Where Omens Lead
Hibiki protects Miku

RomajiKizashi no Yukue wa
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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateFebruary 10, 2012
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EndingMeteor Light
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"Where Omens Lead" (兆しの行方は Kizashi no Yukue wa?) is the sixth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the sixth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.



In this episode, Tsubasa and Hibiki have a heart-to-heart talk and finally become friends. Meanwhile, Miku is feeling a little left out. But when she finds out that Hibiki is a Gear user, their friendship is about to take a turn for the worse, especially since Hibiki promised not to keep any secrets from her. And how will Hibiki fare in her first real fight with Chris—alone?


The episode begins with Chris brooding about Hibiki's monstrous display of power using Durandal in the previous episode, and about where she herself will end up if she captures Hibiki for Finé. She throws Solomon's Cane to Finé (who suddenly appears in the background), claiming that she doesn't need it, and that she can show that she's superior to Hibiki by her own power.

The scene switches to Tsubasa, still injured and walking unsteadily down the hospital halls. She thinks about how Kanade told her (in a dream) that fighting isn't everything, and she wants to "see it for herself". After being stopped by a nurse, she looks out the window and sees Hibiki going for a run with Miku on the school track. Down below, Hibiki thinks about how she was unable to control herself while holding Durandal, and blames her own weakness. She symbolically runs ahead of a winded Miku while willing herself to "aim farther than the finish line".

In the next scene, Hibiki and Miku share a bath while talking about the run they went for. Hibiki apologizes for making Miku "work out with her on a Sunday", and Miku answers that it reminded her of her middle school track team days. Miku then remarks that Hibiki has changed a lot since they entered Lydian, and begins noticing bruises on Hibiki's body...After they get out of the bath, Miku and Hibiki make plans to go to Flower for some okonomiyaki.

Meanwhile, Commander Genjuro returns from a memorial service for Defense Minister Hiroki, who was assassinated in the previous episode. The members of Section Two discuss his murder and his successor, who is pro-American. After they are interrupted by an alert, Ryōko leaves to go check things out.

Hibiki is soon contacted by Ogawa, who asks her to perform a "mission". This prevents her from going to Flower with Miku, much to her (and Miku's) dismay. The "mission" is actually revealed to be a visit to Tsubasa in the hospital. Hibiki arrives at her room with flowers in hand, but since the room is so messy, she thinks for a second that Tsubasa has been kidnapped. Tsubasa suddenly comes up behind her, dispelling her fears, and her red face reveals that her messy room is all natural. Hibiki cleans up Tsubasa's room, and then Tsubasa complements Hibiki on her work in her absence.

The scene changes to the nearby library, where Miku went to check out some books, including one titled Your Honest Self. Suddenly, Miku looks out the window and spots Hibiki in the hospital, laughing and chatting with Tsubasa. Shocked and then downcast, she reshelves the book and walks away.

Back at the hospital, Tsubasa asks Hibiki about her reason for fighting. Hibiki responds that she just wants to help people, because there's no competition when being helpful to others, and because she doesn't really have anything else she's good at. She then remarks that the real reason is probably the incident from 2 years ago, when Kanade sacrificed herself to save her. A lot of people died that day, but since she's still alive, Hibiki says that she should at least be helpful to someone. Tsubasa comments that Hibiki's thoughts may be "a self-destructive urge veiled in optimism", implying that Hibiki might have a survivor's complex. Hibiki doesn't exactly get why Tsubasa says this, and dissolves into laughter.

Later, Hibiki and Tsubasa go up to the roof. They talk about Hibiki's experience with Durandal, and Tsubasa asks Hibiki if she has the resolve to deny herself a normal life and live as a warrior. Hibiki gives her usual response- "I have things that I want to protect"- and describes how precious her everyday life is. Tsubasa asks her what goes through her mind when she fights, and Hibiki responds with another catchphrase, saying that she wants to save people who are attacked by the Noise the fastest, shortest, straightest way possible, nonstop! She also adds that if she ends up having to fight a person, she wants to express her doubts about whether they should really be fighting. Tsubasa tells her to picture a "strong, bold image of what's in her heart at that moment", and says that that is what will give her the power to fight in the form of an Armed Gear.

Meanwhile, Miku walks alone to Flower. She greets the shop owner and asks her to fry up some okonomiyaki for her (and some for Hibiki, too). She then remarks that she's very hungry, and didn't eat all day just so she could enjoy the okonomiyaki. The lady sees Miku's sad expression and sagely tells her that if she ponders on an empty stomach, she'll only get bad ideas. Miku admits to herself that she doesn't really know why Hibiki's been acting so mysteriously, and that if they talk, they should be able to work things out. Miku thanks the lady for the advice, and she answers that Miku can come to her anytime.

Back on the roof, Hibiki is still thinking about her Armed Gear. She repeats the okonomiyaki lady's advice to Tsubasa- you can't get good ideas on an empty stomach- and dashes off to Flower to get some okonomiyaki for both of them.

At that moment, Section Two receives an alert: The user of the Nehushtan Armor (Chris) is approaching the area! Commander Genjuro issues an evacuation order and tells the crew to send Hibiki over. Hibiki runs into Miku while heading over there and is attacked by Chris, who doesn't notice Miku's presence until she accidentally sends a car flying toward her. Hibiki quickly transforms and punches the car out of the way. She quietly apologizes to Miku before heading off to battle Chris.

Hibiki leads Chris into the woods, away from the populated areas. When Chris and Hibiki finally confront each other, Chris attacks. Hibiki blocks with her arm, and Chris remarks, "Not bad for a dunce!" Hibiki replies that her name is not 'dunce', and launches into a quick self-introduction, giving Chris most of her basic information (except her weight). Chris is puzzled by it all, and Hibiki explains that "unlike the Noise, they can understand each other", and that she just wants to talk things out. Chris rejects her offer, claiming that they are in battle, and begins attacking Hibki again. Hibiki dodges skillfully, and Chris notes that something changed in her, perhaps her "determination".

During a pause in the fighting, Hibiki insists that they talk, saying that they are both humans who can communicate. Chris interrupts by telling her to shut up, and then says that humans can never understand each other. She tells her that she HATES how Hibiki continues to speak naively about things she doesn't really understand. She then decides that, instead of capturing her alive, she will "tear Hibiki apart with her own two hands" and "crush everything dear to her". Hibiki doesn't back down, so Chris attacks with a Nirvana Gedon, and then another. The dust clears, and Hibiki is seen trying to form an Armed Gear, much to Chris' surprise. Hibiki fails, and then decides to just use the energy raw. Chris attacks again, and Hibiki grabs hold of the Nehushtan's jeweled whips with one hand.

Clenching the whips in one fist, Hibiki charges toward Chris, calling to mind things Genjuro told her during her training and the things she admitted to Tsubasa on the roof. "The sound of my heart, my feelings...I will convey them all!" she thinks as she lands a powerful punch on Chris' stomach, cracking the Nehushtan Armor and sending Chris flying. The episode ends with Miku standing off in the distance, thinking only "Hibiki".

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