Dark Oblivion
Symphogear G Character Song 3
General Information
ArtistYōko Hikasa
Release DateAugust 7, 2013
UseG Episode 1

Dark Oblivion is a character song by Maria Cadenzavna Eve, featured in Senki Zesshō Symphogear G.

It was released on August 7, 2013 within the third G character song album.


  1. Ressō Gungnir
  2. Dark Oblivion
  3. Ressō Gungnir (Off Vocal)
  4. Dark Oblivion (Off Vocal)


No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Dark Oblivion 03:36
Dark Oblivion
02 Dark Oblivion (Off Vocal) 03:36
Dark Oblivion (off vocal)


(Lost in a world gone astray,)
(Questions, nothing left to say.)
(But still tomorrow remains, yeaaah!!)

Falling to pieces, a shattered dreamland, nothing but shadows now.
(As night stars to fall)
Open your eyes to a brand new nightmare. Try to escape, but how?
(As light wakes us all)

What does the future hold? (A fallen world once bold?)
Can we escape this cold? (Fate abandoned)
When will a new sun rise? (When will we realize?)
How many dreams must die? (We can’t turn back now.)

Entwined in darkness the light starts to fall.
Merciful gods will mean nothing at all.

Stand on hallowed ground; reflect inside. So many questions remain.
Tainted sanity preys upon us. We have to escape this pain.
(I will fly)
Stand up, stand up, come on, let’s go now.
We will never fall again.
(Not again)
Fate will never begin to bind us in dark oblivion.

Wrapped in illusion so parasitic, as this dream takes its toll.
(A flame stirs inside.)
Burning with anger, a searing passion. Helpless, we lose control.
(The fire will ignite.)

Trapped in a wicked plan. (A storm upon this land…)
No gods to lend a hand. (Darkness comes now.)
How can we stop this strife? (This wretched parasite…)
Can we retake this life? (Keep moving forward.)

Relight the torch of the fire within.
Burn through the darkness and consume the sin!

Break the cycle now; retake our lives. We must not live in regret.
Time will never wait; the clock’s ticking.
We have to make our last bet.
(It is time)
Stand up, stand up, come on, let’s go now.
No need to be so afraid.
(Don’t look back)
One dream, one life, one chance to stand strong.
One hope for all mankind.

Stand on hallowed ground; reflect inside.
So many questions remain.
Tainted sanity preys upon us. We have to escape this pain.
(Fight as one)
Stand up, stand up, come on, let’s go now.
Reclaim our lives here and now!
Fate will never begin to bind us in dark oblivion.




  • This is the only character song that is sung entirely in English.

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