No Shadows in the Sunlight
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RomajiHidamari ni Kageri Naku
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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateFebruary 24, 2012
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EndingMeteor Light
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"No Shadows in the Sunlight" (陽だまりに翳りなく Hidamari ni Kageri Naku?) is the eighth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the eighth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.




While it's raining, Miku gets out of bed and starts to get dressed to go to school, pausing briefly to take a look at a picture of her and Hibiki. Meanwhile, Chris defeats a group of Noise, but then collapses. Miku finds Chris, who has fainted.

Later, at Lydian Private Music Academy, Hibiki gets a phone call from Genjūrō. She asks if it's the Noise, and after confirming her guess, he says that there were no casualties due to how early the incident was. However, they had also detected traces of Ichaival. Putting two and two together, Hibiki realizes that Chris had been fighting the Noise, which Genjūrō agrees is the most likely scenario. Hearing a sigh from Hibiki, Genjūrō asks what's wrong, and she says she's not sure Chris has a home to go to, which Genjūrō again believes is quite likely. He then says that in any case, they will continue to investigate, and Hibiki is to stand by until further orders arrive.

Hibiki then joins her class, only to be surprised to see Miku's seat is empty. Yumi, Kuriyo, and Shiori walk up, with Shiori asking if Miku is coming to school. Hibiki says that she doesn't know. She thought Miku had left ahead of her. Kuriyo tells Hibiki that the three of them want to apologize for the other day, and that she's felt guilty about it ever since. Yumi wonders what they would do if they were in an anime, causing Shiori to ask her if she can't things a little more seriously. Hibiki briefly smiles at their antics, but then gets depressed again thinking about Miku and how they can't continue like this.

Over in Flower, Chris wakes up while Miku is taking care of her. Miku tells Chris that since her clothes were soaked, she's wearing some of Miku's clothes. Chris stands up and asks her to say that again, only for Miku to start blushing and say that she hadn't given Chris any underwear! Chris sits back down and wraps the blanket around her in embarrassment. The owner of Flower then comes up with Chris' freshly washed clothes, asking how Chris is. Miku says she just woke up, and thanks her for the blankets and everything. The owner says not to worry about it, and that she also washed Chris' clothes. Miku says that she'll help hang them out.

Later, while Miku is washing Chris' back, Chris thanks her. After commenting that Miku's a quiet one, Miku says that she's no good with words. She tried to hold onto her most cherished relationship, but only managed to cause it to be damaged. Chris asks if that means Miku got in a fight with someone, to which Miku admits she did.

At school, Hibiki is wondering what could be causing Miku to skip a day of school now, when she has never done so before in her life. Just then, Tsubasa walks up. Sitting on a bench to talk, Hibiki says she thought she was determined enough. She wanted to use the power of Symphogear to protect what mattered to her. But it didn't work. A small thing like this has her completely thrown off, and she doesn't know what she should do. She thinks she needs to become someone else, someone stronger. Tsubasa, however, asks her if that small thing is what truly matters to her. If that is the case, won't it all work out in the end? She then tells Hibiki that she doesn't need to become someone else to protect the things she holds dear. She then apologizes, saying Kanade was always better than her at cheering people up. Hibiki says that's not true, because in that same place, her best friend said those exact same words to her. But it didn't last. She makes a comment about how hopeless she is, causing Tsubasa to smile.

Hibiki then asks Tsubasa if her wounds still hurt. Tsubasa says it's nothing to worry about. She just needs to be careful. Hibiki says she's glad to hear that. Tsubasa then comments about how much damage the Superb Song causes to the body, wiping both the user and their enemies from existence. All things considered, she got off pretty lightly. Hibiki, however, disagrees. Two years ago, the songs of Tsubasa and Kanade gave her the strength to survive! Their songs aren't just for destruction; they lift people's spirits! She knows that first-hand! So she wants Tsubasa to cheer up, because Hibiki loves her songs! Tsubasa can only smile, as now Hibiki is the one lifting her spirits instead.

