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Kanji フィーネ

Romaji Fīne
Character Information
Age Unknown; millennia old[1][2]
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Hair Color White-blonde
Eye Color Yellow
Relic Nehushtan Armor
Solomon's Cane
Red Dragon of Revelations
Theme Color Gold[3]
Affiliation F.I.S.
Section Two (Infiltrator)
Relatives Ryoko Sakurai, Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Serena Cadenzavna Eve, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Kirika Akatsuki (Descendants)
Manga Senki Zesshō Symphogear Chapter #5
Anime Episode 5
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Miyuki Sawashiro

Finé[Notes 1] (フィーネ Fīne?) is the main antagonist of Senki Zesshō Symphogear, and the true creator of the Symphogear system.

She was the mistress of Chris Yukine, a scientist and researcher of relics and ancient heretical technology, and a former priestess, who worked in the shadows to bring an end to the Curse of Balal and become the supreme ruler of the world.


  • "Fine", in Italian, means "end". It is derived from the Latin term finis, which refers to the end of a musical composition, or the end of a set piece of music, particularly the end of a section before a repeat of music. It is a term never used in speech and only used in reference to musical composition.
  • In French, "Fine", derived from finen, means "finish" or "climax"; however, this is an obsolete definition of the French word.


Finé is a tall woman with long white-blonde hair that goes past her hips, styled in a hime cut that parts into two "curtains" down her back; gold serpentine eyes; slightly tan skin (white in G and onwards); and red or pink lipstick, or otherwise emphasized lips. When possessing a host, she usually takes her host's appearance, but can also change their body to look like her original whenever she pleases. She can also transform partially by giving her host the eyes of her original form, or her original form the eyes of her hosts.

At home, Finé prefers to be nude, wearing only a pair of lace-trimmed translucent black elbow gloves, butterfly lace-trimmed translucent black thigh-high stockings, black heels with maroon soles, and a black belt choker with a butterfly emblem on the front. When conducting business elsewhere, Finé covers herself with a loose long-sleeved black V-neck dress that reaches just past her pelvis, and a black bowler hat with a butterfly ornament and a purple ribbon rose attached. She also wears round black sunglasses with a dark tint that obscures her eyes at one point. It can be assumed that she wears these clothes in part to hide her similarity to Ryoko Sakurai, her host at the time.

In the past and as a spirit, Finé is seen in a priestess outfit consisting of a white hood with a short cloak, a long white skirt, a "knot" at the center where several teal-striped white strips originate to loop around her front and arms, and gold necklaces adorned with jewelry of different colors.

In XD Unlimited, Finé gains a new casual outfit that she wears across various events. It consists of a white lab-coat worn over a mostly-unbuttoned purple shirt and a black lace undershirt, paired with a black pinstripe skirt.


Finé is an incredibly sadistic and cruel, cunning and calculating woman. Her demeanor is usually either smugly arrogant or ruthlessly cold; while she is usually calm and controlled, she easily turns to anger and thus violence when enraged or inconvenienced. In private, she comes off as exhausted and weary from her constant, tireless working and her disdain and frustration with other humans always failing her expectations or meddling with her plans. Finé is very observant and speculative, quick to pick out weaknesses and improvise on the spot, and she always has backups in place for when things go awry. She is dedicated to her science to the very last, spouting off explanations and reasoning even in the middle of mass destruction; however, this same dedication — specifically, her need for clear-cut labels and reasons for everything — ends up being her limitation, as she is unable to understand the true nature of the bonds between humans.

Finé constantly abuses and skillfully manipulates the people around her for her own purposes, be it to further her plans or out for simple entertainment; this is most prominently seen with Chris Yukine, whom Finé kidnapped and isolated for two years to use as a pawn, emotionally abusing her into staying with Finé despite all the mistreatment Finé put her through. Along with this, Finé is narrow-minded, lamenting the cruelty of humanity at the same time that she inflicts pain on those around her, refusing to sympathize with them, believing her feelings to be above all others' and continually forcing them and her beliefs upon others. Due to witnessing (and possibly being a victim of) humans fighting and killing each other after the Curse of Balal struck, most prominent with their creation of the Noise simply to kill one another, Finé believes that pain is the only thing in the world that can connect human hearts, that love is simply idealistic garbage, and that humans cannot truly understand one another.

