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Carol Malus Dienheim
Kanji キャロル・マールス・ディーンハイム

Romaji Kyaroru Mārusu Dīnhaimu
Character Information
Age Unknown, centuries old
Birthday March 3[1]
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Nationality European
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Teal
Relic Dur da Blá
Theme Color Golden-Brown[2]
Affiliation Alchemic Cult (Leader)
Relatives Izak Malus Dienheim (Father, †)
Elfnein (Clone)
Anime GX Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Inori Minase

Carol Malus Dienheim (キャロル・マールス・ディーンハイム Kyaroru Mārusu Dīnhaimu?) is the leader of the Alchemic Cult. She is the main antagonist of Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX, and an ally in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV.


  • 'Carol' is a type of song, usually sung at Christmas, to express praise and joy.
  • 'Malus' is a type of apple tree. It also derives from the Latin word for 'malicious'.
  • 'Dienheim' is a town in southern Germany



Prior to her father's death, Carol was a kind, curious and loving child. She adored her father and was inspired by his curiosity as an alchemist and his drive to learn the mysteries of the world, which in turn caused her to start following in his footsteps.

However, after the death of her father, Carol's personality took a dark turn. Over the centuries, she developed an obsessive, single-minded determination to "dissect" the world using the alchemic secrets learned from her father, which was driven both by her desire for vengeance and her twisting her father's last words and wishes, as he wanted her to learn the mysteries of the world. Due to this, she has displayed a few traits of nigh-mental instability as seen by the glee she displayed in her conversation with Dr. Ver when discussing the reasons why she wanted to break the world apart.

At this point, Carol is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything, including herself to see her plans completed, including placing Elfnein as a sleeper agent inside S.O.N.G in order to gain inside information and make her create the "Ignite Module" and even sacrifice her body and memories to fight the Symphogear users, displaying a determined, callous and manipulative attitude. She became a cold, calm and collected individual with an extreme amount of patience, working centuries to accomplish her goals.

She also seems to be rather arrogant, as she uses the Japanese pronoun "ore" (オレ?) when referring to herself. In Japanese culture, "ore" is a masculine pronoun that is traditionally a sign of arrogance.


Hailing from the abyss of Europe, which has been called the "Dark Continent", Carol has lived for centuries by creating and transferring her memories to homunculus bodies.


Symphogear GX

Amnesiac Carol visiting a deteriorating Elfnein in hospital

In GX Episode 13, Carol exhausted all her memories as alchemic fuel and was rendered an amnesiac. With what little memories remained she remembered and found her way to Elfnein, who was in hospital and did not have long to live. Carol took in Elfnein's memories and consciousness and became dormant, allowing Elfnein to "revive" in her body.

Symphogear AXZ

Elfnein using the Electromicroscope Beatrice

In Senki Zesshōshinai Symphogear AXZ, it is shown that Elfnein uses her free time to try and "revive" Carol by using Dr. Ver's direct feedback system to scan her memories for fragments of her memories.

Symphogear XV

It is revealed that while Elfnein used the Electromicroscope Beatrice to examine her brains internal storage, Carol repeatedly copy-pasted the fragments of memories she was able to pick up and alchemically rebuild a stable pseudo-personality. She was able to revive her consciousness in the body she gave to Elfnein, and now currently shares a single body with her.[3]

This is not a true resurrection of the soul, but rather the creation of a stand-alone AI that has even the irrational part of Carol's personality and feelings, calculated in the brain.[4]


Hidden within her childish frame is a battle capacity of immense proportions, Carol has mastered and can freely control various energies including the “Aristotle” (the five elements of silver, wind, fire, earth and water). Due to her centuries old age, Carol is an alchemic master who has accumulated a wealth of power and knowledge making her an extremely dangerous individual.

