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Exterminate 06

AnimeGX Episode 3
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Relic Information

Dáinsleif (ダインスレイフ Dainsureifu?) is a Relic that is used to enable the Ignite Module function to be created. Unlike other relics, it is not used in its original form or as a Symphogear.

The sword is double-edged and only cursed melodies can activate it. Its curse amplifies the darkness that exists within the heart and causes an artificially-induced rampage.[1]


In the Skáldskaparmál, Dáinsleif was a cursed sword that was wielded by King Högni. Wounds inflicted by its blade never healed, and once it had been drawn, it could not be sheathed again until it had taken a life.



  • In the Riron Taikei fan book, a Symphogear variant of the relic is featured with Hibiki and Maria as its users.


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