Finé also shows herself to be an avid researcher and scientist, on top of being incredibly self-sufficient, singlehandedly accomplishing and creating a great number of things with her given resources. In the space of twelve years, under the guise of her host Ryoko Sakurai whom she skillfully impersonated to almost complete success, Finé developed the Symphogear system to use as a tool to secure funding for Kadingir, created LiNKER and utilized Kanade Amou as a test subject for it, made Chris Yukine awaken Solomon's Cane and then utilized her as a test subject for the stolen Nehushtan Armor, and performed various other related experiments, all while building her magnum opus, the Kadingir, in the shadows — or rather, right in plain sight, under everyone's noses. Finé also claims she was responsible for the paradigm shifts that had changed humanity throughout history, working through the bodies of her descendants. Finé shows interest in Hibiki Tachibana's medical fusion with the Gungnir relic, and aspires to create one of her own, eventually fulfilling this by fusing with the Nehushtan Armor herself. In GX, Carol Malus Dienheim further reveals that, in the past, Finé was also the creator of the practice of alchemy, and several other teachings to help humans connect after they were struck by the Curse of Balal.

Finé claims to be in love with God, enough to be part of the construction to build the Tower of Babel to reach Her up in Heaven, but it is ambiguous whether she genuinely loved God or was using him as an ideal with which she could attain power and validation through, as she shows no real infatuation or attraction for God outside of her verbal claims. On the other hand, Finé shows sexual interest in the teenage girls under her supervision: she sexually abused and tortured Chris, showing "love" for her through cruelty as per her belief that only pain can connect humans; she sexually harassed Hibiki several times, vocalizing a wish to "make Hibiki hers before someone else does", and built a stalker shrine made out of photos of her; and she even made inappropriate moves on Miku Kohinata at one point.

Though obstinate in her selfish and narrow-minded goals and beliefs, Finé shows a small speck of kindness at the end of season one despite all the pain and suffering she has caused and been a victim of, responding to Hibiki's words by telling her to "believe in the song of [her] heart". (Notably, she does so while taking on Ryoko's eyes and voice, thus delivering her parting words to Hibiki in the image of someone who used to be a guiding figure to her.) By the end of season two, Finé seems to have undergone a complete turn-around in her attitude and beliefs thanks to Hibiki's words. She hides herself away in Shirabe Tsukuyomi's soul, hoping to have to not revive again lest she destroy Shirabe's soul, and selflessly takes the blow of Kirika Akatsuki's soul-destroying attack in place of Shirabe. In her final moments, Finé asks Shirabe to pass on a message to Hibiki, saying that humans will one day be able to understand one another, while at the same time acknowledging that, as a ghost, it's not Finé's place to be a hero in the present age.


Finé awakens inside Ryoko.

Lurking in the genes of people throughout the world, Finé's true form is a revived priestess from a prehistoric civilization who is awakened by the Aufwachen waveform. Many of Finé's descendants exist throughout the world, however, she can only exist within one of them at a time. Finé has appeared at multiple points in human history across thousands of years, constantly working to destroy the observation and language-scrambling device put in place by the Custodians, the moon, so that she may put an end to the Curse of Balal and become the supreme ruler of the world. She began research into relics and heretical technology in order to achieve her goals, until she settled on the plan of building the particle ion cannon called Kadingir (named after the Sumerian term for "a tower to the heavens") as the key component of her ultimate goal. According to the keywords for G, Finé prepared the Frontier and the Nephilim ahead of time so that she could survive the chaos caused by the destruction of the moon.

Finé awakened in the body of Ryoko Sakurai twelve years before the story, when Ryoko was exposed to the Aufwachen wavelength given off by the Ame no Habakiri awakened by Tsubasa's singing, causing Ryoko's soul to be devoured by Finé. Finé began to put her plans in place, proposing the Sakurai Theory and creating the Symphogear under the guise of Ryoko to secure funding from the government for her to build Kadingir in the elevator shaft for Section Two's underground facility. Ten years before the story, Finé stole the second relic Ichaival for her purposes, disarming Section Two of one of its Symphogear; this incident caused Fudō Kazanari, the present commander of Section Two at the time, to resign from his position, with Genjuro Kazanari stepping up to take his place.

