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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateMarch 23, 2012
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"Symphogear" (シンフォギア Shinfogia?) is the twelfth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the twelfth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.



With Chris's death, Hibiki loses control of her bestial side. Will Tsubasa be able to find a way to win and save her friend?


In the aftermath of Chris' death, Miku is sad that she couldn't even say goodbye, while Genjuro thinks that in spite of how far Chris was from achieving her dream, she did so much, and wonders how far away he and everyone else must be.

Hibiki falls to her knees, talking about how many things she still wanted to do with Chris. Finé calls Chris' sacrifice worthless, causing Hibiki to become angry. Tsubasa, reminded of how Kanade had been willing to burn out her own life, asks Finé what right she has to call Chris' sacrifice worthless, only to be cut off by Hibiki as she enters her berserker state.

Miku and Yumi are shocked to see their friend like this. As Tsubasa tries to get through to Hibiki, Finé mentions how the Gungnir fragments in Hibiki's body are going berserk. This causes Tsubasa to realize that Finé knew that this would happen.

Tsubasa asks Finé if she had been experimenting on Hibiki, and Finé says it wasn't just Hibiki, but also Kanade. Hibiki then attacks, only for Finé to use the chains on the Nehushtan Armor to repel her, commenting that Hibiki is no longer human, but rage incarnate.

Hibiki attacks again. Finé raises Asgard, only for Hibiki to break through it and land a direct hit. The attack causes Finé to receive injuries that would be fatal to a normal human, but she only grins, not appearing to be even slightly bothered. Tsubasa once again pleads for Hibiki to stop, only for Hibiki to attack her instead.

Miku asks Hibiki what's wrong, and Yumi starts saying that it's all over. Miku says that it's not over, and that Hibiki is protecting them, only for Yumi to cut her off and ask if Hibiki looks like she's protecting anything. Miku responds by saying that she believes in Hibiki, but Yumi says that while she also wants to believe, in their current situation, she is too scared to believe, falling to her knees and asking Hibiki to save them.

As Hibiki pauses in her attacks on Tsubasa, Finé's body regenerates from the damage she took as she mockingly asks Tsubasa how it feels to fight Hibiki, and that wasn't it what Tsubasa wanted in the first place. Tsubasa notes that Finé is no longer human, and Finé admits to having merged with the Nehushtan Armor and its regenerative capabilities.

Just then, the Kadingir starts charging up for another shot. Finé's response to Tsubasa's surprised reaction is to say that the Kadingir is the ultimate weapon, and naturally wouldn't be limited to just one shot. After all, it has the Durandal as a core, and the Durandal has limitless power. However, Tsubasa is quick to point out one flaw: If she can cut Finé down, she won't be able to fire the Kadingir.

As Hibiki prepares to attack again, Tsubasa says that she will stop the Kadingir. She then plants her sword in the ground as Hibiki attacks, and instead of trying to block the attack, she grabs Hibiki in a hug. She then tells Hibiki that her power is one that's meant to bring people together as she summons a dagger and uses it to perform Shadow Weaving, halting Hibiki's movements. After asking Hibiki not to use the power she received from Kanade that way, she prepares to confront Finé.

Tsubasa apologizes for the wait, and Finé responds by asking Tsubasa if she will be a sword to the end. Tsubasa responds by saying that it will end, and after this day she will show the world that she can sing on places other than the battlefield. Finé responds by saying that the world will never accept a sword as a human, and the battle begins.

Tsubasa parries Finé's chains with Wight Slayer and uses Azure Flash. Their attacks collide, and Finé tries again with both chains, only for Tsubasa to slip between them and land a direct hit, knocking Finé into the side of the Kadingir. Tsubasa then uses Heaven's Wrath, only for Finé to use multiple layers of Asgard to block.

However, this turns out to be exactly what Tsubasa had hoped would happen, as she leaps off of the large sword and uses Soaring Phoenix to attack not Finé, but the Kadingir itself. However, Finé responds by landing a direct hit with her chains. As Tsubasa's flight comes to a stop, she wonders if she has failed, only to once again hear Kanade's voice. Kanade reminds Tsubasa that as Zwei Wing, they can fly to the ends of the earth. With that, Tsubasa resumes her attack, ramming into the side of the Kadingir and destroying it.

