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Fudo Kazanari
Fudo Concept Art
Kanji風鳴 訃堂

RomajiKazanari Fudō
Character Information
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBrown
RelativesGenjuro Kazanari (Younger son)
Yatsuhiro Kazanari (Older son)
Tsubasa Kazanari (Granddaughter, biological daughter)
AnimeGX Episode 9
Voice Actors

Fudo Kazanari (風鳴 訃堂 Kazanari Fudō?) is the current head of the Kazanari clan and the Kazanari Agency. Fudō is the biological father of Genjuro Kazanari and Yatsuhiro Kazanari, and the grandfather of Tsubasa Kazanari. Fudo is in fact Tsubasa's biological father, having impregnated Yatsuhiro's wife to obtain a "pure-blooded" heir for the Kazanari clan.


Fudo is distant to all his relatives, and both his sons, as well as his granddaughter are submissive and unquestioning to him.


He is a political fixer who pulls many strings in Japan. He was the very first commander of the Singular Disaster Anti-Riot Unit’s Second Division, however he was forced to resign after being caught up in a scandal. He left the position to his younger son, Genjuro, and then confined himself to his residence.

This was believed to be a sign of his retirement, however he only hid himself from public view to starting exerting his influence in secret. It was his efforts that forced Japan’s disaster defense bill into law. He is without a doubt, a true example of the Japanese “sentinel”. He works to safeguard the very foundations of the country. All of his former political rivals feared him, unanimously referring to him as a “monster”.


Symphogear AXZ


Fudo possesses enormous strength even through he is quite old. He also has the ability to use Die Spinne Barrier to protect himself from the fire and explosion caused by the Shem Ha Vambrace when an unknown guy try to use its power. He can access Millaarc's Stained Glance on Tsubasa Kazanari by commanding 'Seal Control' .



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