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The Frontier (フロンティア Furontia?) was one of the interstellar cruise ships utilized by the Custodians who arrived on Earth from a different universe.[1]

"Frontier" is a code name provided by Finé during her time collaborating with the F.I.S.. Its official name is "Tori no Iwaku Sufune no Kami" (otherwise known as: "Ame no Torifune"), the soaring ship god that appears in Japanese mythology. 

During the events of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G, it was activated using Shénshòujìng's light and the Nephilim's core, and taken control of by Dr. Ver by the use of LiNKER on his Nephilim fused left arm, which allowed him to obtain priority control when he made contact with the control panel. He attempted to use its gravity control powers to accelerate the Moons impending collision with Earth, but was thwarted by Nastassja reactivating the Lunar Ruins using the phonic gain generated by humanity singing Apple.

The entire Frontier was later destroyed when it was devoured by the Nephilim to reach its Nova form.



  1. [1]異なる天地より lit. "Different heaven and earth"
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