Powers and Abilities

Image Description
Alchemic Master
Carol is a master of alchemy, a branch of knowledge that allows the user to manipulate any material to their most basic form, allowing either complete destruction or re-creation of anything they so desire. This is obtained by a unique process referred as "memory combustion", which as the name states consumes the user's memories, converting them into energy to fuel alchemic spells, rituals and techniques similar to how a song can be used to generate phonic gain. Due to her centuries long existence, Carol has a wealth of memories, allowing her to use alchemic powers to their full potential. When there is damage caused by an alchemic source, the affected party is seen being corroded by a red substance of sorts.
Carol Alca-Noise.png Alca-Noise
(アルカ・ノイズ Aruka Noizu?)
At one point Carol managed to obtain the techniques for which to create Noise, which she modified using her alchemy. The result was the creation of a species of Noise unlike other before. On one hand, the Alca-Noise are susceptible to being damage and even destroyed by conventional weapons (although the amount of firepower required to achieve this still makes conventional engages nigh-suicide), on the other hand, their offensive power is far superior. Their arms have a faint white glow, being armed with something called a "dissection organ". Contact with said organ causes anything to disintegrate and break apart to the molecular level, even a Symphogear, which has a barrier that would normally prevent contact with the Noise to kill the user.
Ancient Burst.png Ancient Burst
(エンシェントバースト Enshentobāsuto?)[5]
Carol summon 2 silver symbol patterns on top and bottom of her, then another silver symbol patterns on her left hand before merged into top symbol patterns creating a huge energy blast to her surrounding.

Carol Four Elements.png Carol Wind Element attack.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Aristotle's Octaves
(アリストトレス オクタブス Arisutotoresu Okutabusu?)
Carol's main offensive set of spells. At any point, Carol can generate one of five different symbol patterns, that can bring out one of the five elements: silver, earth, wind, fire, water.[6] Generally used as destructive spells, anyone of these spells carries immense offensive power capable of causing widespread devastation and even damage a Symphogear user.
Carol creating shield.png Barriers
(バリエルス Barierusu?)
Carol can create hexagonal energy walls that function as barriers against enemies. At the peak of her power, she could block multiple attack from multiple Ignite Module-empowered Symphogear users with no visible effort. She can create multiple barriers from several angles and even set them in a dome formation around her.
Hermes Trismegistus.png Hermes Trismegistus
(ハーメス トリスメジスタス Haamesu Torisumejisutasu?)[7] [8]
Carol's three-layered defensive technique. She generate 3 layered protecting shield with 3 different symbol color patterns, that can bring out three elements: silver, water and fire. The shield have a varies from big to small. Red as biggest shield, blue as medium shield and yellow as smallest shield.

Carol created various copies of her own body.png Carol see through the eyes of her creations.png

Carol body rejection.png Carol body rejection Faust Robe.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
(ホムンクルス Homunkurusu?)
As part of her alchemic knowledge, Carol has the ability to create homunculus; a type of quasi-human creatures. Through this process she created Elfnein in her image and with specific parts of her alchemic knowledge to help her develop the Chateau de Tifauges and later work as a sleeper agent in S.O.N.G. She can also see through the eyes of her creations and even manipulated them to a very small extent. Using this knowledge, Carol has also created various copies of her own body, allowing her to effectively cheat death and become immortal, by storing her memories and then transferring then into a spare body, should her current body be killed. However the process seems delicate as when transferring into her latest body, she apparently rushed it and along with the memories of her suicide, caused her current body to try and reject her.

