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Chris Yukine
Kanji 雪音 クリス

Romaji Yukine Kurisu
Character Information
Age 16 (S1-G)
17 (GX-AXZ)[1][2]
18 (XV E2 onwards)[3]
Birthday December 28, 2026[1]
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Height 153cm[1] (Without heels)
Three Sizes B90/W57/H85
Blood Type A[1]
Nationality Japanese-American[4]
Hair Color Lavender or White[5]
Eye Color Purple
Relic Ichaival
Nehushtan Armor (Former)
Solomon's Cane (Temporarily)
Theme Color Lavender (Nehushtan)
Red (Ichaival)
Affiliation S.O.N.G.
Relatives Masanori Yukine (Father, †)
Sonnet M. Yukine (Mother, †)
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 3
Game Super Heroine Chronicle
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayahi Takagaki

Chris Yukine (雪音 クリス Yukine Kurisu?) is one of the six main characters of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. She is a Symphogear user who wields the Ichaival relic.

She was initially an antagonist working under the main villain, Finé, wielding the Nehushtan Armor stolen from the Zwei Wing concert two years prior to S1. During S1, Chris switches sides and joins the protagonists to work against Finé, symbolized by her change of relic from the Nehushtan Armor to the Ichaival Symphogear. By G, Chris has become a full-fledged protagonist wielding Ichaival and is working to move on from her past.


Chris (クリス Kurisu?) is a name initially deprived from a Greek word meaning "anointed" ("to rub in holy oil"). "Chris" is usually a nickname for "Christian" and its variants, but it can also work as its own name.

Yukine (雪音?) is written with the kanji for "snow" and "sound"/"music note". The choice of "snow" could potentially derive from how, in Norse mythology, the supposed wielder of Ichaival was a god of winter; while "sound"/"music note" continues the trend of music words and terms used in Symphogear characters' names.


Chris is a short girl with purple eyes and long lavender hair that falls to her knees, separated into twin-tails that further split into three curly strands each, and an ahoge.

In Season 1, She wears a maroon one-piece with a black choker, short puffy sleeves and shorts, a translucent red-violet cutout exposing some of her chest and upper back, detached long sleeves with black accents that go past her wrist, black lace trim on the end of the shorts, black stockings held up with maroon ribbon garters, and maroon t-strap heels. In the manga, this outfit lacks the translucent material in her chest and back cutouts, leaving those areas bare; her relic pendant is attached to her choker (the choker itself disconnected from her one-piece), and Chris' hair is tied with pink scrunchies. The manga also shows that the one-piece is done up at the back with a zipper.

When she was eight years old, Chris wore a pink dress with a light-pink front tied with cross-laces, short puffy sleeves, long light-pink or white sleeves, white lace-trimmed knee-high socks, and red-brown shoes. Her hair is still in twin-tails that separate slightly, but shorter and at the front of her head instead of her back, draped over her shoulders, and tied with pink bows. In the manga, this outfit is significantly different: Chris' dress buttons up at the front and has a more flared skirt with white frills, and she wears a long-sleeved white shirt with arm cuffs and a buttoned-up collar. Instead of knee-high socks, she has socks rolled up just above her foot, and she has buckle shoes instead of slip-ons.

Briefly in episode 5, Chris is seen dressed in a skin-tight leather/latex bondage outfit consisting of a black choker with a silver ring, tied at the back with a long ribbon, a black zip-up bustier that exposes her cleavage and upper back, with straps attached to the ring and belts running down her exposed stomach and back attaching to straps on her thighs, black elbow gloves, and either black or pale-purple underwear (the color changes in different shots, which was not corrected in the Blu-ray releases). The concept art shows her wearing heels with this outfit, but she is barefoot in the anime.

In G, Chris' hair color has changed to white, and she wears pink scrunchies in her hair. Her casual outfit is a low-collar, long-sleeved, and multi-layered red and maroon dress with black lace trim and puffy white shorts underneath, white thigh-highs done with red bows and garters, and red t-strap heels (similar to the ones she wore in Season 1).

In GX, Chris' casual outfit consists of a sleeveless lilac button-up shirt with frills, red shorts, black nylon thigh-highs with garters with rose buttons on them, and red high-heeled sandals. She wears a light-blue, low-collar shirt and puffy shorts with pink trim and a red bow as pajamas; while wearing these, she has her twin-tails tied together with red ribbons.


As a result of her harsh life, Chris is hot-headed, antagonistic and aggressive, quick to distrust others, especially adults, who have only ever treated her like objects. Chris wishes to bring about world peace by putting a stop to the flames of war; with Finé's manipulation, Chris initially decides to go about this by destroying everyone else with the power and will to fight,[6] and willingly cooperates with Finé in order to achieve that goal, under the false impression that Finé is working for the same goal of bring peace to the world as her. However, Chris actually hates the thought of hurting innocent people.

