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The Federal Institutes of Sacrist (米国連邦聖遺物研究機関 Beikoku Renpō Seibutsu Kenkyūkikan?, lit. "The Federal Sacrist Research Institution of America"), is a US institute founded by Finé that develops relics, Symphogear, and wielders by use of LiNKER.[1] It was based in Los Alamos, New Mexico,[2] before its dissolution in the interim between Senki Zesshō Symphogear and G.


The F.I.S. was established by Finé (as Ryoko Sakurai) while she was conspiring with the US government. Its main purpose was to search for her next vessel (Receptor Children) to overcome her weakness of reincarnation system. This project was to assure that if she lost the use of her current vessel in the middle of her plans, she wanted to assure she could revive without losing any time and restart her ambitions.

However, years later, after the death of Ryōko Sakurai during Season 1, the F.I.S. attempted to determine if Finé had revived in any of the Receptor Children, but were unable to determine. They then planned to dispose of the project, but due to an armed uprising led by Nastassja Sergeyevna Tolstaya — with the help of funding provided by the Bavarian Illuminati — the existence of the confined Receptor Children was brought to light. In fear of criticism from the international community, the US government quickly changed their tune and arranged for the children to be released of their own will or provided shelter. At this point, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika joined with Professor Nastassja and Dr. Ver in order to stop the fall of the Moon.

Finé also developed a drug known as LiNKER as a means to join the power of Relics and the human body. It was first used by test subject Kanade Amou. After Finé's death, under the charge of Dr. Ver, the project proceeded under the theme of "Pleasant for you" and managed to develop a safer form of LiNKER with a very small physical burden and a more thorough cleansing process.[3]

The F.I.S. also awakened Nephilim [4] by using Serena's song. Six years later, the Nephilim, grown extremely large, went out of control. It was then sealed in a fetus-like state by the sacrifice of Serena, who used her Superb Song. Years later, at the Queens of Music concert, Maria and Nastassja attempted to activate Nephilim with the phonic gain produced by the concert. The Nephilim was then raised by Dr. Ver, by feeding it with pieces of relics.

In G Episode 9, Dr. Ver equipped Miku with the Shénshòujìng during the ship battle with Special Disaster Response Team Section Two. Miku was given LiNKER for compatibility, and several battle programs were entered into her brain through the Shénshòujìng's direct feedback system to help her fight. Miku successfully activates the Frontier with the Shénshòujìng's beam with Maria's assistance.[5]


F.I.S. Members
Nastassja Sergeyevna Tolstaya
John Wayne Vercingetorix
Finé Prof. Nastassja Dr. Ver
Symphogear Users
Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Kirika Akatsuki
Serena Cadenzavna Eve
Maria Cadenzavna Eve Shirabe Tsukuyomi Kirika Akatsuki Serena Cadenzavna Eve



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