At some point, Finé also began conspiring with the US, leading to the creation of F.I.S., where she conducted other experiments in secret.

Finé instructing Chris to awaken Solomon's Cane in the manga.

Two years before the story, Chris Yukine was rescued from child sex trafficking by the United Nations and transferred to Section Two as a candidate for the Symphogear. Finé kidnapped Chris once she arrived in Japan, hoping to groom her into a tool to use to further her plans. Though many Section Two agents were sent to find Chris, Finé foiled all their efforts and made several die or even disappear. Thus, the search for Chris was called off. Since then, Chris has been living in isolation with Finé in Finé's Mansion, where she suffers regular sexual abuse and torture at Finé's hands, yet cannot bring herself to leave, as Finé is the only person who (Chris thinks) understands her, and to leave her would mean to be all alone once again.

Sometime after kidnapping Chris, Finé orchestrated the attack on the Zwei Wing concert to steal the Nehushtan Armor and kill Kanade, the strongest Symphogear user at the time. Finé waited until sufficient phonic gain was collected for the armor to awaken before making her move, sabotaging the experiment to destroy the laboratory in what looked like a sudden spike of power causing the sudden but fatal accident. At the same time, Finé unleashed Noise into the stage and audience, causing mass destruction and killing Kanade, but unknowingly empowering a young Hibiki with the broken fragments of Gungnir from Kanade's armor.

During the two-year gap, Finé gave Chris the stolen Ichaival, as Chris could harness the power of the Symphogear whereas Finé could not, and presumably trained her how to use the Ichaival in battle. Finé later obtained Solomon's Cane from the American government, whom she was collaborating with to obtain relics and information, and then instructed Chris to awaken Solomon's Cane with her song, a process which took half a year according to Chris. Using Solomon's Cane, Finé caused further chaos by creating Noise attacks throughout the nearby area around Lydian Private Music Academy to try and coax Section Two into transferring the fifth relic Durandal to a safer place, when Finé would step in and steal it and use Chris to awaken it so that it could be used as a battery for Kadingir.

This is the current stage of Finé's plan when Hibiki arrives in Lydian and awakens Gungnir; Hibiki immediately attracts Finé's attention, as she is a unique specimen fusing with a relic, something never heard of before. As she is unable to fully act on her own yet, due to needing to be at Section Two as Ryoko, Finé sends Chris to kidnap Hibiki in her place, hoping to obtain Hibiki as a specimen for experimentation and dissection. Finé loans Chris the Nehushtan Armor to use for this mission, as Chris refuses to use the Ichaival due to her hatred of singing.


Season 1

Chris and Finé.

Finé makes her first appearance in Episode 5 of the first season speaking to some Americans over the phone. Afterwards she punishes Chris with electrocution as she failed in her mission of capturing Hibiki.

Finé appears in front of Chris in Episode 6 and obtains Solomon's Cane from her.

She makes another appearance in Episode 7 sending Noise toward Chris as she breaks up the fight between Tsubasa, Hibiki, and Chris, asking the latter when will she live up to her (Finé's) expectations and that she has no more use for Chris. At this time Finé has possession of Solomon's Cane and reclaims the Nehushtan Armor fragments. She then jumps off the pier into the sunset and disappears as Chris calls her name. Later in the episode she is once again speaking to the Americans over the phone as she is confronted by Chris. She then summons Noise to fight Chris as she tells Chris that even with the Nehushtan Armor she was useless. Finé then activates and summons the Nehushtan Armor to clad herself.

Fine Attacks Shinji

Finé is not seen again until Episode 11 attacking Lydian Music Academy. She breaks through the elevator leading to the underground base and attacks Shinji and Miku. Finé then asks how they had figured it out so quickly and Shinji reveals that the elevator shaft that leads to the base is Kadingir, the tower that Finé has been building. As the elevator opens Shinji jumps out and shoots three bullets into Finé, the bullets however has no effect and simply just drop to the ground. Miku then shoves her in an attempt to help Shinji, Finé then reveals that Lydian was built to find experimental data on the relics and songs.