Though Chris is aware that Finé is only using her and openly shows resentment towards Finé for using and mistreating her like all other adults, being regularly subjected to torture and sexual abuse at Finé's hands for Finé's amusement, she still holds some affection for Finé, seeking Finé's approval and believing that Finé is the only person who understands her.[7] This is most prominently seen when Chris breaks down in tears after Finé abandons her,[8] and later openly cries after she witnesses Finé "die".[9] However, Chris' affection for Finé is largely born of Finé's isolation and grooming of Chris.

Chris claims to hate singing because of the destruction she can cause with her relic, which is why she never uses the Ichaival. The manga and season 2 further expand on this, with Chris hating singing because her song was used to activate Solomon's Cane, which Finé made frequent use of to cause death and chaos. As a result of being reached out to by Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata, and abandoned by Finé, Chris relearns how to be kind and caring, culminating in her sacrificing herself and using her once-hated singing to protect the world, following in the footsteps of her parents and the dreams they wished to fulfil when they were still alive.

After the events of season 1, though Chris is still hot-headed and rough-natured, she has become much gentler in nature, open and honest to herself and others. She gets embarrassed easily and is somewhat socially maladjusted and awkward as a result of her near-constant isolation and friendlessness since she was eight years old. Notably, Chris shows an aversion to physical displays of affection, often getting flustered and telling the people to "Do that at home", sometimes going as far as hitting them (which she has so far only done to Hibiki) to make them stop.[10] Other physical, intimate, or romantic gestures often lead to Chris getting flustered, even simple gestures such as hand-holding.[11] This is most likely a lingering aftereffect of her time in slavery and being abused by Finé.

Despite her temper and apparent impulsiveness, Chris is actually skilled at improvising on the spot and making intelligent decisions, plans, and gambits with quick thinking, acting rather than hesitating in desperate situations. However, as Chris' decisions often lead to destruction or suffering, usually unintentionally, Chris often feels guilt and responsibility for the decisions she makes; still, she tries her best to fix them, rather than run away, such as with Solomon's Cane, shooting off Stephan Virena's leg, or blaming Sonia Virena for killing her parents as a child.

Symphogear AXZ reveals that even before being enslaved as a child, Chris was quick to lash out and blame others in a situation gone wrong.[12] However, this may be simple childishness from her young age and her previous happy and sheltered life, on top of an impulsive stress reaction to a traumatic situation.

Generally speaking, Chris grew up in a situation where her relations with other people were incredibly confined. Even when compared to Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki, who grew up isolated in the F.I.S.’s orphanage, and especially when compared to girls of her same age. Due to this, Chris developed what would best be considered a type of “fear” when it came to relations with other people. She had an inclination to be incredibly cautious when around others. When she met with Hibiki and the others, they extended their hands out to her and she considers her bonds with them to be very precious. However at the same time, when Chris reached her own hand out to others, she found it very awkward, and that fact cast a shadow on her heart. In GX, with the arrival of Kirika and Shirabe, new students and new gear users younger than her, Chris found herself anguishing over a perceived need to fill the role of “a senior”, as Tsubasa Kazanari had done for her. However, thanks to Shirabe and Kirika’s efforts, Chris came to realize that being able to accept other people is a way of forming bonds with them. She lost the conditioned “fear” she had of making relationships, and the wall that isolated her from the rest of the world came tumbling down. And at the same time, she finally understood the feelings of her parents who wished for world peace through their songs.[13]

Though Chris is a latecomer to studying, she is actually well-learned and quick to memorize many things. She often obtains high grades in classes, as she reveals to Shirabe and Kirika.[14]


Chris was the only daughter born to a famous musician couple, Masanori Yukine and Sonnet M. Yukine, a violinist and a vocalist respectively. Eight years prior to S1, as part of a non-government volunteer organization, Masanori and Sonnet took a young Chris with them to a republic that recently suffered from a coup and had suspended all diplomatic relations with other countries: Val Verde. They entered the country through Guatemala and put on public music performances in different places while traveling, with the ultimate goal of lending aid to refugees. At first, the family traveled along with delegates from the United Nations, including a woman native to Val Verde named Sonia Virena, who shared the dream of Chris' parents and acted as an older sister to the young Chris. However, the Yukine family eventually got trapped by the expanding front-lines of the ongoing war and became isolated from their organization. The Yukine family were later declared missing. Shortly after that, outside sources confirmed that Masanori and Sonnet had died in a terrorist bombing, with terrorists managing to sneak the bomb into their camp due to Sonia's carelessness.[15] However, outside sources were continually unable to determine what exactly had become of Chris herself.[16]

It turned out that Chris had been kidnapped by the terrorists after being separated from Sonia in the chaos, and was sold into slavery, implied to be of a sexual nature.[17][18][19][20] Two years prior to S1, Chris was rescued from the clutches of a local gang by the United Nations during their intervention in Val Verde. She was fourteen at the time, and had been missing for five years and eight months.[21] Chris was then returned to Japan and placed in a lodging house[22]. At the time, famous musicians were being looked into by Section Two in order to find candidates for the Symphogear, so they arranged to take guardianship of Chris. However, Chris went missing again, as she was kidnapped by Finé to be used as a tool in Finé's plans and experiments. Though many agents, including Genjuro Kazanari, were sent by Section Two to find Chris, Finé sabotaged all their efforts and made several die or even disappear. Thus, the search for Chris was called off.[23]