Image Description
Dur da Blá
(ダウルダブラ Daurudabura?)
Carol's personal weapon, this complete relic takes the form of a harp. When activated it transforms into a full set of body armor, while also causing Carol's body to mature from that of a child into a full adult body. Aside from this, the harp can also be used a piercing weapon as seen when Carol impaled Dr. Ver with it. Notable among the relics is that this one does not require an activation song to work and can be powered through the same process of memory combustion that serves as the cornerstone of alchemic power.
XV 12 ShemHa x Elfnein Carol 32.png Alkahest
(アルカヘスト Arukahesuto?)[9]
After binding Shem-Ha with strings, Carol modify her dissection method which instead of dissecting the world, she used it to dissect a god that requires huge memory combustion. Carol summon all 4 elements: earth, wind, fire, water on each corners with Shem-Ha inside a electrical energy ball surrounds with 2 stripes of silver element. As all the 4 elements expand into several circles, the electrical energy ball expands, engulfs Shem-Ha and explodes.
Multipule Alchemy.jpg Elemental Slaughter
(エレメンタルスローター Erementaru Surōtā?)[5]
Carol first summon all 4 basic elements: earth, wind, fire, water and lastly summon silver element into a huge ring. The energy from all the 4 basic elements combined into the silver element and create huge focus energy beam to her enemies.
Carol Enhanced Alchemic Power.png Enhanced Alchemic Power
(強化された錬金術の力 Kyōka Sareta Renkinjutsu no Chikara?)
When under the power of the Robe, Carol's alchemic spells become much more powerful. Her elemental spells become much more destructive to the point of overwhelming three Symphogear users with relative ease and even fight toe-to-toe against all six in their X-Drive forms. However this takes a toll on Carol as she has to burn a lot of her memories to generate such large amounts of power, as seen when in one battle against Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris, she burned through her entire centuries worth of memories.
Carol's Zesshou.png Phonic Gain
(フォニック ゲイン Fonikku Gein?)
At one point, Carol learned how to convert the energy of her combusted memories into phonic gain, often aided by Dur da Blá's own music. Though how is unknown, the results are undeniable. Carol's power grows by orders of magnitude and she can extert her alchemic abilities for much longer periods of time. Her level of phonic gain is so high, that all her songs act as a natural Superb Song and she can generate enough phonic gain to match that of seven billion Superb Songs. At one point Genjuro noted that Carol could destroy the entire world using nothing but her raw power.

Carol's Golden Transmutation.png Carol's Golden Transmutation turn Shénshòujìng horn into gold.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Golden Transmutation
(黄金錬成 Ōgon Rensei?)
Carol created Golden Transmutation as a barrier to defense against Shem-Ha's Outer Physics silver laser attack that transmute matter into silver. With the last push, she managed to convert Shem-Ha's silver laser into golden and lastly turn 2 of the horns of Shénshòujìng's Faust Robe into golden.
Supergravity Blast.jpg Graviton End
(グラビトンエンド Gurabiton Endo?)[5]
Carol fully expands the back harps of her Faust Robe, concetrating a series of supergravity particles (which visually appear as dark energy) into a large sphere crackling with electicity, then launches it at her target.

Carol's strings.png Carol's String Drill.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
(ストリング Sutoringu?)
The Robe's harp stings serve as a multi-purpose tool for both offensive and defensive situations. Carol fires the strings from her wrists and can manipulate then into a variety of shapes and forms such as webs, walls, blades or even an arm drill to defend, attack or restrict a foe, aswell as cause destruction to surrounding areas.
Carol's entity.png Alchemic Beast
(錬金術 獣 Renkinjutsu Kemono?)
Arguably, Carol's strongest ability. Using Dur da Blá's strings, Carol can create a giant lion-like beast that is part mechanical, part ethereal, with Carol herself contained within it's head. In this form, Carol's destructive powers are at their peak, allowing her to cause widespead devastation to Tokyo. Likewise the beast itself is nigh-indestructible, requiring the combined power of all six X-Drive empowered Symphogear users into a single point to actually break it down.