Miku responds by stating her belief in the Symphogear users outside fighting for everything, Finé reacts by slapping her and proclaiming that she pisses her (Finé) off. She then proceeds to try and get to Durandal, however Shinji shoots and destroys the access pass. As she begins to attack him Genjuro steps in, calling her Ryoko. He then begins to explain that the entire time he knew about her plan and had worked with the Americans to uncover them, going as far as gathering all the Symphogear users together. They begin to fight with Genjuro gaining the upper hand and being able to land a blow on her stomach. She then pulls out Solomon's Cane and prepares to summon Noise but Genjuro disarms her. As he prepares to continue fighting she uses Ryoko's voice and expression to throw him off guard and pierces him with one of the chains.

Finé explains that heroes of the past were Finé's descendants.

She then takes his access pass and retrieves Solomon's Cane and enters the room where Durandal is held. She then activates it and hacks into the Response Unit's system and cuts off all power and communication. As Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris arrive she appears before them as Ryoko and transforms into her original appearance. Hibiki not being able to believe it questions that it was her that protected her before, however Finé replies that she was only trying to protect Durandal. She then reveals that Ryoko's consciousness has died twelve years ago as Finé sealed her own consciousness in the genes of her descendants so that if any were ever exposed to an Aufwachen Waveform she would awaken and her memories and abilities would resurface into that body. Twelve years ago Tsubasa activated Ame no Habakiri thus exposing Ryoko to the Aufwachen Waveform and awakening Finé.

She then goes on to say that in the past many visionaries and great heroes had been the descendants of Finé as she awoke in them and ushered in a new age. She enrages Tsubasa by saying that the Symphogear system is nothing more than a toy to secure funding as it had been what cost Kanade her life.

Finé then causes an earthquake as Kadingir rises out of the ground, her wish of piercing the moon is then explained. As a priestess she built a tower in the field of Shinar that would reach the heavens. However God was angered and struck down the tower and took away mankind's common tongue. It is known as the curse of Balal, a punishment without measure she calls it. She proclaims that the moon was the key to the curse, by destroying it mankind would be freed from the curse. After the three girls transform Finé fights them. She blocked and dodged attacks from all three of them and disarms Tsubasa. She then destroys a heat-seeking missile that was shot at Kadingir by Chris. Kadingir then fires at the moon, however Chris blocks the shot with the use of her Superb Song, as Finé exclaims in dismay as Kadingir's shot wasn't enough to destroy the moon.

In Episode 12 Finé comments that Chris was worthless for blocking Kadingir's shot and trash for throwing her life away for a mere dream, which serves to further incite Hibiki's anger and transformation into her beastial side. This also angers Tsubasa as she has lost Kanade in a similar manner. She speaks about the experimentation that has been done on both Kanade and Hibiki as the latter attacks her. Finé then protects herself with the use of Asgard, however the barrier breaks and Hibiki tears a hole down Finé's body. She heals a few moments later due to the Nehushtan Armour's regenerative abilities as she has fused with it.

After Tsubasa immobilizes Hibiki with the use of her Shadow Weaving technique they begin to battle. Though she is able to keep pace and block Tsubasa's attacks and she manages to throw Tsubasa into the Kadingir. Finé then creates three barriers formed by Asgard to block her Heaven's Wrath. As Tsubasa changes targets to Kadingir Finé sends the chains after her to try and prevent her attack. The chains make contact but Tsubasa continues on as Finé continuously tries to prevent her attack. Tsubasa manages to destroy the Kadingir as Finé displays a shocked expression as her wish is once more denied. Enraged that she couldn't destroy the moon and plunge mankind into a darkness where they would come to her for protection as she possessed a mighty relic she begins to beat Hibiki for standing in her way.

She talks about her service to the custodians during ancient times and how she gradually fell in love with the Creator, God. The curse of Balal has robbed them of the language that allowed them to communicate with the Creator. Now reincarnated she has worked for millennia to release the curse and restore their common language so so can tell Him of her feelings. Hibiki makes a soft comment at her feelings and she becomes livid telling her that she didn't know what it felt like to be in love. Finé tried to kill Hibiki as she no longer needed her for experiments and would eliminate anyone who stood up to her. Just before she does the students begin to sing Shiritsu Lydian Ongakuin Kōka. Annoyed at the song Finé soon realizes that Hibiki was regaining her will to fight as a high amount of phonic gain begins to gather and Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris enter their X-Drive.

