The Early Silhouette (アーリーシルエット Ārī Shiruetto?) is a technique used by Tsubasa Kazanari.


Early Silhouette

With numerous Noise still present on the battlefield and Anti-LiNKER's effects in play, Tsubasa attempted a technique that utilized breathing regulation (the zen technique "chousoku") to intentionally lower her link coefficient and equip her old gear, thereby allowing her to withstand the backfire and still be able to fight.

Compared with Chris's Armor Purge, this technique does include the ability to fight continuously however, there is still a limit to the amount of damage that Tsubasa's body can accrue before she gives out. In that respect, this technique can only be performed without making any mistakes and carries and equally high risk factor that makes it a big gamble for the user.

These two techniques: Chris's Armor Purge, a buckshot attack that eliminated a large number of Noise in a single blow, and the Early Silhouette, which enabled Tsubasa to access her gear and weapons, required both users to put their lives on the line. But as a result, they were able to successfully retrieve Solomon's Cane.

The Armor Purge and Early Silhouette are both special attacks that Chris and Tsubasa devised to use after suffering the effects of Anti-LiNKER the first time. They require a high level of skill and talent to be able to perform, and are perhaps the first application of the Symphogear to be considered a "underhanded trick".[1]


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