Shoot the Moon
Chris Zesshou

RomajiTsuki wo Ugatsu
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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateMarch 16, 2012
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EndingMeteor Light
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"Shoot the Moon" (月を穿つ Tsuki wo Ugatsu?) is the eleventh episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the eleventh episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.



Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris confronts with Ryōko, who revealed herself as Finé. The girls must find a way to stop Finé and her ultimate weapon: Kadingir, before she destroys the moon.


The academy is under Noise attack. As the other students are evacuating to the shelter, Miku runs off to make sure nobody has been left behind, but not before telling her friends to evacuate as well. Suddenly, Yumi, Kuriyo, and Shiori have all witnessed one of the soldiers being killed by a Noise, causing Yumi to scream in panic.

Later, as Miku witnessed the destruction of the academy, she was ambushed by the Noise, until Shinji saves her at the last minute. They have managed to run away from the Noise by going to the elevator that leads them to the underground.

As Shinji is informing Genjuro that they have identified the Kadingir, Finé suddenly appeared out of nowhere to strangle Shinji. Finé was impressed that Shinji figured out that it was her who built the Kadingir underground without anyone noticing it. As they finally reached to the bottom, Shinji shot Finé, but to no avail as she regenerated with her Nehushtan armor. As Finé is strangling Shinji, he told Miku to run away. However, instead of running away, Miku pushed Finé, forcing her to let go of the unconsious Shinji. Finé heard so much about Miku and noticed that she was trying to protect the people who "used" her. Miku still believed in her friends for putting their lives on the line for the others. This causes Finé to slap Miku, twice, making her fall unconsious.

Just as Finé is about to scan the door with Shinji's device, Shinji got up and destroyed his own device by shooting it in order to prevent her from getting any closer to Durandal. When Shinji and Finé are about to fight, Genjuro appeared from the ceiling by calling Finé "Ryōko", as he already knew who she was. Genjuro revealed that with the help of his American neighbors, they knew about her secret operation. When the fight between Genjuro and Finé began, he gains the upper hand by punching her with his incredible power, making her fall to the ground. In fact, Genjuro is so powerful he can crack her armor and he kicked a rock at her Solomon's Cane to prevent her from summoning Noise. Just when Genjuro is about to finish her off, Finé switched to Ryōko's personality, and as Genjuro witnessed Ryōko's face, Finé caught him off-guard and impaled him. With Genjuro severely wounded, Finé took his device and scanned the door to open as she finally got in to the room where Durandal is being kept. Finé will now activate the Durandal.

Back at Section Two, as Aoi, Sakuya, and the others are watching the the girls destroying the army of Noise by a monitor, Shinji and Miku returned with the wounded Genjuro. As Aoi treated Genjuro's wounds, Shinji informed the others that it was Ryōko who was after Durandal. When Shinji managed to contact Hibiki, Miku informed her that the school was under Noise attack. But all of the sudden, there was an interference with the system, cutting the contact with Hibiki. Sakuya knew that it was Ryōko's doing, and Miku is now more worried about Hibiki. Genjuro regained consciousness, but Aoi informed him that the systems are offline.

As night falls, Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris returned to the remains of Lydian Academy. Suddenly, they witnessed Ryōko on the top. Chris already knew that it was Finé who not only disguised herself as Ryōko, but she also the cause of the destruction of the academy. Afterwards, Finé revealed her true self, much to Hibiki's shock.

Back on the underground, Genjuro knew that Ryōko has been pulling all the strings, about the assassination of the Defense Minister, the scheme to get a hold of Durandal, and the tower of Kadingir build secretly underground. Genjuro couldn't believe that Ryōko would betray him and Section Two.

Back outside, Hibiki can't believe that Ryōko is Finé, in fact, she denies it. Finé revealed that Ryōko's consciousness died 12 years ago and that she is the one who sealed her consciousness within her genes. In a flashback, when Tsubasa accidentally awakened the Heavenrand by singing, Finé awoke within Ryōko. However, she is not the only one to have awoken as Finé. She then mocked Tsubasa by saying that a Symphogear is merely a "toy", which outrages Tsubasa for the fact that Finé's charade cost Kanade her life. Finé also revealed that she only found Chris and worked with the Americans for the Kadingir.

Suddenly, an earthquake occurred underground, but, that is no earthquake, it is the rise of Kadingir. The girls have witnessed Kadingir, the ion cannon that can reach beyond the sky. Finé explained that Kadingir will "unite the world" by piercing the moon. The reason why she was going to do that is that she simply want to reach "him", a deity that pushed her down because he would never allow a human to be on the same level as him. Outraged, she blamed the moon to be the key to their separation. If she can destroy the moon, then Finé will free mankind from the "curse". As Finé is powering up the Kadingir, Chris objects to Finé's speech, saying that Finé was only going to rule the world. After their transformation, Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris began fighting against Finé.

Back on the shelter, Miku have reunited with her friends, and according to Sakuya, the terminal is operational. Genjuro explained to Miku's friends that they specialize in handling disasters such as that. Sakuya then have managed to reactivate the monitor and it shows the fight between the girls and Finé. Yumi still complains that it's like they're really in an anime, and Miku apologizes for not revealing who Hibiki was sooner.

The fight continues, and as Hibiki and Tsubasa are fighting against Finé, Chris managed to distract Finé and fired her homing missile at her, but Finé destroyed that missile to protect Kadingir. However, Finé was not aware that Chris fired another missile straight up into space, and Chris is riding on it. Unfortunately, Kadingir has now targeted the moon and it is ready to fire. Suddenly, Chris began singing her superb song in hopes to protect the moon from the blast of Kadingir. Chris and Kadingir fired their respective blasts at each other. However, because she sang the superb song, Chris is bleeding from her mouth and her armor is starting to break. During her last moment, Chris admitted that she had always loved her parents and that she wants to bring peace to the world with her song. The beam from Kadingir outmatched Chris' beam as she gets hit by it.

Fortunately, the moon was not completely destroyed, there was only a chunk of the moon that was blown off. Finé is shocked that Chris managed to protect the moon. Hibiki and Tsubasa then witnessed Chris falling down from the sky, and in the shelter, Genjuro, Miku, and the rest have all watched it as well. Chris Yukine sacrificed herself, and because of Chris' apparent death, Hibiki is shocked and she screamed in agony.

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