Finé after her fusion

In Episode 13 Finé makes a comment about the high level phonic gain and the newly given telepathic abilities that Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa now has and summons a row of Noise before explaining that the Noise were created so that mankind, who had lost their common tongue would war and slaughter one another. She then raises Solomon's Cane and summons enough Noise to cover the city. After Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa defeat the Noise Finé pierces herself with Solomon's Cane and draws the remainder of the Noise into her body and fuses with them. She then goes to retrieve Durandal. As the girls attack she is able to retaliate with much greater force and even protect herself with the use of the fusion of Noise. She continues to attack as Tsubasa and Chris try to clear a path for Hibiki. As Chris is able to break through with the help of Tsubasa she shields herself and readies another attack but is cut short by Tsubasa.

Finé right before she turns to stone

She loses the Durandal as Chris shoots the relic to get it to Hibiki. Infuriated she continues to relentlessly attack as Hibiki struggles to control her beastial side. With the use of Synchrogazer it ends the battle as Hibiki is later seen helping an injured Finé, whom she calls Ms. Ryoko but Finé continues to claim she is Finé. She then stands to walk toward the sunset as she explain the history of Noise, and how instead of joining hands in unity humans sought war. She reveals that her motives are they way they are as humans cannot understand one another. After a moment of silence she turns and tries to attack Hibiki, but instead of attacking her she aims one of the chains toward the moon fragment in hopes of pulling it to Earth. Fragmenting and destroying the Nehushtan Armor in the process. She wished to lay waste to all those who stood against her and even if the body dies, her soul will continue to live as long as relics can still produce the Aufwachen Waveform. As she is the eternal priestess.

Hibiki then lightly punches her chest and asks her to pass on a message for her, "You don't need strength to unite the world. We can become one, beyond the limit of words. Even in the future we can join our hands in unity." as she cannot be there to speak those words however as she intends to use her Superb Song, but Ryoko is able to pass the message on in her place. After this Finé smiles, taking on the eyes and voice of Ryoko Sakurai, and touches Hibiki's chest where her heart is, telling her to believe in the song in her heart. She then turns to stone and her dust is blown away in the wind.

Symphogear G

Though she doesn't appear until much later, Finé still plays an important role in the story.

In G Episode 1, after a mass gathering of Noise at a concert held by Tsubasa and Maria Cadenzavna Eve Maria reveals herself to be the reincarnation of Finé.

In G Episode 7, towards the end of the episode, as the large pipes and construction materials tumble down on top of Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Shirabe falls down unconscious and Maria is revealed not to be the true reincarnation of Finé. Instead it had all been a ruse to secure Dr. Ver's cooperation. Kirika is then insinuated to be Finé's reincarnation as she formed as barrier to protect herself and Shirabe.

Finé makes a small cameo as Ryoko in G Episode 8, being seen killing several scientists — including Kanade's parents and little sister — with Noise during an excavation, before taking the Shénshòujìng for herself.

Finé as she appears to Shirabe

In G Episode 12 Shirabe is revealed to be the true reincarnation of Finé as she protects herself from Kirika's attack. After Shirabe takes a fatal hit from Kirika's armed gear and is on the verge of dying, Finé's soul appears to her and tells her that she had hoped to lay low and not take over anyone's soul. Finé then goes on to say that she couldn't move on after taking such a fatal blow, as she had taken all the damage dealt to Shirabe. She then tells Shirabe that she wanted her to pass on a message to Hibiki that after playing the villain for millenniums she couldn't become a hero in this day and age. And says that it is not a ghost's place to talk about living for the future. After this she disappears completely as her soul is presumed now dead.

Symphogear GX

Ver and Ryoko.png

Finé makes an even smaller cameo as Ryoko in GX Episode 3, observing Shirabe and Kirika's mock-battle with their gears along with Dr. Ver.

