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Curse of Balal

The Curse of Balal (バラルの呪詛 Bararu no Juso?), official name Network Jammer Balal (ネットワークジャマー・バラル Netowāku Jamā Bararu?), is a "curse" that hinders humanity's ability to communicate and reach mutual understanding. In the distant past the rulers of humanity, known as the Custodians, remodeled Earth's moon into a device that emitted the Curse of Balal and blocked our shared language. Ever since the loss of the unified language, humanity has suffered through numerous conflicts.[1]



Symphogear XV 11 The truth behind the Curse of Babel-0

Symphogear XV 11 The truth behind the Curse of Babel-0

The Curse of Balal's true purpose


  • The curse of balal is derived from the legend of the Tower of Babel, a tale from the Book of Genesis that attempts to explain why humans across the world speak different languages.
  • 'Balal' is a Hebrew word for 'confusion', which 'Babel' in 'Tower of Babel' is derived from.
  • The lyrics of the Superb Song appear to be referring to how Finé believed she had brought about the curse of balal, as they mention both the word 'balal', 'ziggurat' (a Mesopotamian word for a large built structure such as the Tower of Babel), and Finé's name.


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