Chris has since been living in isolation with Finé in Finé's Mansion in the remote country. Sometime during the two year gap between the Zwei Wing concert tragedy and Hibiki's awakening of Gungnir, Finé gave Ichaival to Chris and, after obtaining Solomon's Cane from the American government, proceeded to exploit her song to awaken Solomon's Cane and allow Finé full control over the Noise. Chris was trained for half a year in order to raise her coeffiency link with Ichaival so that she could produce a sufficient amount of Phonic Gain to awaken Solomon's Cane.[24][25] However, Chris refuses to actually use Ichaival in battle, out of her guilt over awakening a weapon of destruction, and her hatred of songs caused by her refusal to accept the deaths of her musician parents, who had wished to use the power of song to save the world.

Newspaper Article

The newspaper mentioning Chris.

In S1E1, Miku's father can be seen reading a newspaper featuring an article on Chris' rescue from Val Verde and her subsequent disappearance. This article goes into much detail about these events, including information not found in the anime or keywords.

A clear transcription of the article is available below:

救出された邦人少女 失腺











Season 1

Chris Fighting Tsubasa.

Chris first appears in Episode 3 clad in the Nehushtan Armor ready to battle Tsubasa and Hibiki. In Episode 4 Chris mocks Tsubasa as she reveals Solomon's Cane. They both yell at Hibiki as she tries to stop the fighting. Chris attacks first and blocks Tsubasa's own attack with the use of the chains. She effortlessly fights and blocks all of Tsubasa's attacks and kicks her back. Using the chain as a whip she tries to attack Tsubasa and summons Noise to keep Hibiki out of her way. Tsubasa continues to attack her as she blocks and throws her back down. She reveals that the plan was to abduct Hibiki the entire time.

As she talks Tsubasa uses her One Thousand Tears to force her to move and allow Tsubasa the space to get away. The two continue to fight as Chris summons more Noise. After Tsubasa destroys them all Chris uses her Nirvana Gedon which causes an explosion as Tsubasa tries to block. She tries to fight as Tsubasa gets up but finds that she cannot move due to Tsubasa's Shadow Weaving. As Tsubasa sings her Superb Song, Chris tries to summon a group a Noise to stop her only to see that Tsubasa has already reached her.

As Tsubasa finishes Chris is thrown back as the Nehushtan Armor is damaged. As it starts to repair Chris leaves the battle scene.

As of Episode 5 Chris is seen to be working with Finé and is punished with torture via electrocution for her failure in capturing Hibiki. Later she is present at the attack on Hibiki and Ryoko during their transportation of Durandal. She is shocked by the fact that Hibiki was now able to fight the Noise as before she could barely use her Symphogear. She then steps in and kicks Hibiki before attempting to grab Durandal in which Hibiki knocks her out of the way. Out of anger Chris summons Noise before being blown away.

Chris is punched by Hibiki

As of Episode 6 Chris is seen thinking about her past and childhood while feeling bitter toward Hibiki. As Finé appears Chris throws Solomon's Cane at Finé proclaiming that she can do what Finé wants without it. Later on Chris finds Hibiki and attacks her, but also attacking Miku in the process. She follows Hibiki away from Miku and attacks her. She expresses confusion at Hibiki's attampt at to talk to her and continues attacking. She is punches by Hibiki and the Nehushtan Armour starts to crack.

Hibiki's words anger Chris at the start of Episode 7 and causes her to retaliate and harshly fight Hibiki. As the Nehushtan Armor slowly regenerates Chris uses her Armor Purge and transform for the first time with the use of the Relic Ichaival. She proceeds to relentlessly attack Hibiki with the use of her newly revealed Relic. As the smoke clears she finds that Tsubsa had protected Hibiki from the attacks. She and Tsubasa begin to fight and Chris is unable to land any damage and prepares to continue fighting before Noise come down and damage her Armed Gear and attempt to harm her. She is saved by Hibiki and catches her afterwards.

As Finé appears and discards Chris, Chris chases after her. Later in the night Chris walks alone and thinks about the fight from earlier. She finds children in the park and offers to help the children find their father. In the end she goes off the Finé's hideout and confronts her about being thrown away and is cornered by the Noise and Finé.

Chris embarrassed

Having transformed Chris is running from a small group of Noise in Episode 8, she collaspes in a back alley after destroying all the Noise. She wakes up as Miku is caring for her and find that she was wearing Miku's clothes. She pulls the comforter around herself in embarrassment as she isn't wearing underwear as Miku didn't give her any. She later thanks Miku for her care and comments that Miku is quiet. She tells Miku that she had been alone ever since her parents died and even then that they were half way around the world, and since then had never had friends.

She expresses her bitterness toward Finé for using her, having thought that Finé was the only one who had understood her. Chris also tells Miku to beat the shit out of whoever she had fought with and then make up. Confused at Miku's thanks Chris also gives Miku her name and is told that she wasn't a bad person. She pulls away at Miku's offer of friendship and admits to having done terrible things to her as the Noise Alarm goes off.

