Opera house

The opera house in Val Verde that is protected by the Die Spinne Barrier.

The Die Spinne Barrier (ディー・シュピネの結界 Dī Shupine no Kekkai?) is a mysterious barrier appearing in Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ.


A barrier that functions to keep people away by diverting their consciousness, making something appear as if it does not exist. It not only affects human consciousness, but also interferes with direct signals sent by machines. A location protected by this barrier is not only the safest possible place, but it is also a perfect secret "flower garden" to keep one's valuables and classified materials.[1][2] One of the many secrets Germany kept during the war, it's possible that it made its way to Japan due to their alliance with Germany.[3]


In AXZ Episode 1, the president of Val Verde and several officials escape to an opera house protected by the barrier to escape from S.O.N.G.. However, they are discovered by Saint-Germain, Cagliostro, and Prelati, who kill them and raid the storage of the opera house, where they discover Tiki.[4]

Fudo Die Spinne Barrier

In XV Episode 4, Fudo Kazanari used the Barrier to divert his consciousness so as to not burn himself from the fire and explosion caused by the Vambrace of Shem-Ha when an unknown guy try to use its power. This has been confirmed when Vanessa Diodati mentioned Die Spinne Barrier name when Fudo uses it.[5]


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