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The Fever Symphogear are pachinko parlor games based on the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.

Machine Type History

The etymology of "CR" is the acronym for "card reader". This CR machine is a type of pachinko machine that supports prepaid cards. The first CR machine was announced simultaneously by six manufacturers in August 1992. Till then, after February 2018 onwards, models that have undergone type testing at designated testing institutions such as the Security Communications Association have a prefix of "P" (commonly known as "P machine") instead of "CR". Pachislots are similar, although they are known as Type 5 and 6 respectively. All CR and Type 5 machines have been removed from parlors as of January 31st, 2022.

Known Machines

Symphogear Pachislot (2016)

Pachislot Symphogear Logo.png

Released in September 2016, this machine is technically not in the Fever Symphogear series since it is not a pachinko. However, it is made by the same manufacturer and is often found under the same roof as the pachinkos. It is the highest stake of the three machines at 75 yen a spin. This machine is no longer in service as it is a type 5. It is currently selling for 48,000 yen at A-SLOT, a major home machine retailer.

CR Fever Symphogear (2017)

Fever Symphogear Logo.png

This is the first Symphogear pachinko to be released in August 2017 and adaptation of both the Senki Zesshō Symphogear and Senki Zesshō Symphogear G anime. It is also the only parlor game as of now to be released with multiple color variants, those being yellow, purple and green, red and white, and white and yellow. This machine filled rows upon rows in parlors upon release because of its V-Stock feature, with the potential to go crazy and payout continuously for quite a while. As it is a CR machine, it is no longer in service as of today. It is currently selling for 128,000 yen.

CR Fever Symphogear LIGHT ver. (2018)

Fever Symphogear LIGHT ver. Logo.png

This is the first LIGHT version pachinko to be released in December 2018. It plays exactly like the original Fever Symphogear, but it has improved odds. This machine is also no longer in service and sells for 77,900 yen.

P Fever Symphogear 2 (2020)

Fever Symphogear 2 Logo.png

Released in April 2020, this machine is the sequel to the original Fever Symphogear pachinko and adaptation of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX anime. It is very similar to the original in features and gameplay and it can go crazy just like the original. The big draws for this machine are the larger screen and the animatronics, which are some of the wildest out there. The four character discs on the side panels spin, the Symphogear logo drops down and sways, the gauntlet at the bottom comes up, the side panels move in and out, and the Hibiki model at the top of the machine rises and her wings pop out. Hibiki being up is an easy way to tell if the machine is either close to a win or currently paying out, giving hyenas, players who circle the pachinko parlor looking for vacant machines or machines that a player has left for a bathroom or lunch break that are ready to pay out, a chance to strike. This machine was insanely popular when it first appeared in parlors and still is today. It is the first P machine in the series and is currently in service in parlors. It currently sells for 137,300 yen.

P Fever Symphogear LIGHT ver. (2021)

Fever Symphogear LIGHT ver. Logo.png

Fever Symphogear LIGHT was re-released in March 2021 as a P machine. It plays exactly the same as the CR version but with lower payouts due to the new regulations for P machines. This machine is in service and is currently the only way to play the original Fever Symphogear, or close to it, in a parlor. It currently sells for 295,000 yen, more than 3 times the CR model.

P Fever Symphogear 2 1/77 ver. (2021)

Fever Symphogear 2 1 77 ver. Logo.png

This is Symphogear 2's equivalent of the first machine's LIGHT model. It plays exactly the same as the original Symphogear 2 but with better odds. It is currently in service and is replacing many original Symphogear 2 machines. It is currently selling for 483,800 yen, the most expensive Symphogear pachinko as of now.

P Fever Symphogear 2 1/230 ver. (2021)

Fever Symphogear 2 1 230 ver. Logo.png

This is the most recent pachinko as of now, released in November 2021. This pachinko mainly focuses on the Ignite Module modes, which it enters more frequently then the other models, and has the worst odds in the series. Other than that it is the same as the regular Symphogear 2. It is currently in service and it too is being installed over the standard Symphogear 2. It is selling for 176,200 yen.

Pachislot Symphogear Song of Courage (2021)

Pachislot Symphogear Song of Courage Logo.png

This is the second Symphogear pachislot released in December 2021 and the newest machine in the series as of now. It's gameplay is based off of the mechanics of the pachinko, and many of the modes are originally from the SG2 pachinko, alongside new features. It is currently the only Symphogear branded pachislot in service and sells for a whopping 540,400 yen.


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