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The Elekleid (エレクライト Erekuraito?) is a combat powered suit made by Nikola Tesla with the help from Starlit. Elekleid users are called Blitzer (ブリッツァー Burittsā?).


Hibiki (Another) opening portal

As mentioned by Lala, Elekleids are the peak science, they can take light, heat, vibrations and the like into themselves and convert it all to electrical energy. They can even amplify it. This also means Blitzer shouldn't use them in some situations, like underwater or in storm clouds because the electricity spread everywhere and becomes hard to control. They will also exhaust the user and using them for a long time without breaks is reckless. It also has nullifying function for Phase Contrast Barrier and can be used to combat Noise. This function was added by Starlit when she researched about Symphogear system. Another function of Elekleid is it allows the user to travel multiverse by opening a portal.

Symphonic Drive

A failsafe added to the Elekleid systems by Starlit, which functioned as a last resort against Tesla's World System. It can only be activated by song, and is revealed in the Lost Song Finale. The Symphonic Drive is a combination of the Elekleid and a Symphogear.


Elekleid Bracelet

In order to activate the Elekleid armor, the user must chant a command "Elekleid! Switch On!". The armor pieces were summoned from the user's bracelet known as Transformer Coil (トランスコイル Toransu Koiru?) before they formed into a complete armor, successfully accessed the transformation.

In order to activate finishing attack, the user will chant a command "Alternator, Full Drive!".

In order to activate Symphonic Drive, the user must chant a command "Elekleid, Symphonic Drive!".

Model Name

Elekleid Model Name User Type
Elekleid Neun
Erekuraito Noin
Lala Long range combat
Elekleid Zechs
Erekuraito Zekusu
Forte Pure attack power
Elekleid Drei
Erekuraito Dorai
Hibiki Tachibana (Another) (Current)
Starlit (Former)
High speed
Elekleid Weltraum
Erekuraito Verutoraomu
Nikola Tesla


Elekleid Users
StarlitElekleidAv.jpg LalaElekleidAv.png ForteElekleidAv.png HibikiAnotherAvElekleid.jpg

NikolaElekleidAv1.png NikolaElekleidAv2.png

Hibiki Tachibana (Another)
Nikola Tesla



  • The naming of Elekleid is based on Tesla's 3 favorite numbers.
    • Elekleid Neun: Neun (ノイン Noin?) - The term refers to 9.
    • Elekleid Zechs: Zechs (ゼクス Zekusu?) - The term refers to 6.
    • Elekleid Drei: Drei (ドライ Dorai?) - The term refers to 3.

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