She is found by Noise after running off and tries to transform unsuccessfully before being saved by Genjuro. Afterwards she transforms and fights off the Noise.

Chris is found by Genjuro who brings her food in Episode 9 in which she was suspicious of. After Genjuro finishes speaking and she finishes eating Chris jumps out a window before transforming and running away. Later on Chris tries to fight off a large group of Noise before Hibiki comes to her aid. After the battle Chris knocks over trashcans and wonders why she helped Hibiki as she was the enemy.

Genjuro saves Chris.

In Episode 10, Chris returned to Finé's hideout and look around as she saw many dead people. Turning around, she saw Genjuro and tried to tell him who did the whole thing. The latter pat her on the head while stating that he know she didn't do it. Chris were saved by genjuro after being caught in an explosion when a bomb was activated by one of Genjuro's personnel. Genjuro left Chris with a transmitter after giving him ideas of what Finé was up to. Chris came to aid Hibiki and Tsubasa when Noise attack. While doing so, She ended up in an argument with Tsubasa in which Hibiki help them to settle up. The three device a plan of action to destroy the Noise. When, the fight was over, Chris was hugged by Hibiki twice before Hibiki receive a call from Miku.

Chris sacrificing herself.

In Episode 11, Chris arrived at Lydian Music Academy which was already destroyed together with Tsubasa and Hibiki . Chris revealed Ryoko's secret as Finé before she transformed. The three engaged to a fight with Finé where Chris sacrifice herself to stop Finé and save the moon from destruction. She, then, appeared unscathed and fully recharge in Episode 12 when Hibiki activated her hidden power that help them to restore their strength and health.

Chris, along with Tsubasa and Hibiki, fought Finé and destroyed her plan in Episode 13. Afterwards, the three fly to the moon to destroy one of it's falling debris that was Finé's last resort. Chris and the two succeeded saving the Planet but was missing. Later on, they were considered to be dead.

However, few days passed, she along with Hibiki and Tsubasa appeared again, having just fake their death to avoid problems.


In Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear, two months after the Lunar Attack, Chris receives her own apartment from Section Two so that she has somewhere to live.

Symphogear G

Chris appeared in Season 2, Episode 1 together with Hibiki as they Fight the Noise while protecting the Solomon's Cane. Chris and Hibiki were about to leave to watch Tsubasa, as they left the cane to Dr. Ver.

Later on, Chris was seen watching the fight between Tsubasa and Maria Cadenzavna Eve with Hibiki in an Helicopter. They arrived in exact time when Tsubasa was cornered and began helping her.

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

Symphogear XV

A group photo of Chris' birthday.

Chris has her eighteenth birthday between XV Episode 1 and XV Episode 2. Hibiki and Miku buy her a pair of red gloves that Chris wears to school. It is also revealed that Chris has obtained good-enough grades to be accepted into college/university, but she insists she still goes to school to catch up on the education she missed in her childhood.

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Killter Ichaival tron



Chris is the owner of Second Relic, Ichaival. As a Symphogear user, Chris has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, that clads her in battle. As a candidate for the Symphogear, she can activate her relics with her song and use Armed Gear in battle.

Her Armed Gear is a pair of crossbows that fire up to five homing beam arrows each. The Gear forms from her forearm armor and can retract at will to allow use of her hands. They also have a smaller pistol form more suited for close combat.

Chris is the first Symphogear wielder to use the Armor Purge.


Image Description
Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 04 - Large 22.jpg NIRVANA GEDON
This attack is a large white energy sphere crackling with black electricity within which forms at the end of one of the Armour’s chain whips and is flung at the enemy. It can be used repeatedly in succession, but isn't exceptionally strong, as Hibiki was able to endure two consecutive shots with little damage.

Image Description
Chris spins one of the whip/chain of the Nehushtan Armor above her head, creating a pink disc of energy, she then throws it, multiply into four, before hitting successively the target.

