The G3FA (short for "Glitter Gear Gathering Finest Arts") is an attack or tactic use when facing tough opponent in a decisive battle that uses all the energy of Symphogear user's gears to aim at one spot.[1]


The G3FA utilizes the battle method of Gear Blast Off (ギアブラストオフ Gia Burasto Off?) as Symphogear user's trump card. It functions by converting the outer protective shell of the Symphogear back into energy, focusing it at the fist, and firing the energy at a target at precise timing.

By including support into the Symphogear's internal operating system, combined with data from numerous training sessions and live implementations, the technique was optimized to allow precise control over the conversion of defensive power into offensive power.

Its greatest weakness is the decrease in effectiveness of the Symphogear's various defense fields. In such a state, there is even a limit to how much interference from the Alca-Noise the Symphogear can tolerate. Depending on the situation, even an Symphogear user who stands victorious could be at risk of taking a fatal blow.


G3FA Hexa-Revolver 4

Hexa-Revolver being used on the coffin


Hexa-Revolver (ヘキサリヴォルバー Hekisa Rivorubā?) is a rainbow-coloured laser beam created by a combination of the six gears energy.


Even though the name is revealed in XV, the first use was in GX Episode 13 of GX season, in which Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika transfer their energy to Hibiki who uses their gears power to form a giant rainbow fist, and strike Carols Green Lion Machine with the attack Glorious Break.[2]

In AXZ Episode 13, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika transfer their energy to Hibiki in an attempt to save her from Adam's attack. After absorbing everyone's energy, Hibiki able to use their attacks, such as Energy Shield, Kill Juliet, Blue Flash, Extreme Σ Style: Forbidden Full Moon and Armor Purge to counter and battle Adam.[3]

In XV Episode 1, Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika officially use the term Gear Blast to release energy from their gears into hexagon shaped crystals. Chris uses her gears Sniping Mode, allowing her to lock on enemy target and know precisely when to fire. Once she finds the exact moment the coffins weakpoint is exposed, they fire their energy as a rainbow spiralled laser, G3FA Hexa-Revolver, at the throat of the coffin.[4]


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