Image Description
Elemental Blade.gif Elemental Blade
(エレメンタルブレイド Erementaru Bureido?)
Carol raises her Paladin sword, triggers and summon fire, water, wind and silver elements out and converge them into her sword, forming condense white colorful energy blade. She then slashes her enemies leaving them explodes in colorful fireworks.
Elemental Luminous.gif Elemental Luminous
(エレメンタル・ルミナス Erementaru Ruminasu?)
Carol raises all 4 elements spheres in candle version of her Christmas Lapis Philosophorum Faust Robe, converts them into elements symbol before becoming autoscorer dolls. She then sends them to create a Christmas tree on the enemies with Phara doll shooting wind element to form the tree leaves, Micha doll shooting fire element to form red balls ornaments, Garie doll shooting water element to form ice frosty sensation around the tree and finally Leiur doll shooting earth element to create star placed on top of the tree. The grounds rumbles as Carol and the dolls watch the Christmas tree.
Elemental Union.gif Elemental Union
(エレメンタルユニオン Erementaru Yunion?)
Carol raises all 4 elements spheres around her Lapis Philosophorum Faust Robe, converts them into huge elements energy oval ball and teleport them surrounding the enemies. The fire element energy ball burns the enemies, the water element energy ball shoots water from the bottom of the enemies, the wind element energy ball electrify the enemies, the earth element energy ball shine bright on the enemies and finally all 4 elements energy ball together shoot at the enemies forming a red condensed energy sphere with a silver elements ring before explodes.
Exterminate.gif Exterminate
As Hibiki in her X-Drive form land next to Carol, she transformed into her Faust Robe before Hibiki flies away. Carol then use her strings to form Alchemic Beast, shooting a energy beam with Hibiki thrusting Hibiki Style: Super Rank Spear's Violent Destruction along side the beam towards the enemies. As Alchemic Beast explodes, sending Carol out in child form, Hibiki flies down, grabs Carol's hand and protects her from the explosion.
Inherit Rasta.gif Inherit Rasta
(インヘリットラスター Inheritto Rasutā?)
Carol raises all 4 golden spheres in lightbulb version of her Golden Lapis Philosophorum Faust Robe, send them flying around her before passing through the silver element circle on top of her. As the spheres shoot pass through the circle, they combined into a condensed golden energy ball like a miniature sun. Carol snaps her fingers and send the golden energy ball onto her enemies.
Neptune Spiral.gif Neptune Spiral
(ネプチューンスパイラル Nepuchūn Supairaru?)
Carol summons a huge water element circle on top of her and creates a huge amount of water flowing down on her surrounding including her enemies, creating a mini ocean. She then send all 4 spheres in jellyfish version of her Swimsuit Lapis Philosophorum Faust Robe to her enemies, spinning around her enemies, creating a water tornado and send them to the sky before exploding.
250px Radiance Quintet
(レディアンスクインテット Rediansu Kuintetto?)



  • "This is the world's dissection!" - Carol said to Symphogear user (Episode 11 of GX)[10]
  • "I have a song that will destroy the world!" - Carol said to Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris (Episode 11 of GX)[10]
  • "Both alchemy and songs were created to restore the lost unified language." - Carol said to Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris (Episode 12 of GX)[11]
  • "My song alone produces enough phonic gain to surpass 7 billion Superb Songs - Carol said to Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris (Episode 12 of GX)[11]
  • "Miracles are a plague, no different than the one that stuck my village! That's why I swore I would destroy them... That's why I refuse to lose to someone wielding a miracle!" - Carol said to X-Drive Symphogear user (Episode 13 of GX)[12]
  • "I'll destroy miracles! All the miracles! I'll become a murderer of miracles!" - Carol said to X-Drive Symphogear user (Episode 13 of GX)[13]
  • "A rejection? Now? No... These memories of Papa are trying to stop me! I refuse to accept that... I refuse! I don't need memories that will defy me! I'll burn them all and turn them into power!" - Carol said to herself (Episode 13 of GX)[14]
  • "Your songs can't save me. They can't save anyone!" - Carol said to Hibiki (Episode 13 of GX)[15]
  • "A miracle, you say? Not at all. I am the murderer of miracles!" - Carol to Noble Red (Episode 7 of XV)[16]
  • "You interruped my reverie. You know you're going to pay for that, right?" - Carol to Millaarc Cranstoun on her musing being interruped (Episode 8 of XV.)
  • "My song's phonic gain exceeds that of all seven billion humans!" - Carol to Noble Red (Episode 8 of XV)[3]


  • Although Carol is a character that newly debuted in Symphogear GX, her voice actress, Inori Minase was no stranger to the Symphogear franchise, as she first voiced several minor characters in the first season of the series.
  • Carol is the only non-Symphogear user to get her own character song CD in the anime continuity.

References and Notes

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