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A candidate (装者 Sousha?, lit. "dressed person") is someone with the ability to harmonize with relic fragments and form Symphogear. With the power of song and the aid of Symphogear, they are able to fight and destroy Noise.

List of candidates

Natural candidates

These characters can use relic fragments by singing without the need for LiNKER, and can also use, wield, or activate full relics.

Non-natural candidates


These characters can only use the relic fragments with the aid of LiNKER, or full relics which don't require song to be used.


  • In the fandom, the candidates are sometimes referred to as the "attuned", a made-up term created by one of the groups that fansubbed the series. "Harmonizer" has also been used by fans. "Candidate", however, is the term used in official translations.
  • The kanji "装" is also used in words relating to "equipment" and "armor".
  • Every student at Lydian Academy is in fact a possible candidate for a relic.