Dur da Blá
Dur da Blá

AnimeGX Episode 6
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Relic Information
UserCarol Malus Dienheim
The Dur da Blá (ダウルダブラ Daurudabura?) is a Relic that is owned by Carol Malus Dienheim.


Dur da Blá, meaning "The Oak of Two Blossoms", is a harp from Irish mythology. It is more commonly known as Uaithne, and sometimes Coir cethar chuin ("The Four Angled Music").


Dur da Blá normally appears as a harp. However, Carol, as an alchemist, can turn Dur da Blá into a Faust Robe by playing the strings of its harp.

The sound produced by the strings can not only amplify Carol's alchemic powers, but also prove incredibly flexible and useful in battle. A swing of the strings creates an intense slashing attack capable of bisecting objects, and demonstrates various capabilities in battle by changing its form. It exhibits a combat potential that does not lose out even when faced against multiple Symphogear. However, this power carries a heavy price, as she is forced to burn away her memories in order to use it.

While it initially seemed like Carol in her Faust Robe of Dur da Blá could be overpowered by the Ignite Module, it was later revealed that Carol had been deliberately holding back and allowed herself to lose. In her second battle against Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris, she came dangerously close to defeating them, even though they used the second and third phases of the Ignite Module's power.

When activating the Faust Robe, Carol can't choose the amount of memories she wants to burn; however, it's known, once activated, that Carol can burn as much memories as she likes. This is mainly shown in GX Episode 13, when Carol burns most of her memories turning her Faust Robe of Dur da Blá into a dragon-like monster. This was also the main cause of her amnesia.


Battle Songs



  • Crunchyroll and fansubs translate Dur da Blá as "Daurdabla".
  • Dur da Blá is the only relic to have a song associated with it without being used as a Symphogear.
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