Divine Power

Divine Power (神の力 Kami no Chikara?, lit. "the power of god"), is a general term referring to a mass of directionless multidimensional energy. 

It is a pure energy with no true shape or color, however, through the influence of thought, it can be reformed into a to fit a specific goal.[1]



Divine Weapon Tiki sacrificing one of its alternative selves to regenerate its hand

Divine Power not only contains the energy have the entropy density required to create entire worlds, it also boasts a quality and volume befitting of a "God." Originally colorless and pure, its form vastly differs based on its intended use. It has offensive capabilities that can overwhelm even the Symphogear system, however more than that it has the ability to offset damage done to it by sacrificing one version of itself in a parallel universe. This ability that transcends the realm of logic makes it essentially invincible and therefore is its greatest strength.[2]

There are many ways of obtaining the energy, but they all require a vessel to properly manifest. Humans can only serve as a vessel if they are free of the original sin, the Curse of Balal.


Symphogear AXZ


Saint-Germain converting human lives into Divine Power

Saint-Germain obtained Divine Power through human sacrifice and instilled it into concept of the South American god known as Yohualtepuztli. As a result, it manifested in a terrifying and monstrous form that immediately assaulted Sakuya Fujitaka and Aoi Tomosato as they performed reconnaissance. The Yohualtepuztli was destroyed by Hibiki Tachibana using Gungnir's god-slaying abilities.


Adam drawing Divine Power from the leylines of the Heavens

Adam Weishaupt originally intended to draw it from the planets leylines but was forced to instead draw it from leylines of the stars. He used Tiki as a vessel and transformed her into a Divine Weapon, but it was destroyed by Gungnir's god-slaying abilities. The formless energy was then drawn into the nearby sinless vessel Hibiki Tachibana, transforming her into a Divine Weapon also. After she was freed by the combined efforts of the Symphogear users and Miku Kohinata, Adam captured the leftover energy in his dismembered arm, but it was once again destroyed by Gungnir, dispersing the formless Divine Power permanently.

Symphogear XV

Fudo Kazanari with the help of Noble Red, captured the Vambrace of Shem-Ha from Los Alamos National Laboratory after they gained possession of the Holy Corpse. Using Miku Kohinata as a vessel, they attempted to harness Divine Power from the vambrace.


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