Noise that were about to attack them were wiped out by One Thousand Tears, and the sound of Zettō - Ame no Habakiri alerted Dr. Ver to the fact that not only had Tsubasa survived, but she had used Early Silhouette to reduce the interference from the Anti-LiNKER. He asked if it was even possible for a Symphogear user to downgrade their Gear like that, only for Chris to respond that for someone like Tsubasa it was.

As Tsubasa fought, Chris revealed that they had practiced those combos together. Each of them could read the other's moves perfectly, and could avoid getting hit with their eyes closed. What's more, under the cover of the clash between Mega Deth Party and One Thousand Tears, Tsubasa had managed to slash the collar, that was around Chris's neck, disabling the bomb in it. With this, Dr. Ver decided to bail out, and after Tsubasa had defeated all of the Noise, she and Chris returned to normal, with Solomon's Cane safely retrieved. Chris apologized for taking off on her own, but Tsubasa said it reminded her that there were things she couldn't do on her own as well. More importantly, she also got to see Chris's heroic side. Chris then asked what reason Tsubasa had to trust her like that, and Tsubasa simply said that Chris had called her sempai. She couldn't just ignore Chris after something like that. Chris thought to herself that Tsubasa never made any sense, but that was exactly why she belonged by their side. That was the place she called home.

In anger at having lost Solomon's Cane, Dr. Ver decided that it was time to pit Maria against them.

Kirika, crouched over Shirabe's body, was begging her friend to wake up. Inside Shirabe's mind, she felt like she was falling through water, but then she heard a voice. She wondered if it was Kirika's voice, but realizing that this was not the case, asked who it was. Finé asked if it mattered, only for Shirabe to say that it did, because her friend was crying. Finé said she guessed it couldn't be helped. She had been hoping to lie low without taking over anyone's soul, but it wasn't meant to be. There was no way she was moving on after taking a blow like that. Shirabe asked why Finé would take it in her stead, but Finé simply said there was a message she wanted passed on to someone. After playing the villain for millennia, she couldn't just become a hero in this day and age. Those who live in the present should be the ones to handle this instead. As Shirabe realized that the message was for Hibiki, Finé said it wasn't a ghost's place to talk about living for the future.

While Kirika begged Shirabe to wake up, Shirabe pointed out that Kirika was crying. Upon seeing that Shirabe didn't have any trace of a wound, Kirika hugged her before asking how this happened. Shirabe said that Finé's soul had saved her, then hugged Kirika back and said that it seemed people were always saving her, so she asked for Kirika's help to save Maria together. Kirika agreed that this time, they would save everyone together.

While Professor Nastassja begged Maria to try again to restart the Lunar Ruins, Dr. Ver arrived and punched Maria, saying he couldn't have his way unless the Moon fell. As Professor Nastassja begged Dr. Ver to help her restart the Lunar Ruins, he said that if she wanted to activate the Lunar Ruins that badly she could fly there herself, launching the section of Frontier that she was on to the Moon as he said that. He then declared that throughout history, great heroes like him could never rule mankind, because there were too many of them. Therefore, he felt the logical thing to do was reduce the human population to a controllable number of people.

In anger, Maria summoned her Armed Gear, preparing to attack Dr. Ver. Saying she didn't care when he said his death would mean the end of mankind, she prepared to attack him, only for Hibiki to get in her way. Addressing Hibiki as Human-Relic Fusion Speciman Number One, she told Hibiki to get out of her way. Hibiki responded by saying that she was not a fusion speciman, but Hibiki Tachibana, and she had come to talk to Maria. Maria said that there was nothing to discuss. Dr. Ver had killed Ma'am, and would pay with his life. If she couldn't protect the world, she felt she had no other reason to live. She then thrust her spear forward, only for Hibiki to catch it in her hand. Remembering what Kanade had once said to her, she told Maria that she could always find that reason later, and she couldn't give up on living.

Hibiki then sang her activation song, screaming the last word, and in a flash of light, Maria's Gungnir separated from her and started giving Hibiki its armor instead. The resulting light show caused Kirika to joyfully say that Hibiki was saving Maria, and Chris said that that idiot was doing what she does best, with Tsubasa saying that it was just like her.

Maria asked what was going on. Fusions weren't meant to be compatible with other Relics. Was it the power of Hibiki's song? The song of Hibiki's heart? What was her song? Miku then yelled, "Do it, Hibiki! You're the best!" With that, Hibiki's Gungnir armor formed on her body, and she yelled, "It's Gekisō Gungnir!"

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