Image Description
Arthemis Spiral.png ARTHEMIS SPIRAL
Chris turns her Armed Gear into a longbow and fires a missile from it. Once fired, the missile expands from the size of an arrow to its full size.
Billion Maiden.png BILLION MAIDEN
Chris transforms her crossbows into a pair of double tri-barrel gatlings that fit over each of her arms, trading the homing properties of her crossbows for raw firepower. This is Chris's favored configuration, and she is rarely seen not using it to the extent that her official art usually displays her with BILLION MAIDEN active.
Change the Future.png Change †he Future
In her X-Drive form, Chris uses her Gear launch an omnidirectional barrage of red beam at the surrounding Alca-Noise.
With her X-Drive, Chris unfold her X-Drive Gear to fire powerful red beam from inside the body of the Red Dragon of Revelations, creating an opening for Tsubasa's attack.
Giga Zeppelin.png GIGA ZEPPELIN
An attack introduced in Symphogear G, wherein Chris expands the length and width of her crossbows to load them with a pair of enormous crystal spikes. Once fired the spikes each break apart into a large number of smaller spikes which rain down on the targets.
Mega Deth Fuga.png MEGA DETH FUGA
Essentially the same as the weaker version of Mega Deth Quartet, she launches two large missiles at her enemies.
MegadethInfinity.jpg MEGA DETH INFINITY
Chris Megadeth Quartet.png MEGA DETH QUARTET
A supercharged version of MEGA DETH PARTY where Chris's armor transforms into a large, braced backpack which produces a quartet of missiles several times larger than Chris herself. While it can destroy large Noise in a single shot, Chris is vulnerable while the attack is charging. As a supplementary function MEGA DETH PARTY is enhanced to fire a set of large triangular block missiles which release twelve of the normal MEGA DETH PARTY missiles apiece. A variation of this attack only creates two missiles and has no supplementary fire, but is much faster to charge as a result.
MEGA DETH QUARTET (Ignite Module ver.).png MEGA DETH QUARTET (Ignite Module ver.)
When used while Chris has the Ignite Module activated, the attack is very different and requires no time to charge. After creating the four large missiles, she launches a MEGA DETH PARTY, then fires the large missiles afterwards. The sides of the large missiles then split open, and multiple smaller missiles are launched from the larger missiles.
Mega Deth Party.png MEGA DETH PARTY
Chris unleashes a barrage of twenty-four missiles from the missile launchers that open up at her sides. While the X-Drive is active, this attack instead becomes a continual stream of homing lasers. While the Ignite Module is active, it seems to become a continuous barrage of missiles instead of a single volley.
Megadeth Symphony.png MEGA DETH SYMPHONY
Queen's Inferno.png QUEEN'S INFERNO
An enhancement to Chris's basic homing crossbows which adds an additional firing lane on either side of the main ones, tripling her rate of fire.
An attack introduced in Symphogear G, which transforms Chris's armor into a large crossbow-like sniper rifle with targeting scope. It bears the questionable distinction of being the only attack in the series to have a title card without ever actually being used. It was finally used properly in XV.
Red Hot Blaze (Close Combat).png RED HOT BLAZE (Close Combat)
An attack used again in GX, but instead of being fired, it was used as a club to hit Leiur Darāhim when Leiur get too close to Chris.
Symphogear AXZ Episode 4 20.png Reflector
The rear compartments on Chris's skirt armor can open to release dozens of diamond-shaped remote weapons which together can project a barrier capable of reflecting or augmenting attacks. This was initially only used in her superb song, but she later used them on their own in an effort to defend against the Shénshòujìng in G. In AXZ, she used it to defend herself from Cagliostro's Aggressive Burst.
Chris'Superb Song, She release her Reflector Bits and fire a round from each of her pistols into them, the energy from the rounds gradually augmenting with each reflection until it forms the shape of a vast set of butterfly wings. The pistols are then combined into an enormous rifle which fires a single large beam, augmented by the energy from the wings against Kadingir's round, but unable to stop it, alter its trajectory instead.
Hibiki Chris S2CA.png S2CA Tri Burst
To win against a Noise with a very high growth ability Chris, Hibiki and Tsubasa sing their Superb Song. The energy created, which destroys most of the Noise, is then taken upon by Hibiki with a great effort of her part, in which she combines the Gears of her arms together to form a new one on her right arm. Once the energy is fully concentrated in it, she jumps towards the main body of the Noise using the Gear of her waist as rocket, and punches it while her Gear spins furiously to make the final thrust, creating a rainbow light tornado destroying the Noise completely and rising high in the sky.
Synchrogazer.png Synchrogazer
This is a technique that was used by Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki using the complete Relic, Durandal. Most of the power in this attack was from Hibiki, but Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki's friends helped keep Hibiki grounded to her real self and they contributed to the attack.
Trinity Resonance.png TRINITY RESONANCE
Vitalization.png Vitalization
A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlám's armor components that deliver a combined punch fuelled by the energy of all six Symphogears.
∀∀ De Re Metallica.jpg ∀∀ De Re Metallica
(∀∀デ・レ・メタリカ ∀∀ De Re Metarika?)

Image Description
Chris pulls back on her Armed Gear, making it transforms into a larger version, she then fires an arrow, which then transforms in a dragon made of energy, attacking her target.
Chris shoot an arrow in the air above her targets, the arrow then transforms in a blooming lotus in which the petals fall on the targets, exploding afterwards.
Chris takes a jump back, transforms one of her Armed Gear in a double tri-barrel gatlings before shooting toward her targets.
Chris used her Armed Gear to summon three replica of it from the sky, before they shoot simultaneously on the targets until creating a cloud of dust in the shape of a reindeer.
Fierce Maiden.png FIERCE MAIDEN
Chris transforms her Armed Gears into a pair of double tri-barrel gatlings, before rushing toward the target.
Gaining armor based on Mashin Gattai Kiramaizin, Chris performs the mecha's signature finisher with the Jetter Sword.
Chris fires a powerful shot from her Armed Gear, the shot concentrating into one point near the targets before causing a large explosion.
Chris concentrates energy in one of her Armed Gear before going toward her targets, shooting them with enegy arrows.
Chris jumps into the air before combining her Armed Gear into a sniper rifle and unleashing a powerful laser across the ground, exploding her targets.
Chris concentrates an enorm amount of water with her Armed Gears, before shooting a enorm waterball to her targets.
Chris combines her Armed Gears to form a large crossbow along with a targeting scope, she then locks multiple target before firing an arrow, which splits apart before hitting the targets.
Surfing Priest.png SURFING PRIEST
Chris summons a giant missile out of the water before riding it towards her targets, she then fires several bullets of water at her targets before letting the missile fly through them, smashing them.
Chris summons severals cannons, before making them fired a barrage of cannonballs toward her targets with her signature hand move " bang ".
Chris jumps in the air, spreads her wings, before firings severals beams towards her targets.
∀∀ De Re Metallica Reform.png ∀∀ De Re Metallica Reform
(∀∀デ・レ・メタリカ 改 ∀∀ De Re Metarika Kai?)