Getting dressed, Chris says she can't really understand what Miku has been through. Miku asks Chris if she has never gotten into a fight with a friend, only for Chris to say she doesn't have any friends. Her parents were halfway around the world when they were taken from her, and she's been alone ever since. And the one person who she thought understood her was just using her all along. No one ever treated her like an equal. Thinking back to her time as a sex slave, she says that all adults are trash. They didn't listen when she said it hurt. They didn't listen when she told them to stop. They didn't listen to anything she said!

Miku apologizes, seeing that she made Chris relive some painful memories. Chris then tells Miku that she should just beat the shit out of whoever she fought with. Once she makes it clear who's stronger, everything's settled, and all they have to do is make up. Miku says she can't do that, and Chris says she doesn't get it. Miku then thanks Chris. This confuses Chris, because she doesn't recall doing anything for Miku, but Miku says that Chris cared about her. When Miku hesitates, Chris tells her who she is, and Miku tells Chris that she's not a bad person before introducing herself and saying that she'd like to be friends with Chris. Chris then says she did terrible things to Miku, but before Miku can ask Chris what she means, the Noise alarm goes off.

At Lydian, Tsubasa and Hibiki listen to Genjūrō over the phone as he says there is a large episode of Noise. He believes it's probably related to the incident from that morning. Tsubasa says she and Hibiki will be there right away, but Genjūrō tells Tsubasa that she's not allowed to go on the front lines again until he gets the all-clear from the doctors. Tsubasa starts to argue, but Hibiki asks her to protect everyone at Lydian. That way, Hibiki can focus on what's ahead of her.

Hibiki, Chris, and the owner of Flower exit the building, and seeing all of the people rushing for the shelters, Chris asks what's going on. Miku says it's the Noise, and asks Chris if she recognizes the siren. As the owner and Miku start heading for the shelters, Chris runs in the opposite direction, wondering what she's even doing.

Exiting the main street of the town, Chris realizes that it's her fault that this is happening to so many people. Screaming in remorse, she starts to cry. She didn't want it to end like this! But every time she tried, this was the result! The Noise appear, and Chris' sorrow turns into anger. Getting up, she tells them that she's right there! So she wants them to leave the others the hell out of this! As the Noise attack, Chris starts singing her transformation song, but her recent exertions and exposure to the rain cause her to start coughing. Just as three flying Noise are about to hit her, Genjūrō steps in and causes the pavement of the street to come up between her and the Noise. Some of the ground Noise try to attack, but he repeats the same action before grabbing Chris and taking her to a rooftop and asking her if she's all right. Some flying Noise appear, and Chris transforms before shooting them down. Saying that she can take care of herself, she tells Genjūrō to leave her and go help the others. He's reluctant to do this, but she says she'll take them all on before leaping off the roof and firing a Billion Maiden at the Noise. As Chris fights the Noise, Genjūrō thinks that once again, he couldn't save her.

Meanwhile, Hibiki sees the commotion, but hears a scream from the opposite direction. Running into the building she heard the scream from, she calls out, asking if anyone's there. Just then, a Noise attacks the staircase, forcing her to leap off to escape. Just as she sees the Noise, a hand covers her mouth. It's Miku! Gesturing for Hibiki to be quite, Miku uses her cell phone to let Hibiki know that this Noise seems to react to loud sounds. It chased her there, as well as the owner of Flower. Seeing that the owner is unconscious, Hibiki realizes that she can't sing to activate her Symphogear without putting them in danger, and wonders what she should do.

Miku then writes a new message on her cell phone to Hibiki, causing Hibiki to use her cell phone to respond. Miku then writes another message, and as Hibiki is writing her response, Miku puts her hand on Hibiki's cell phone. Just then, the owner of Flower starts moaning, attracting the attention of the Noise. Miku then whispers to Hibiki that she said terrible things to her. She can't expect Hibiki to forgive her, but she wants to be with Hibiki. She wants to fight, too. Hibiki whispers that she can't, but Miku says she doesn't care. She can't let Hibiki shoulder this burden alone. Getting up, she raises her voice as she says she won't hesitate anymore! This draws the attention of the Noise, and as it chases Miku outside the building, Hibiki runs over to the owner of Flower before transforming. Carrying the owner of Flower outside, she sees Shinji pull up in a car, and tells him to take care of her. He asks what he should do about her, but she leaves without answering. She has a friend to save!

