Fate Just Keeps Firing

RomajiUchiteshi Yamanu Unmei no Motoni
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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateFebruary 17, 2012
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EndingMeteor Light
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"Fate Just Keeps Firing" (撃ちてし止まぬ運命のもとに Uchiteshi Yamanu Unmei no Motoni?) is the seventh episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the seventh episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.



The fight between Hibiki and Chris continues, but as the Noise interfered the fight, Chris is shocked that Finé betrays her. And to make things worse, Miku is mad at Hibiki for hiding her secret identity from her and for not telling her the truth, but she is also sad that decides not to be friends with her anymore, which saddens Hibiki as well.


Continuing from last episode, Miku is standing off in a distance, shedding her tears while thinking "Hibiki".

After Hibiki punched Chris in the stomach, Chris could not believe such power could break her armor. As Chris regenerates her armor slowly, she shouted and claimed that Hibiki is mocking her. After learning Chris' name, Hibiki wants Chris and herself to stop fighting so that they can talk to each other and understand each other. But Chris is not convinced as she became so mad she kept attacking Hibiki instead. Chris' armor is still regenerating slowly, so she had no choice but to use "Armor Purger" to not only shatter her own armor, but to attack Hibiki as well. Suddenly, Hibiki heard Chris' singing, as Chris is about to show Hibiki her true power: Ichaival.

Back in Section Two, Genjuro is shocked that Ichaival was located and that they got their hands on the lost second relic.

Back in the forest, Hibiki did not knew that Chris can transform as well. But, despite transforming, Chris claimed that she hates singing, but Hibiki forced her to sing. Afterwards, Chris attacked Hibiki by singing her own song. Chris then used her technique called "Billion Maiden" to shoot her, though Hibiki managed to avoid that. Chris then used her other technique called "Mega Deth Party" to shoot mini-cannons at her. Chris thought she finally got Hibiki, but out of nowhere, Tsubasa managed to save Hibiki with her giant sword in order to block Chris' attack. As Tsubasa and Chris began to fight once again, Tsubasa caught Chris off-guard as Chris is shocked that Tsubasa's style of fighting has changed. Tsubasa already knew about Chris and her Ichaival. Chris broke free, but just when she was about to attack Tsubasa, Noise appeared out of nowhere and destroyed her technique. Hibiki managed to save Chris from Noise and falls unconscious, even though Chris didn't need her help.

Chris then heard a voice from behind, it was Finé, the one who summoned Noise to interfere the fight. Finé had no business with Chris anymore. In other words, Chris have outlived her usefulness. Chris is shocked and goes after her, while Tsubasa is dealing with the Noise.

Back in Section Two, they lost track of Ichaival, but they found information about Chris. And from another monitor, Miku is seen, wondering where Hibiki is.

While going underground, Tsubasa is thinking about Kanade's reason to fight, but she is afraid to make them her own. Tsubasa now wonders what is she going to do, and all of the sudden, she heard Kanade's voice.

Meanwhile, Hibiki's wounds are healed and Ryōko advised her to get some rest. Ryōko then tells Hibiki not to worry about her friend, Miku, claiming that Shinji's team explained everything to her by now.

In the next scene, Genjuro, Aoi, and Sakuya are thinking about Ichaival falling on the enemy's hands and who Finé was. Ryōko, Hibiki, and Tsubasa then appeared as Ryōko told the others that the two Symphogear users are in perfect health, despite the situation being grim. Genjuro is disappointed in Tsubasa for her actions, but she explained that she couldn't just stand there and did nothing while Hibiki was in danger, as she claimed that Hibiki is not a true warrior yet. However, Tsubasa also said that she can be of use to support Hibiki. As Hibiki is still worring about Miku, Ryōko touched her breast, but she only touched her because the fragments of Gungnir near her heart are fusing with her tissue at an accelerating rate, though it is just a possibility. But Tsubasa became unsure of that.

As night falls in the academy, Hibiki returned to her room with Miku, but Miku doesn't look too happy. In fact, she is not happy at all. Miku is mad at Hibiki for lying to her and for keeping secrets from her, and Hibiki is shocked by that.

Meanwhile, Chris is outraged that Finé betrayed her, and not only that, she was outraged about what Hibiki told her during her fight with her. Suddenly, she heard and saw a little girl crying in front of a boy. Chris claims that he was bullying that little girl and that he made her cry. But when Chris was about to hit the boy, the little girl stood up and defended her brother, telling Chris not to hurt him. The boy then told Chris that their father vanished, but her little sister said she couldn't walk anymore. Chris then told the little girl to stop crying, but suddenly, it's her little brother's turn to defend her from Chris, telling her not to make her cry. Chris have had enough of that, so she has no choice but to help them find their father.

While searching for the kids' father somewhere in the city, Chris is humming her song, and when the girl saw Chris humming, she hummed as well. The girl asked Chris "do you like singing?", but Chris said that she hates singing, claiming that it does nothing but destroy. After that, they found the kids' father in front of the police station. Their father apologized to Chris for all the trouble she had gone through, but Chris told him not to worry about it. The kids thanked Chris for helping them find their father. Chris then asked the girl how does she and her brother get along so well, and they answered that they fight a lot, but then they make up again, so they get along.

Back in the dormitory, Miku is still mad at Hibiki and doesn't want to hear her lies as she went to sleep in her bed. Hibiki then apologized to Miku, though Miku ignored her.

Back underground, in her thoughts, Ryōko researched about Symphogear and the relic users, particularly Hibiki, how singing the superb song can cost the health of the user, how the Nehushtan armor was activated, and Durandal, the similarly complete relic that Hibiki activated it with nothing but her own power. She then claims that the union of human and relic will cause another paradigm shift. Also, according to her, if humans could sing the superb songs without the negative effects, and utilize the full potential of the relics, they would have proof of their release from the custodians' curse. They would have transcended the past.

The next day, Miku is still ignoring Hibiki in the middle of the class, and while Hibiki was spaced out, her teacher scolds her yet again. During lunch time, despite sitting in front of Miku, Hibiki is still being ignored. Just then, Yumi, Kuriyo, and Shiori are all aware of what is going on between Hibiki and Miku. When their friends all claimed about Hibiki's "secret job", Miku leaves the table and runs off, as Hibiki went after her. As Hibiki caught up with Miku on the rooftop, she kept apologizing to her, but Miku doesn't want to hear it from her anymore. Miku told Hibiki that she doesn't want to be friends with her anymore, as she runs off crying. This upsets Hibiki, as she now regrets for what she has done to upset Miku. And then, Hibiki starts crying.

After the credits, elsewhere in Finé's home, Finé is talking to an American person in English, again, in the nude, again. Suddenly, Chris appeared and was outraged that Finé doesn't need her anymore. After Finé hung up her phone, she summoned the Noise from Solomon's Cane. She then told Chris that she never stood a chance to stop wars, and the fact that Chris wore her Symphogear, yet she became useless to Finé. Afterwards, Finé used her power to wear her own Nehushtan armor, and she told Chris that Kadingir is almost complete, which is why Finé doesn't have any more use for Chris. Soon after, Finé will now kill Chris, as this upsets Chris for what Finé has done to her.

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