Hibiki Tachibana — Hibiki was the first person to reach out to Chris, trying to reason with her despite Chris' attempts to kidnap, and then kill, her. Chris eventually becomes friendly towards Hibiki, though she often physically assaults Hibiki in response to seeing her being physically affectionate in public or with Chris herself,[27][28] and Chris insults Hibiki by calling her stupid. Despite this, Chris is protective of Hibiki,[29][30] and they have good teamwork in battle.

Miku Kohinata — Miku first met Chris by finding her collapsed in an alley one rainy morning, and took her to a safe place (Flower) to tend to her. Miku and Chris, despite being strangers, then share a vulnerable moment as they open up to each other about their pasts, following which Miku offers to become Chris' friend, though Chris initially rebukes her out of guilt for putting Miku in danger.[31] Chris thinks highly of Miku regarding this event, and has since come to care for her deeply and wish to return her kindness in some way.[32][33]

Tsubasa Kazanari — During their first meeting, Chris and Tsubasa attempted to kill each other,[34] and they continue to be antagonistic towards each other until Hibiki encourages them to open up to each other.[35] Tsubasa and Chris still share a mostly tense relationship during G, until Tsubasa encourages Chris to call her her senior[36] and that Chris can rely on her for help,[37] which greatly eases the antagonism between them. Though Tsubasa and Chris are not very affectionate, they instead express concern for each other through small acts of vulnerability.

Genjuro Kazanari — Genjuro attempts to reach out to Chris when she suddenly reappears two years after disappearing from Section Two's custody.[38] Chris is initially antagonistic and distrustful towards Genjuro, due to her history of abuse by adults, but after he reminds her of what her parents wanted to accomplish and convinces Chris her parents would still love her, Chris begins to open up to him.[39] She is later seen getting Genjuro to help her move furniture into her apartment, and borrowing action movies from him.[40]

Finé — Chris' former, abusive mistress who isolated her and abused her physically, emotionally, and sexually for two years. Chris had a largely antagonistic relationship with Finé, often questioning her actions and motives to her face, even when strapped to a torture device.[41] Still, Chris obeyed Finé's orders regardless, and attempted to prove herself to Finé when Finé began taking interest in Hibiki over Chris.[42] Finé's abandonment of Chris leaves Chris distraught, and she attempts several times to confront Finé, demanding answers, before eventually siding against her with Hibiki and Tsubasa.[43][44] Chris is later seen crying when Finé crumbles to ash in front of her.[45] It is unknown how much of Chris' "affection" for Finé is genuine or because of Finé's grooming. It is also unknown what Chris has come to think of Finé since, but G Episode 4 suggests Chris does not hold Finé in high regard, as Chris attempts to head-shot Maria after Ver announces her to be Finé's most recent vessel.

Masanori and Sonnet M. Yukine — Little has been seen of Chris' relationship with her parents. She claimed to hate them and believe their goals of saving the world with music to be pathetic,[46] but later admitted she had always loved them and wanted to carry on their dream — even if it had become twisted by her abusers' violence — just before her apparent sacrifice to stop Kadingir.[47] Chris later buys herself a Buddhist shrine for her apartment so her parents have a place there with her.[48]

Maria Cadenzavna Eve — Chris and Maria have interacted very little, and the details of their relationship are largely unknown. It can be presumed Chris initially held hatred for Maria, attempting to kill her at least once in G Episode 4 under the belief she was Finé's newest vessel. By AXZ, however, Chris and Maria have become close enough for Chris to call Maria by her name in a moment of panicked concern, and for them to perform Unison together.[49]

Kirika Akatsuki — Chris sees Kirika as her junior, and thus believes herself obligated to mentor Kirika, doing things such as helping her with schoolwork.[50] However, in contrast to Maria, Chris prefers to protect Kirika against going into danger by taking the responsibility upon herself, despite Kirika's wishes to stand on her own two feet and be reliable in battle.[51]

Shirabe Tsukuyomi — Chris acts towards Shirabe the same as with Kirika. Though Shirabe was temporarily Finé's vessel and the person Finé sacrificed her life for, how this affects her relationship with Chris is never touched on by canon material.

