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Elsa Bête
Elsa Concept Art.png
Kanji エルザ・ベート

Romaji Eruza Bēto
Character Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Nationality French[1]
Hair Color Light Pink
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Theme Color Cobalt[2]
Affiliation Noble Red
Anime XV Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Kana Ichinose

Elsa Bête (エルザ・ベート Eruza Bēto?) is a member of the remnant group Noble Red, split off from the Bavarian Illuminati.


  • 'Elsa' is derived from 'Elizabeth', which means roughly 'I have pledged my oath to God'.
  • 'Bête' means 'beast' in French. It additionally references the Beast of Gévaudan (French: La Bête du Gévaudan). This beast is a man-eating werewolf that terrorized the former province of Gévaudan (modern-day département of Lozère and part of Haute-Loire), in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France between 1764 and 1767.


Despite being the most junior of Noble Red, Elsa is considered to be a notable genius and reliable organizer. She shows more respect towards her opponents than Vanessa or Millaarc, but Elsa is nonetheless willing to prioritize her and Noble Red's goals over the welfare of innocents.

Elsa has a verbal tic of ending most of her sentences with "de arimasu" (であります? lit. "this/that is" or "to be").


Elsa hails from Lozère, France. She was confined and subjected to physical and sexual abuse[Notes 1] by close relatives. At some point, she came under possession of the Bavarian Illuminati as an experimental specimen by unknown means.

The Illuminati's experiments amplified Elsa's neural system, allowing her great reaction speed and parallel processing beyond the ability of average humans. DNA sequences were taken from various animals to reduce the strain on Elsa's body, giving her bestial characteristics and feral instincts. Elsa is not as good in physical combat or prowess compared to her colleagues Vanessa and Millaarc, but she excels in quick-witted and flexible thinking.[3]

Despite these changes, Elsa was deemed as a worthless failure of a test subject by the Illuminati, similar to her companion Millaarc Cranstoun. During Elsa's time as an experimental subject, she met Millaarc and Vanessa Diodati.

After the collapse of the Bavarian Illuminati following Adam Weishaupt's death, Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa escaped their confinement. They met Fudo Kazanari, who gave them protection in exchange for cooperating with his plans, and became the remnant group Noble Red.


Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

Image Description
Elsa wolf ears.png Sharp Senses
Elsa seems able to hide her wolf ears in her hair, but they appear to perk up when she is agitated. It also helps her to sense enemies around her.

To keep in top form, Elsa requires a steady supply of blood — specifically, blood of the rare type RH-Xxoyle, which is only found in one out of roughly a million people. See Panacea Formula for more details.

Elsa rolling case.png Elsa Tail 1.png

Elsa Tail 2.png Elsa Tail 3.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Impact Claw
(インパクトクロー Inpakuto Kurō?)[4]
The bestial features Elsa was implanted with allow her to strengthen her nervous system as an element of her fighting style. In addition, she is able to attach various tails and similar devices into a socket at her hip, which she uses as her primary form to attack. She carries these devices around in a rolling case.

Image Description

Elsa Multiple Tail 1.jpg Elsa Multiple Tail 2.jpg

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Enhanced Nervous System
After being killed and revived by Shem-Ha, Elsa has become a complete wolf/beast and no longer rely on Panacea Formula. She can now attach multiple tails at once to perform consecutive attacks with those tails.

Elsa Full Transformation into Metal Wolf 1.jpg Elsa Full Transformation into Metal Wolf 2.jpg

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
V-Combine Claw.png
V-Combine Claw
(Vコンバインクロー V Konbain Kurō?)[4]
By combining the tails into one form, she able to transformed into a Metal Wolf and perform spinning shield and consecutive attacks on both Kirika and Shirabe.

Image Description
Tornado Fang.gif Tornado Fang
(トルネードファング Torunēdo Fangu?)


  • "We've always, always been surrounded by walls, excluded from the human race. Used, betrayed... But still...we believed that someday we could find a way to bury this loneliness... If I'm going to end up as a monster... It would've been better if I never knew kindness!"



  • The official spelling of Elsa's full name can be briefly seen on a computer screen during XV Episode 3.
    • Despite this and the official romanization on the XV website, Crunchyroll has translated her first name as both 'Eliza' and 'Elza'.


  1. Symphogear XV Keyword #28: Elsa
  2. Based on a cut from the XV OP animation
  3. Symphogear XV Keyword #28: Elsa
  4. 4.0 4.1 While not named in the anime, it was named in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.
  1. '暴行', the term used to describe her abuse, means both physical violence or rape/sexual assault

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