Falling Tears
Tsubasa's Zesshou

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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateJanuary 27, 2012
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EndingGekisō Gungnir
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"Falling Tears" (落涙 Rakurui?) is the fourth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the fourth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.



In this episode, we find out how Tsubasa met Kanade, and what made Kanade the amazing Gear user she was before she died. Then, the fight between the new girl and Tsubasa continues, and it looks like the latter is going to lose. But what will happen when Tsubasa decides to sing her superb song? And how will Hibiki react when she learns of the tragic death of the first user of Gungnir, Kanade Amou?


This episode begins with a flashback that tells the story of how Tsubasa met Kanade. Young Kanade is shown to have lost her entire family in a Noise attack, and now she is willing to undergo painful tests and experiments in order to attain the power of Symphogear and avenge her loved ones. Reluctantly, Genjuro allows it, and a purposeful overdose of LiNKER bloodily grants Kanade her wish as young Tsubasa looks on, astonished. After fighting and working out together for some time, Kanade and Tsubasa decide to form the pop-star duo, Zwei Wing.

After the flashback, the fight from the previous episode continues. Tsubasa and Chris attack each other viciously, but Chris' Nehushtan Armor has the upper hand. Out of desperation and a desire to prove her worth, Tsubasa decides to sing her superb song. Chris is chased away, badly damaged, and Hibiki is freed from a sticky Noise trap. However, the recoil from the superb song wreaks havoc on Tsubasa's body, and she falls, very nearly dead.

Later, while Tsubasa is in intensive care at the hospital, Ogawa tells Hibiki about Kanade's death, and why Tsubasa pushes herself so hard. Hearing the story makes Hibiki very emotional, and she continues to be troubled by it days later. Miku advises Hibiki to stay true to herself, no matter what, and Hibiki cheers up. Feeling motivated, she asks Genjuro to train her in martial arts. After this, the credits roll with images showing Hibiki training and thinking of visiting Tsubasa and telling her how better she has become.

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