Sonia Virena — Sonia acted as a big-sister figure to Chris while the Yukine family were doing war relief work in Val Verde. However, Chris' image of Sonia was shattered when her carelessness led to her parents' deaths by a terrorist bombing, and Chris blamed it entirely on Sonia.[52] Though not directly stated, Chris' anger and hatred was likely further exacerbated when Sonia then lost Chris in the commotion[53] and Chris was kidnapped and enslaved by gangsters. While Chris and Sonia meet again in AXZ, their reunion is not a happy one, as Sonia hates Chris for shooting off Stephan's leg to save his life from Alca-Noise.[54] They eventually reconcile in Japan with the help of Stephan before the Virena siblings leave for their home country.[55]

Stephan Virena — Chris was traumatized by shooting Stephan's leg off to save his life, and she agonizes throughout most of AXZ over if she could have done something different, despite her attempts to convince herself she did the only thing she could. Chris eventually moves past her guilt when Stephan berates her and Sonia for focusing too much on the past rather than the future.[56]

Noble Red — The majority of Chris' interactions with Noble Red are against them in battle. However, in XV Episode 12, Chris reveals she empathizes with Noble Red's suffering and understands they just want a place to call home, like she once did.


  • According to notes from the manga:
    • Chris is half-Japanese, half-American. She was born in Japan.
    • Her strange way of speaking comes from her time spent overseas, and being home-schooled by her parents.
    • Her favourite food is anpan (bread filled with red bean paste).
      • In the XDU event Kageri Saku Senkō — during a confrontation with alternate Hibiki, Chris mentions that her favorite food is anpan during her introduction, reflecting what Hibiki said to Chris in Episode 7.
    • When she was living with Finé, Finé would "help" Chris with the shoulder and neck pains caused by her large breasts by electrocuting her with a low-power current on the parrilla.
      • Both the manga and anime keywords state that Chris was also tortured to removed the Nehushtan's corrosion from her body to stop her fusing with the relic like Hibiki and later Finé herself. The keywords state that Finé chose electrocution specifically because of her sadism and belief that "pain is the only thing that connects the hearts of people".
  • Chris' battle song genre is hard rock. Meanwhile, several of her B-side songs utilize piano.
  • Almost all of Chris's various attacks are references to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, most obvious in Billion Maiden utilizing the same weapons and firing pose as Heavy arms Custom but also in her superb song, which chains together the ultimate attacks of the Turn A, Double X and Wing Zero.
  • Chris is the first person to have used two relics, the second being Maria Cadenzavna Eve.
    • She is the first user to hold a full relic, the other being Finé.
  • Chris is the only user to use a Spanish word in her song; she says "adiós", which means "goodbye".
  • In episode 8 of season 1, Chris appears to have on her back what looks like bruises or burn marks. In chapter 7 of the manga, Chris is instead depicted with a multitude of scars that resemble small cuts.
  • Chris' seiyu, Ayahi Takagaki, designed the rabbit keychain she has attached to her schoolbag.[57]

Chris' missing portrait in the TV airing.

  • In the original TV airing of Season 1 Episode 7, the Section Two monitor depicting Chris shows a portrait of her, presumably from right after her rescue from South America at age fourteen and before she went missing. However, in the BD, this portrait was replaced with one of her as an eight-year-old child before disaster struck. The reason for this change is unknown.
  • The AXZ OP reveals that Chris practices kyūdō.
  • Chris' songs sometimes contain the word "future"/"mirai" (未来). The alternate reading for these kanji is "Miku". Chris shares this with Hibiki.
    • Many of Chris' songs also talk about the Sun, sunshine, and its warmth. The Sun and sunshine are also symbols strongly associated with Hibiki and Miku, especially Miku.
  • On top of sloppy eating habits, Chris is also a sloppy sleeper.[58]
  • Chris' character has several references to Jesus Christ.
    • Her first name is one letter off of 'Christ', and both names come from the same origin word meaning 'anointed'/'to rub in holy oil' (and can be transliterated into English as 'messiah');
    • She bears a cross of sin/guilt (she mentions a few times in late G that Solomon's Cane is 'her cross to bear') and her character arcs involve atoning for and redeeming herself;
    • She was born three days after Christmas;
    • She is crucified at one point (by Finé, as punishment for a wrong);
    • At one point dies (Episode 11) and resurrects (Episode 12's ending).
    • Interestingly, Finé, Chris' former mistress, has a few references to the Virgin Mary (the mother of Jesus).
  • Chris' backstory shares several similarities with Maria's.
    • Both grew up with a loving family, who they then lost in a war (with Maria later losing Serena as well), becoming orphans;
    • They suffered the consequences of that war (Chris was enslaved, and Maria became a vagrant);
    • They were then 'saved' by Finé (Chris was directly captured as a pawn for Finé's plans, while Maria was captured as part of the Receptor Children project);
    • They cooperated in antagonistic, destructive plans in hopes of saving the world (Chris cooperated with Finé to destroy all people in power to end war and conflict, and Maria was willing to destroy to save the world from the fall of the moon under Finé's name), which both girls moved on from;
    • Both are of foreign heritage — Chris is half-American, and Maria is Ukrainian.
  • Chris also shares several similarities with Saint-Germain.
    • Both Saint-Germain and Chris were subjected to slavery (both sexual, although only implied in Chris' case) at a young age;
    • Both lost their parents and became orphans at a similarly young age;
    • Both wanted to end oppression because of their pasts by taking lives, although Chris eventually moved past from her destructive methods.
    • Both were used, manipulated, and betrayed by a higher villain (Finé and Adam) with a vital relationship to the Custodians, who fooled Chris/Germain into thinking they were working for the good of world instead of their own selfish gains.
    • Both use guns as their main weapons and have a character arc revolving around learning to use their hands and their song instead of their weapons.
  • According to the XV OVAs, the casual outfit that Chris wears throughout XV was her eighteenth birthday gift from Maria.
  • Along with buying Buddhist shrines for her apartment, Chris uses several Buddhist terms in her solo character songs. She shares this trait with Tsubasa, though Tsubasa uses even more and more frequently than Chris does.