In episode 12, while Finé does not appear in person, Carol Malus Dienheim says that it was Finé who originally created the practice of alchemy, to allow people to understand the world around them after the curse of balal caused them to lose their common tongue.

Symphogear AXZ

The pirate Finé.

Finé makes another cameo in AXZ Episode 2. She is revealed to have opposed the Bavarian Illuminati in the past, defeating Tiki and sending her to a centuries-long sleep underwater, foiling the Illuminati's plans and forcing them into the background of world history. Finé thus became a major antagonist of the Illuminati, to the point where they could only come into the foreground four hundred years after, once Finé had died sacrificing herself for Shirabe. Even then, Finé still haunts the Illuminati in the form of her legacy, the Symphogear.

Finé is also revealed to not be the true founder of the practice of alchemy as Carol explained. The Illuminati was rather the ones who created alchemy using heretical technology, but Finé, who sought to monopolize all such technology, defeated them and thus stole their title. Curiously enough, Finé's name as founder too was lost to history over time.

Finé observing Serena alongside Maria.

Finé makes another cameo as Ryoko in AXZ Episode 5, where she is seen observing the young Serena Cadenzavna Eve awaken the Nephilim.

Symphogear XV

In XV, it is revealed that the custodian Finé loved was Enki, who brought about the Curse of Balal to stop Shem-Ha Mephorash from taking over the world. Enki, heavily wounded and out of time to explain why he had activated the curse, expressed a desire for Finé's forgiveness with his dying breath.[4]

The tale told in XV of how the Curse of Balal was brought along does not match up with Finé's version of events as presented in S1, however. Finé supposedly built the Tower of Babel to confess her love to 'God', but the self-proclaimed God of Earth is Shem-Ha, not Enki, whom Finé was already close with before the curse was laid.[5] Furthermore, no explanation is given for why the Tower of Babel was destroyed by 'God' in XV. The discrepancy between these two versions of events has yet to be fully explained by any canon material.


Attack & Abilities

Finé's descendants exist throughout the world, and a new Finé will be born if any should come into contact with the Aufwachen wave pattern that emits from an awakening relic. She can continue to exist as long as those opportunities continue to occur. It is not clear how much is left up to “chance” in the likelihood of this event actually occurring, but Finé did continue to exist with an eternal moment regardless. Thus far, Finé existence has become a trigger for the world's paradigm shifts. However, because Finé gave up her life for Shirabe, this no longer occurs, as she is dead.

Finé seems to be able to exercise some control over whether or not her awakening consumes her host's soul; in season 1 she immediately devoured Ryoko's upon awakening, but in season 2 she chooses not to devour Shirabe's soul and thus stays dormant in Shirabe's body.

Finé's Asgard

Finé can form pink hexagonal barriers named "Asgard" for her protection; these barriers, when enhanced with the power of the Nehushtan Armor and other relics, can be powerful enough to block moves such as Tsubasa's Heaven's Wrath. In the manga, Finé is shown using Asgard's energy to power up her moves in hand-to-hand combat when she isn't utilizing a relic.

According to the keywords, Finé has the ability to summon Noise independent of Solomon's Cane, though she possesses little control over them without the cane. Finé used these abilities to cause Noise outbreaks such as that of the Zwei Wing concert that ended with Kanade's death.

Despite creating the Symphogear, Finé is incapable of using them, thus forcing her to rely on Asgard and other relics in combat, such as the Nehushtan Armor.

While wielding the Nehushtan Armor she could use the long jeweled whips that hang off the shoulders. When she fused with the armor, she gained the regenerative capabilities provided by the relic, as shown when three bullets were shot at her and she took no damage. However, Finé was defeated when the power of Synchrogazer overwhelmed the regenerative abilities of the Nehushtan Armor in what she calls a mutual annihilation of the relics, causing it to fall apart and her body to eventually crumble away.

In GX, Carol states that Finé created the practice of alchemy, which is a possible explanation for her independent powers of Noise summoning and Asgard. However, AXZ later explains that Finé actually stole ownership of alchemy from the Bavarian Illuminati, its true creator.

In XDU, although the end story almost similar to Season 1, however, Finé in Red Dragon of Revelations found out that she still lacked of power and her lust of power went to absorb the Karma Noise leading to Erosion Mode.