As Finé reacts with shock that her dream once again must be denied, the dagger immobilizing Hibiki vanishes, and her transformation comes undone. Inside the school, Sakuya says that they can detect no further reactions from Tsubasa's Ame no Habakiri. Genjuro quietly says that Tsubasa's songs have truly reached the world. Yumi says that she doesn't understand why they fight so hard and endure so much pain, and wonders if they wish to die. Miku simply asks Yumi if she doesn't really understand.

Finé angrily declares that if she had succeeded in destroying the Moon, the curse of Balal would have been lifted, and at the same time gravitational shockwaves would have damaged the Earth. As the people panicked from the natural disasters, they would seek a leader, and who better to lead them than one who possesses the power of a complete Relic? She then reiterates her belief that pain is the one thing that binds people, and focuses her anger on Hibiki, the only remaining enemy who dared stand in her way.

Finé does admit that Hibiki was useful, since her fusion with the Gungnir was what inspired Finé to fuse herself with the Nehushtan Armor. Hibiki is in no condition to respond, asking herself what she has been fighting for.

Meanwhile, survivors from nearby shelters are escorted to the remains of the school, including the little girl. The Little Girl, recognizing Hibiki on the screen of the computer, points her out to her mother, and when her mother is asked if they knew Hibiki, she says that while she can't go into details, Hibiki had saved her daughter's life without regard for her own safety, and that she's sure Hibiki has saved many more people just like that. This causes Yumi to realize what makes Hibiki and the others fight so hard, even though it might cost them their lives.

The Little Girl asks if there's anything they can do to help Hibiki, only for Shiori to say that there's nothing they can do to help. The Little Girl simply asks if they can at least cheer her on, and while Sakuya's response is that they can't, Miku joins in, asking if they can at least let Hibiki know that they're safe. Sakuya responds by saying that if the school's facilities are operational, they can do that.

Finé quietly tells Hibiki about her past as a priestess of God, and how she tried to have the Tower of Babel built so she could tell God how much she loved him. She tells the tale of how her tower was reduced to dust, and the common language that she could have used to tell God how much she loved him was stolen from humanity. After hearing that Finé had struggled for millions of years to dispel the curse, Hibiki tries to say something, only for Finé to interrupt in anger, believing she was about to be told she was wrong.

Inside the school, Shinji has led Miku and her friends to a small vent. The switchboard that can restore power to the school's facilities is on the other side. When Miku notes that the hole is too small for Shinji to fit through, Yumi says that while an adult might not be able to fit through, she can, and that in an anime this would be the time when the small-bodied character gets the spotlight. Miku says that that's only in anime, but Yumi asks what's wrong with using anime as an example, saying that if she couldn't at least do that, she'd be worse than an anime character, and that she couldn't call herself Hibiki's friend otherwise. Shiori agrees, and says that she'll help out. Kuriyo agrees, saying that if Hibiki's giving it her all, her friends should do the same. The four girls then proceed to crawl through the hole, and manage to flip the switch by working together, restoring power to the school network.

Finé says to Hibiki that the greatest flaw to the Symphogear system is the recoil damage that the Superb Song causes the user to suffer, and that as a researcher she is curious about how much a human-Relic fusion like Hibiki could withstand the damage, but since she has also fused with a Relic, she feels that the world needs only her to stand as its ruler. She then prepares to deliver the finishing blow, but is interrupted by the Lydian Private Music Academy Anthem being sung by all of the survivors in the school. Finé feels that the song being played over the school's communications systems is irritating, and wonders where it's coming from, only to realize that it's producing phonic gain.

As the sun rises, Hibiki is glad to hear that her friends are all right, and declares that as long as they're singing by her side, she can keep singing. She can keep going. She can fight! Her body erupts with energy that pushes Finé back as she starts to transform. Finé is surprised that she can keep going, and asks where Hibiki draws the strength to stand, and what gives her the power to fight. She then asks if it was that song, and asks what armor Hibiki is clad in. Her heart was broken, so what is Hibiki using? Something that Finé herself created?

Three pillars of light appear. An orange light is produced by Hibiki's Gungnir. A blue light, thought to be lost, starts shining within the ruins of the Kadingir. And a red light, one that was thought to have burned itself out, starts shining from within the forest. Tsubasa and Chris have been revived! As the three of them finish transforming, unlocking a new power in the process, Hibiki answers by yelling a single word: "SYMPHOGEAR!!!!"

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  • This episode marks the debut of the X-Drive.


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