Elements Garden (エレメンツガーデン Erementsu Gāden?), also known as EleGa (エレガ Erega?) for short, is the name of a Japanese music production group belonging to Aria Entertainment, Inc. They are the creators and producers of essentially all the music in the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. Elements Garden have also done work for various other video games and anime.

Elements Garden was founded in 2004. It is led and represented by Noriyasu Agematsu, who is also one of the co-creators of Symphogear alongside script writer/supervisor Akifumi Kaneko.

List of Members


  • Noriyasu Agematsu (Founding member)
  • Junpei Fujita (Founding member)
  • Hitoshi Fujima (Founding member)
  • Daisuke Kikuta (Founding member)
  • Seima Iwahashi (Joined in 2011)
  • Ryūtarō Fujinaga (Joined in 2014)
  • Yuma Hirata (Joined in 2015)
  • Ryōta Tomaru (Joined in 2015)
  • Asuka Oda (Joined in 2016)
  • Yūta Kasai (Joined in 2016)
  • Yūsuke Takeda (Joined in 2017)


  • Yasutomo Nakai (2005–2006)
  • Masato Nakayama (2007–2013)
  • Evan Call (2012–2016)
  • Tomohiro Kita (2011–2016)
  • Haruki Mori (2009–2018)
  • Ryōta Suemasu (2014–2019)

Song Contributions

Noriyasu Agematsu

See: Noriyasu Agematsu

Junpei Fujita

藤田 淳平 Fujita Junpei

Composed and arranged each Symphogear ending theme, and contributed to a majority of the soundtrack BGM across the series.

Hitoshi Fujima

藤間 仁 Fujima Hitoshi

Contributed to a majority of the soundtrack BGM series-wide.

Daisuke Kikuta

菊田 大介 Kikuta Daisuke

Seima Iwahashi

岩橋 星実 Iwahashi Seima

Masato Nakayama

中山 真斗 Nakayama Masato

Evan Call

Contributed to a majority of the BGM for G and GX.

Tomohiro Kita

喜多 智弘 Kita Tomohiro

Ryōta Suemasu

末益 涼太 Suemasu Ryōta

Haruki Mori

母里 治樹 Mori Haruki

Ryūtarō Fujinaga

藤永 龍太郎 Fujinaga Ryūtarō

Ryōta Tomaru

都丸 椋太 Tomaru Ryōta

Yūta Kasai

笠井 雄太 Kasai Yūta

Has contributed to at least one piece of BGM for XD Unlimited.

Yūsuke Takeda

竹田 祐介 Takeda Yūsuke

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