Image Description
Finé uses the extra parts of the Nehushtan Armor, making them take a circle formation in the space, creating a gate, in which a meteor come out, before slowly crashing toward her target.
Finé extends the chains/whips of the Nehushtan Armor in the air, before making them rushing toward her targets.
Finé uses the extra parts of the Nehushtan Armor, making them take a circle formation in front of her, creating a gate, in which sending a small compressed black hole towards her target, before expanding to a big black hole and engulfs all of her target.


Hibiki Tachibana — Finé's motive for the first half of season 1 is to kidnap Hibiki to be able to dissect her and observe her fusion with Gungnir freely.[6][7] Finé also displays sexual interest in Hibiki, harassing her in public, and even building a stalker shrine of her.[8][9][10] In the finale of season 1, Finé, moved by Hibiki's wish for her to live on and spread the hope that people can connect without words, tells her to "believe in the song of her heart" right before her "death" crumbling to dust on the wind.[11]

Tsubasa Kazanari — Finé has known Tsubasa since she was about five years old, ever since Tsubasa's singing awakened Finé within Ryoko Sakurai's body.[12] Tsubasa is the only teenage girl who Finé is never seen attempting to sexually harass on-screen.

Chris Yukine — Chris was a direct victim to Finé's abuse for two years, after Finé kidnapped her from Section Two following Chris' rescue from Val Verde.[13] Finé abused Chris physically, emotionally, and sexually, all to groom her into an obedient tool for her plans.[14] Once Chris proves herself unworthy to Finé, Finé suddenly and callously abandons her, then attempts to kill her with Noise several times.[15] Finé does not even express the slightest amount of remorse when Chris appears to die sacrificing herself to stop Kadingir, with Finé instead insulting Chris and her dreams as mere trash.[16] Even during the two times Finé dies on-screen, she never imparts anything to Chris.[17][18] The only hint that Finé may have ever cared for Chris is Finé's decision to electrically torture her, based on her personal philosophy that only pain can connect people.[19][20]

Miku Kohinata — Finé and Miku only interacted briefly when Finé was attacking the Section Two base to utilize Kadingir. Finé stroked Miku's lips while undermining her belief in Section Two by revealing all the students at Lydian were gathered to be potential Symphogear candidates. However, when Miku stands her ground regardless, Finé physically assaults Miku in a brief, violent outburst at her words.[21]

Shirabe Tsukuyomi — Finé, in her sole interaction with Shirabe, sacrificed her life for Shirabe's by taking the soul-reaping attack of Kirika's Igalima.[22]

Enki — Enki was Finé's former lover.


  • Ironically, despite being the one who created the Symphogear system in the first place, Finé never sings any songs within the anime, nor does she have her own character songs.
  • She, Ryoko, and Shirabe all share a similar hairstyle.
  • Finé is associated with butterflies, which are a symbol of rebirth or transformation. Butterfly symbols can be found all over her various clothing and attire.
  • According to the bonus page of volume 2 of the manga, Finé would torture Chris with a low current to "cure" her shoulder pains caused by her large breasts. Both the manga and anime keywords state that Chris was also tortured to removed the Nehushtan's corrosion from her body to stop her fusing with the relic like Hibiki and later Finé herself. The keywords state that Finé chose electrocution specifically because of her sadism and belief that "pain is the only thing that connects the hearts of people".
  • One of the titles of Finé's leitmotifs contains the word "聖母", which literally means "holy mother", but is also a term meaning "Virgin Mary". On the other hand, when Finé becomes the Red Dragon of Revelations, Genjuro refers to her as "the scarlet woman, Babalon". Notably, both of these women are mothers, but Mary is a symbol of virginity and purity whereas Babalon represents female sexual impulse and the liberated woman. Babalon is also further related to the "whore of Babylon", a female figure associated with evil. Finé is also the distant ancestor/"mother" of/maternal figure to many of the main cast, and claims to be mother of many important figures in human history. Interestingly, Chris, Finé's servant, has several references to Jesus Christ, who was the son of the Virgin Mary.

