What Only Clasped Hands Can Create
Chris becomes friends with Tsubasa and Hibiki

RomajiTsunaida Te Dake ga Tsumugu Mono
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SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear

Air DateMarch 9, 2012
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EndingMeteor Light
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"What Only Clasped Hands Can Create" (繋いだ手だけが紡ぐもの Tsunaida Te Dake ga Tsumugu Mono?) is the tenth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime. It is also the tenth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear.




It starts with a group of soldiers gathered around the building that Finé has bee seen using as her base, preparing to strike. They strike and shoot, not Finé, but Ryōko Sakurai, who was in front of the computer researching the Relics.

Using astonishingly bad English, the team's leader tells Ryōko that she has been too self-centered, and that they (the Americans) now have all the data on the Holy Relics. Ryōko comments on the nerve they have, showing up to kill her now that they don't need her anymore. In response, the team leader kicks her. Just then, her hand over her wound starts glowing, and she tells the soldiers that she knows that they're not the only ones who found that place, so they can all just die like US scum monkeys. She then gets up, saying that it's just a childish Uncle Sam who hasn't even looked at the depths of the Black Arts. Could she really be...

The team leader gives the order to fire, and they all fire their rifles. Blood flies through the air, but we don't know who's blood it was.

At Lydian Private Music Academy, Hibiki and Miku are leaving class. While they're walking through the hall, Hibiki starts humming the Shiritsu Lydian Ongakuin Kōka, causing Miku to ask what's up. Hibiki responds by just saying that hearing the song makes her feel safe. It makes her feel like she can relax, knowing everyone's there with her. She really feels at home there, even though it's only been two months. This causes Miku to mention that quite a lot has happened during those two months, which Hibiki admits is true.

At Finé's house, Chris comes running in, and gasps at the scene of carnage. All of the soldiers have been killed. As she wonders what could have happened, she hears the sound of footsteps from the door, and turns to see Genjūrō. As she protests that it wasn't her, a team led by Shinji moves into the room, but seems to ignore her. Genjūrō walks up to her and pats her on the head, telling her that they know she's not behind this. It was done by someone who had been with her, and with Section Two, since the very beginning.

One of the operatives finds a note saying "I LOVE YOU SAYONARA" written in blood, stuck to one of the soldiers. After pointing it out to Genjūrō, the soldier removes the note. This has the effect of setting off an invisible trip wire, causing bombs to go off! However, the operatives come out with little more than a few scrapes, and Genjūrō has nonchalantly caught a large piece of rubble that would have otherwise hurt him and Chris. Chris asks what the hell that was, and he responds that he used a martial arts technique to neutralize the explosion.

Chris, however, says that's not what she meant. She means why does he, someone who doesn't even have a Gear, keep protecting her? Genjūrō says whether he has a Gear or not is irrelevant. He does this because he is still an adult compared to Chris. Chris responds by saying that she hates adults, and she hates her dead parents most of all. She says she's nothing like those idealistic cowards who tried to rescue refugees from a guerrilla war and save the world with the power of song. Any adult worth a damn wouldn't waste their time on such wishful thinking, and that if you want to end war, the only way that makes sense would be to beat the shit out of anyone who even thinks about fighting!

Genjūrō asks her if that's what she truly believes, and offers a counterargument: Could Chris really put an end to every war that way? Chris tries to come up with an answer, but Genjūrō refutes her argument about adults and their wishful thinking, saying it is because they are adults that they can have their own dreams and ideals. When you become an adult, you grow up and become stronger. You might even find you have a bit of spare cash on the side, too. But more importantly, once you're an adult, you get the chance to take all those crazy dreams you had as a kid, and make them real. And your dreams and ambitions become more important than ever. He then refutes Chris's line about her parents going into war because of wishful thinking, asking another question: Didn't they throw themselves into that hell so they could realize their dream of changing the world for the better with their songs? They wanted to show Chris the unyielding truth that dreams can be fulfilled, and though Chris said that she hated them, he's sure her parents loved her more than anything else in the world. Overwhelmed by her emotions, Chris starts crying as Genjūrō hugs her.

