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Finé's mansion is the home of Finé and Chris Yukine in Senki Zesshō Symphogear. It is a Western-style mansion, attached to which is a large facility for researching heretical technology, that is located in a remote, mountainous region of Japan some distance from Tokyo.


How Finé originally acquired the mansion, and how long she has owned the mansion for, is unknown. Chris was brought to the mansion two years before season 1, when Finé stole her away from under the nose of Section Two after her rescue from Val Verde.

The mansion is first seen in Episode 5, where Finé tortures Chris on the parrilla, both as punishment for her failure to capture Hibiki Tachibana and as treatment for the fragments of the Nehushtan Armor corroding her body.[1]

In Episode 6, Chris is briefly seen standing on the mansion lake's pier as she questions her loyalty to Finé, before handing Solomon's Cane over to Finé.

In Episode 7, Finé officially kicks Chris out of the mansion after Chris fails to live up to her expectations, rendering Chris homeless. During Finé's attack on Chris, the dining hall's front door is destroyed by Noise.

In Episode 10, Finé herself abandons the mansion after being attacked by forces sent by the US government. Later, during an investigation by Section Two, an agent sets off a trap laid by Finé in the dining hall, causing bombs to explode and destroy a significant portion of the dining room, hindering the agents from gathering any evidence.

The mansion is not seen again, and what becomes of it after the season is unknown.



  • The anime shows various torture devices in Finé's home other than the parrilla machine Chris is tortured on: an iron chair, a bed of nails, stocks, and gibbets. The bed of nails has bloodstains on it.
    • Along with torture devices, there is also a shot of a dead animal, seemingly a cat, inside one of the cages, alongside a collar with a chain leash.
  • The dining hall is the only room of the mansion that is shown in either the anime or manga.


  1. Chris' treatment isn't shown in the anime itself, but stated in the keywords, and supported by the manga
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