The following is a basic guide for the layout of Episode Pages.

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"English Name of Episode" (Kanji Name of Episode Romanized Name of Episode?) is the (Episode # in Ordinal long-hand Notation) episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear (Series Title Here).


  • List of Characters in the episode, using the scroll box. Should be in bulleted form.
  • If it is the character's first appearance add {{FirstAppearance}} to the end of their name.
  • If the character dies during that episode add {{Death}}.
  • If a character appears in a flashback/memory add {{Flashback}}.
  • If a character is mentioned add {{Mentioned}}.

Short Summary

Basic summary of what happens in the episode. Should generally be at least a paragraph long in length.

Long Summary

More detailed summary of what happens in the episode.


A list of songs used in the episode.


Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.


Use {{EpisodeNav}}.

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