Wondering where Miku is, Hibiki thinks back to their messages. Miku had said that she would lure the Noise away so that Hibiki could get the owner of Flower out of there. Hibiki said she couldn't let Miku do that. Miku reminded Hibiki that she used to sprint on the track team, and tells Hibiki to trust her. Hibiki starts to say something, but Miku says she's relying on her. She knows it's dangerous. That's why she's asking Hibiki. She's the only one Miku can trust with her life.

Hibiki has realized something important thanks to Miku. She's not the only one fighting. She wanted to use her Symphogear to help others, but that was just her conceit. She's not the only one giving it her all. Everyone else is, too! You can't save someone with just your own power. That's why, two years ago, Kanade told her not to give up living. Now Hibiki finally understands her words! Hearing Miku scream, Hibiki knows that it's not out of survivor's guilt that she wants to save others. It's because that was Kanade's dream! And ever since then, Hibiki has been carrying on in her place! With that, she uses the pistons in her legs to allow her to perform a massive jump.

Exhausted, Miku collapses, unable to keep running. She starts to think that it's all over for her. But then she realizes she can't give up! She promised to see the shooting stars with Hibiki! She manages to dodge the Noise's attack, but falls off of a cliff instead. Just then, Hibiki arrives. In midair, she defeats the Noise with a punch, then grabs Miku. She uses the pistons in her legs to allow them to land safely, but even with that, she still falls over as they land.

As Hibiki's transformation is cancelled, she and Miku start laughing. Hibiki apologizes that she couldn't make a stylish landing there. Miku says she hurts all over, but she's alive. She then thanks Hibiki, saying she knew Hibiki would save her. Hibiki thanks Miku as well, saying she knew Miku wouldn't give up until the very end. After all, Miku is her friend. Miku then starts crying before tackling Hibiki in a hug. She says that she was scared. Hibiki says she was also scared. Miku then says she wasn't angry that HIbiki kept secrets from her. She's always trying to help others. Miku was just upset that Hibiki was trying to carry all of that pain and sadness by herself. Miku couldn't bear that. She was so worried that Hibiki would get hurt again, but it was really her own selfishness for not wanting to lose Hibiki. She realized that, but she still couldn't tell Hibiki how she felt.

Hibiki starts to say that Miku has always been her friend, but then bursts into laughter. When Miku asks what's wrong, Hibiki tells Miku that her hair is a mess, her face is covered in tears, and she's saying all this heavy stuff! Miku tells Hibiki that she's a mess as well, causing Hibiki to ask for a mirror. Saying she doesn't have a mirror, Miku uses her cell phone to take a picture of both of them. Seeing the picture causes Hibiki to say they both really look cursed, while Miku says it's even worse than she thought before they both start laughing again!

Later, Shinji returns Miku's bag, saying that the owner of Flower asked him to give it back to her. After Miku has thanked Shinji, Hibiki tells Genjūrō that Miku was at the scene when she was fighting, and saw quite a lot of it. Miku interjects, saying that it was her fault that she got involved. Sighing, Genjūrō says that he'll read the details in Hibiki's report. Saying that this is what would be called having unexpected help, he says he can't blame someone for helping save lives. This causes the girls to exchange a high-five.

Just then, Ryōko Sakurai arrives, saying that the true star of the party always arrives late, and wonders where she should begin the cleanup. As Aoi arrives with drinks, Genjūrō tells Hibiki and Miku to leave the rest to the adults. The two of them are to have a well-earned rest. Before leaving, Miku asks Genjūrō about Chris, saying that she's her friend. Genjūrō tells Miku that Chris isn't on the list of casualties, and he's sure she'll be able to get in touch with her again.

That evening, the two of them go to bed, and after saying goodnight, Hibiki pretends to fall asleep immediately, causing Miku to be surprised. Hibiki then opens her eyes and they laugh as Hibiki says she got Miku good, and Miku calls Hibiki a meanie.

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  • This episode gives us a glimpse of Chris' past, and indicates that Genjūrō tried to save her once before, but failed that time as well.
  • The picture Miku took of her and Hibiki to show how filthy they look has taken the place of the original picture in their room due to it commemorating an event that restored their friendship.


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