Finé's Tower of Babylon

  • Though Finé says she built a tower to reach God in Heaven, the image shown during her explanation in S1 episode 11 depicts a structure that looks more like a spiraling staircase than a tower.
  • The reason why so many of her descendants are Japanese is explained in a keyword: in about 722 BC, a branch of a family in the Middle East that already held the seal of Finé entered into ancient Japan, where they bred, resulting in Finé's various Japanese descendants.[23]
  • According to character designer Dan Yoshii, the main reason why Finé frequently appeared naked was that she felt that there was something powerful about the nude female form.[citation needed]
    • This might be related to the alchemist concept of the Perfect Body; however, canon material has not confirmed any relationship.
  • Finé shares some similarities with Shem-Ha Mephorash:
    • Both possess the bodies of supporting casts, with identical systems of reviving their consciousness from where it is sealed in their genes (though Finé can only possess her descendants, while Shem-Ha can possess anyone purged of the original sin).
    • Both disapprove of the Curse of Balal.
    • Ryoko biting Hibiki's ear in S1 Episode 3 is mirrored by Shem-Ha biting Miku's ear in XV Episode 11.
    • Finé sexually abusing a bound Chris in S1 Episode 5 is also mirrored by Shem-Ha with Miku.
    • Finé uses Ryoko's voice to deceive Genjuro before pierce him with Nehushtan Armor in Episode 11 is also mirrored by Shem-Ha uses Miku's voice to deceive Hibiki in XV Episode 13.
  • Finé's name is mentioned in the lyrics of the Superb Song, likely connected to her being the creator of the Symphogear. The lyrics also mention 'balal', the Hebrew word for 'confusion', and 'ziggurat', an ancient Mesopotamian word for a large built structure, one of which was the Tower of Babel. It can be inferred from this that the superb song's lyrics are likely talking about how Finé believed she'd brought about the Curse of Balal.


  • そうよ。だから、あなたは私の全てを受け入れなさい。でないと嫌いになっちゃうわよ。 / "That's right... So accept everything about me. If you don't, I won't like you anymore." - To Chris, S1 Episode 5
  • 可愛いわよ、クリス。私だけがあなたを愛してあげられる。 / "You're so cute, Chris. I'm the only one who can love you." - To Chris, S1 Episode 5
  • 覚えておいてね、クリス。痛みだけが人の心を繋いで絆と結ぶ、世界の真実ということを。 / "Remember, Chris... This is the truth of this world. Only pain can connect people's hearts." - To Chris, S1 Episode 5
  • そうね。あなたのやり方じゃ争いをなくすことなんてできやしないわ。せいぜいひとつ潰して新たな火種を二つにばらまくことくらいかしら。 "Yes... The way you do things, war will never end. All you could do is prevent one war, but start two or three more." - To Chris, S1 Episode 7
  • 胸の歌を、信じなさい。 / "Believe in the song of your heart." - To Hibiki, S1 Episode 13
  • そうね、誰の魂も塗り潰すことなく。このまま大人しくしているつもりだったけどそうもいかないものね。魂を両断する一撃を受けてあまり長くは持ちそうにないか。 / "I had intended to stay quiet, without erasing anyone's soul. But I suppose I have no choice. After being hit with a strike that tears the soul in two, I will not last that long..." - To Shirabe, G Episode 12
  • あの子に伝えて欲しいのよ。だって数千年も悪者やってきたのよ。いつかの時代、どこかの場所で今更正義の味方を気取ることなんてできないって。今日を生きるあなたたちで何とかなさい。 / "I want you to tell her. For millennia, I have been the villain. Sometime, somewhere... It's too late to pretend to be a hero. You, living in the present, must deal with it." - To Shirabe, G Episode 12
  • いつか未来に、人が繋がれるなんてことは亡霊が語るものではないわ。 / "Sometime in the future, people will be connected. Sharing that isn't the role of a ghost." - To Shirabe, G Episode 12, just before disappearing for good.


  1. Spelled "Fine" by official Japanese sources, and "Finé" by official English sources (with the exception of the now-defunct Funimation subtitles, which used "Phine"). Though unconfirmed, the accent is likely added in English to ensure correct pronunciation of her name, as well as to differentiate it from the common English word 'fine'.

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