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The Electromicroscope Beatrice (電界顕微観測鏡 Beatrice Denkai kenbi kansoku-kyō Beatrice?)[1] is a mind transfer machine used by Elfnein to enter Maria's memories to search for the final key in finishing the LiNKER formula. It uses the Direct Feedback System.[2]

In Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear AXZ, it is shown that Elfnein uses her free time to try and "revive" Carol by using Dr. Ver's direct feedback system to scan her memories for fragments of her memories. She calls Carol the friend she longs to see the most.

In XV, it is revealed that while Elfnein used the Electromicroscope Beatrice to examine her brains internal storage, Carol repeatedly copy-pasted the fragments of memories she was able to pick up and alchemically rebuild a stable pseudo-personality. She was able to revive her consciousness in the body she gave to Elfnein, and now currently shares a single body with her. When Vanessa about to give Elfnein one last kick, the desire to pay back the kindness and help given by the Autoscorer to Elfnein, gave her the ability to switch position with Carol, allowing Carol to battle against Noble Red.[3]



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