  • これでいいんだよな……?あたしの望みを叶えるにはお前に従っていればいいんだよな……? / "This is for the best, right? If I want my wish to come true, I just have to obey you, right?" - To Finé, Episode 5
  • このあたしに身柄の確保をさせるくらいフィーネはあいつにご執心というわけかよ? / "Finé is so obsessed with that girl that she's making me capture her?" - Episode 6
  • こんなモノに頼らなくともあんたの言うことぐらいやってやらぁ。あいつよりもあたしの方が優秀だってことを見せてやるッ!あたし以外に力を持つ奴は全部この手でぶちのめしてくれるッ!そいつがあたしの目的だからなッ!! / "You don't need to use this. I'll do what you want! I'll show you that I'm better than she is. I'll destroy anyone with power other than me! That's what I want!" - To Finé, Episode 6
  • 教えてやる!あたしは歌が大ッ嫌いだ!/ "I'll show you how much I hate singing!" - To Hibiki, Episode 7
  • こんな奴がいなくたって戦争の火種くらいあたし一人で消してやるッ!、そうすればあんたの言うように人は呪いから解放されて、 バラバラになった世界は元に戻るんだろッ!? / "I can stop the wars from starting without this thing! And then, as you say, we'll be free of the curse, and the world will go back to being one, right?" - To Finé, Episode 7
  • あたしの目的は戦いの意志と力を持つ人間を叩き潰し戦争の火種をなくすことだ。 / "My goal is to destroy those with both the power and will to fight. To stop them from starting a war." - Episode 7
  • あたしが用済みって何だよッ!もういらないってことかよッ!あんたもあたしを物のように扱うのかよッ! / "What do you mean, you're done with me?! You don't need me anymore?! You're treating me like a thing, too?!" - To Finé, Episode 7
  • あんたが言ったんじゃないか!痛みもギアもあんたがあたしにくれたものだけが…… / "This was your idea! The pain and the Gear were both things you gave me—" - To Finé, Episode 7
  • 友達いないんだ。地球の裏側でパパとママを殺されたあたしはずっと一人で生きてきたからな。友達どころじゃなかった。たった一人理解してくれると思った人もあたしを道具のように扱うばかりだった。誰もまともに相手してくれなかったのさ。たった一人理解してくれると 思った人もあたしを道具のよう に扱うばかりだった。誰もまともに相手してくれなかったのさ。 / "I don't have any friends. My mom and dad were killed on the other side of the planet. And ever since then, I've been alone. I had no time to make friends. And the one person I thought understood me was only using me as a tool. No one really cared about me." - To Miku, Episode 8
  • 大人はどいつもこいつもクズ揃いだ。痛いと言っても聞いてくれなかった。止めてと言っても聞いてくれなかった。あたしの話なんか、これっぽっちも聞いてくれなかった……ッ! / "All adults are scum! I said I was hurt, and they didn't care. I told them to stop, and they didn't care. They didn't listen to anything I said!" - To Miku, Episode 8
  • あたしのせいで関係のない奴らまで……ッ!あたしのしたかったのはこんなことじゃない……ッ!けど、いつだってあたしのやることは……いつもいつもいつもッ!! / "Because of me, innocent people are being killed... This isn't what I wanted. Everything I do is always... Everything I do!" - Episode 8
  • あたしはここだ……だから関係のない奴らのところになんて行くんじゃねえッ! / "Here I am. So... Don't go after anyone else!" - To the Noise, Episode 8
  • フン…こっちでも女衒かよ / "Hmph! So you were going to be my pimp, too." - To Genjuro, Episode 9
  • お前、本当のバカ!/ "You really are a dummy." - To Hibiki, G Episode 1
  • あたしの十字架を他の誰かに負わすわけにはいかねえだろッ! / "I can't let anyone else bear my cross!" - To Tsubasa, Season 2, Episode 12
  • 人を殺すだけじゃないってッ!やってみせろよ――ソロモォォォオオオンッ!! / "Show me that you can do more than just kill, Solomon!" - G Episode 13

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