Afterwards, Chris says she really can't go with Section Two. Genjūrō simply tells her that she's not as alone as she thinks she is. Even if she chooses to walk her own path, their paths will meet sooner than she thinks. Chris can't believe he thinks former enemies could join each other just like that, and says it's pretty idealistic coming from an adult who knows how harsh the world is. Genjūrō simply says that Chris is a difficult one, and throws her a communicator. Before taking off, he tells her that she can also use it to ride public transport and buy things from vending machines, up to a certain limit. Chris responds by telling Genjūrō about the name Kadingir, saying that Finé mentioned it. Chris doesn't know what it is, but Finé said it was complete. Genjūrō says if that's the case, they don't have a moment to lose, and they must strike first.

Back at Section Two, Genjūrō lets Tsubasa and Hibiki know that they have a lead, and asks about Ryōko. Aoi responds by saying they haven't been able to contact her since that morning. Hibiki says Ryōko will by all right, saying that if anything happens, she can go all "Bang! Boom!" like she did when she protected Hibiki. Tsubasa, however, says that Ryōko has not had any combat training, and she doubts their chief scientist could do anything like that. Hibiki is sure, however, that like the Commander, Ryōko has crazy supernatural abilities.

Further discussion is interrupted by a call on the communications systems. It's Ryōko, although it's voice only. She says she overslept, and then her communicator started acting up. This causes Genjūrō to become suspicious. However, he simply asks if she's all right, and if there are any problems on her end. Her response is that besides oversleeping, she missed the garbage duty, but that's about it. Did something happen? Genjūrō says that there's something he wants to talk about, and asks her what Kadingir is. Ryōko, who is currently in a building stairway, holding her bloody side in a sitting position with her back against the door, says Kadingir is an ancient Sumerian word that refers to a divine existence. In other words, a tower that reaches for the heavens. Genjūrō asks if they would have noticed if such a tower existed, causing Hibiki to note that he raises a good point. However, Genjūrō says, they now have the enemy right where they want them. If they can gather more intelligence, their victory is assured. They just need to strike at the smallest gap in their enemy's defenses. They will not miss their chance to land the finishing blow! Hibiki and Tsubasa say they understand and cut off communications, and Ryōko says she has a few things she needs to take care of on her end, and she'll be right over afterwards.

Hibiki talks about the meaning of Kadingir with Miku. Miku says she tried looking it up on the Internet, but all she got were game walkthroughs.

Over at Section Two headquarters, Genjūrō says he doesn't care how small or unimportant it is. He wants every piece of information about Kadingir gathered. However, just then the Noise alarm goes off. Sakuya says they've detected three, no four massive flying Noise! Tsubasa gets the message and heads out, with Shinji passing her bike helmet to her. Hibiki tells Miku that she and Tsubasa will do something about it, so Miku should head back to Lydian. That way, if worse comes to worse, Miku can help evacuate everyone to the underground shelter beneath the school. Hibiki apologizes for getting Miku mixed up in all this, but Miku says it's okay, because she got into it herself, and no matter how far away Hibiki travels, Lydian's a place she can always call home. Thinking of it that way makes Miku want to protect it as well. So Hibiki should go do what she needs to do, and Miku will become just as strong as Hibiki to protect what's important to her. Hibiki says that Miku is the sunshine that warms her up! She's drawn to Miku's side, because it's the warmest spot she knows. That's how it has always been, and that's how it will continue to be. So she'll return to Miku, no matter what! After all, they promised to watch the shooting stars together!

While Hibiki and Tsubasa are en route, Genjūrō tells them the latest movements of the Noise, with Sakuya pointing out that they're all converging on Tokyo Sky Tower. This causes them to wonder if the Sky Tower might be the Kadingir. However, Genjūrō points out that the Sky Tower serves as a central communications node for all of their communications, so Hibiki and Tsubasa need to hurry! As they speed up, he thinks to himself that they can't ignore it, even if it is a trap. Hibiki wonders how she'll get to the Sky Tower, only for a helicopter to arrive as Genjūrō points out that overcoming helpless situations like that is their job! Meanwhile, Shinji removes his glasses, indicating that he's about to get serious, before getting in the car and driving off somewhere.

As the large flying Noise start circling the Sky Tower, they all release a bunch of smaller Noise. Hibiki's helicopter arrives above one of them, and she leaps off, transforming in midair and destroying the Noise with an attack from above! Tsubasa arrives and leaps off her motorcycle as she transforms, then uses an Azure Flash that destroys a bunch of smaller Noise, but falls short of reaching one of the larger Noise. She points out that the enemy seems to have the upper hand, causing Hibiki to ask if they can't use the helicopters. However, that idea is quickly scrapped as the Noise fire on the helicopter that Hibiki used, destroying it. After a short time fighting the smaller Noise, Hibiki asks how they're supposed to deal with Noise that can fly. Tsubasa tells Hibiki not to lose her focus, for if the sentinels fall, the enemy lines will breach the country's borders.

