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The Daedalus End (ダイダロスエンド Daidarosu Endo?) is an attack used by Noble Red.[1]


Based on the idea cemented over time in countless people that "monsters lurk within a labyrinth," comes the idea, "places where monsters lurk must be labyrinths". By reversing causality and forming a Philosophical Armament, a dungeon, Daedalus' Labyrinth, can be created.

Only usable when Vanessa Diodati, Millaarc Cranstoun, and Elsa Bête are all together and in peak form, it is Noble Red's most closely guarded secret.

They are able to construct and deconstruct conceptual boundaries A, B, and C (the roof, the floor, and the walls) at will, forming an inescapable labyrinth spanning over 380,000 kilometers that swallows their prey whole.

However, its use greatly exhausts the trio, and they are unable to maintain it for longer than ten minutes, allowing their prey to escape and exposing a simple yet fatal flaw. In an attempt to compensate for this flaw, Noble Red (particularly Elsa) began to use the labyrinth as a confined space to compress energy into as a form of attack. This technique is known as "Daedalus End".

At full power, the energy is explosive enough to destroy even the conceptual boundaries of the labyrinth. This allows the trio to far surpass their normal combat potential for a single decisive blow. In other words, Noble Red has no other attack more powerful than Daedalus End used at full power.[2]


It was first mentioned in XV Episode 3 by Millaarc Cranstoun, however due to lack of energy, they postponed the attack in order to heal themselves.[3]

The first usage was on XV Episode 4, in which Noble Red lured the Symphogear users to an empty land, exploded them with land mines before performing their attack, Daedalus End.[4]

It was used again in XV Episode 8, when Noble Red trapped Carol inside it. However, it got destroyed by her song.

The third and last use was used in XV Episode 12 to save the Symphogear users from the Moon.



  • The length of the labyrinth, 380,000km, is the length of distance between the Earth and its moon.

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