Some more flying Noise close in, but are suddenly struck down by a hail of gunfire! It's Chris! She says that since the communicator wouldn't stop screeching like a stuck pig, she figured this might at least shut it up! Hibiki and Tsubasa better not get the wrong idea! It's not like Chris wanted to help them or anything! However, Genjūrō embarrasses her by apologizing over her communicator that the help arrived a little late, and that Chris, the bearer of the second Relic Ichaival, was said help. This causes to hug Chris, thanking her and saying she knew Chris would join them sooner or later! Chris asks if Hibiki even heard what she said.

Tsubasa points out for the time being, they should focus on dealing with the Noise. Finally breaking free of Hibiki's hug, Chris says that she'll handle it herself! Hibiki and Tsubasa should just stay out of her way! As she starts singing, Tsubasa suggests leaving the airborne Noise to Chris for now. They'll handle the ones on the ground.

However, during the fight, Tsubasa leaps onto the roof that Chris is standing on, and accidentally bumps into Chris. Chris tells Tsubasa to get out of her way. Tsubasa tells Chris to come to her senses. Does she wish to fight alone? Chris says she's always alone. Did she miss the part where they became best friends? They might not have any reason to fight each other, but they also don't have any reason not to fight! They might as well keep going like before! They can't expect people to just -

Hibiki simply takes Chris's hand and says that they can! They can settle their differences with anyone. She then takes Tsubasa's hand and says that all this time, she wondered why she didn't have an Armed Gear. She always thought it sucked to be just half a fighter all the time. But not anymore. It's because she's not holding any weapons that she can hold their hands like this instead. She can be friends with both of them! Touched by this, Tsubasa sticks her sword in the rooftop and holds out her hand to Chris. Blushing, Chris takes the offered hand, then immediately pulls away, asking if Hibiki's idiocy is contagious? Tsubasa says it looks that way, and it looks like Chris has caught it too.

A shadow cast by one of the large flying noise brings their attention back to the current problem. Tsubasa points out that until the big ones are taken care of, there will be no end to them. Chris says she has an idea, something only she can do. Ichaival's specialty is long-range, wide-area artillery. Chris will blow them to pieces! Hibiki asks if Chris is going to sing her Superb Song, but Chris says not to be stupid. There's no way she'd throw away her life that lightly! Tsubasa asks how Chris intends to do it. Chris says she'll raise the energy output of her Gear, but suppress the actual release. After overloading it with energy until it goes critical, she'll release it all at once. Tsubasa points out that Chris will be defenseless while she charges. It's too dangerous against this many opponents. Hibiki says that that's true. But, all that means is that she and Tsubasa will have to to protect Chris!

As Hibiki and Tsubasa start fighting the Noise on the ground, Chris thinks that she never asked for this, but she can't back out now. While Chris starts singing about how she feels, Hibiki thinks that everyone has hands that they can hold. She fights by holding others' hands! Tsubasa muses that the power to smash things up, or to bind them together... That Armed Gear is very much like Hibiki.

Fully charged up, Chris fires her Mega Deth Quartet on the flying Noise! They don't stand a chance against four large missiles, a Billion Maiden, and an uncountable number of Mega Deth Party missiles, and they all are blown to smithereens just as Tsubasa takes out the last Noise on the ground!

Afterwards, Hibiki gives Chris another hug, thanking Chris for helping them out while Chris tells Hibiki to knock it off. They undo their transformations, and it's back to more hugs from HIbiki! After breaking free again, Chris tells Hibiki and Tsubasa that she's not their comrade or anything! She just wants to settle things with Finé and make her new dream come true. Hibiki asks Chris what her dream is, giving her yet another hug in the process. Chris tells Hibiki to cut it out already, saying she's hopeless! Just then, Hibiki gets a phone call from Miku. It gets cut off after a few sentences, but they hear enough. Lydian is under attack by the Noise!

Chris' Full Power

Chris' Full Power

Chris raises Ichavial's energy output to it's maximum and uses Mega Deth Quartet and Billion Maiden against the Noise.

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  • It is hinted that Ryōko Sakurai and Finé might be one and the same.
  • Chris works together with Tsubasa and Hibiki for the first time.


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