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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 23 February 2021

Helping out the Wiki: Your help is highly appreciated

Hi, GotenSakurauchi here!

As the anime series ended more than 1 year ago, and the game is being very popular. However, after the five anime seasons and the game has been out for more than 3 years, I think the wiki is being incomplete with lack of information, from both the game and the anime. I see this as an issue for this wiki, as we are lacking contributors and translators who have knowledge of the Japanese language. I am not an expert of the Japanese language, so my translations aren't the best and there might be some errors on the pages. If you happen to have knowledge about the language, you are always free to correct any of my mistakes or translations as it would be greatly appreciated.

This brings me to the next point, which is about…

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OctaMomentum OctaMomentum 2 November 2020

First blog post


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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 30 October 2020

UCP Migration

As some of you have noticed, UCP has now been implemented onto this wiki. It is very likely that some things has been bugged and glitched, so please report anything you notice and I will pass them down for our Wiki Manager and the Fandom Staff so they can fix them.

As of UCP, the polls are no longer available, and if you want to take a look at the previous polls before the migration, you can find them all here.

As some of you have noticed with UCP, Special:WikiActivity are no longer to be found, and Special:RecentChanges is what you use to check this wiki's activity at this point. However, I've installed a script that allows you to use the Special:WikiActivity, although it looks different than on Legacy.

Another feature that has been removed with …

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I am not able to access the xdu

I am not able to access the xdu is giving an error message and keeps loading forever I have already saved online but there is nothing about how to fix this error I don't know if it is just me or if there is anyone else could someone help me saying how to solve or hint on where to look for a solution, I don't even know if I should ask like this here on the fandom

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 13 September 2020

Believe in the Song of Your Heart

Hey, GotenSakurauchi here!

I hope you all are having enjoying your weekend and enjoying Hibiki's birthday with the latest XDU event alongside with the new opening for the game. As with the new opening showed us more alternate versions of the characters, we will now having seperate pages for these characters as they have completely different personalities than their original counterparts, which makes them unique and deserves a seperate page.

I'm also reaching out to you all as some of our pages are outdated, and we all know we know that a community can't grow if there is no one to contribute to them. There are many ways you can help us with, such as expanding our stubs, adding images to our pages, writing episode summaries or writing synopsis…

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 1 May 2020

XDU Global Version - End of Service

Hello, GotenSakurauchi here.

For those who play the Global Version (English, Korean and Chinese Version of the game), the game will sadly ends its service as of July 31 at 14:00 JST (7/30 21:00 PT). It is indeed a sad for those who have been playing the Global Version since its launch of February 14. How are you feeling about that the Global Version will be ending its services in 3 months? Leave your thoughts in the comment below.

Until the end of service, the game has some planned event so the players can be enjoying the game until it closes.

  • 1 Events
    • 1.1 Innocent Sister
    • 1.2 Maid Gear Event
    • 1.3 Alchemist Event
    • 1.4 Valkyries Summer
    • 1.5 The Sirius of Zwei Wing
  • 2 Main Quest
  • 3 Schedule
  • 4 FAQ

These events will most likely run until July 30.

Start Date: May 1, 2020

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AirastormRider AirastormRider 5 February 2020

Xtreme Vibes + Axia no Kaze

Is it me or did anyone thought of combining these 2 songs together? What I meant here is that after the Swan Song of Xtreme Vibes, we can continue with after Swan Song part of Axia no Kaze... Seems like a nice combo to me...

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 10 January 2020

Did they Update the Series?

Okay, so Crunchyroll has been uploading whole episodes of the series on their YouTube channel.

Out of nostalgia, I decided to watch Episode 12 of G, and I got my mind blown.

During Maria's speech to the world, she name-dropped Adam, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the Custodians!

I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the original version of the episode!

Great, now I'll have to watch every single other episode on their channel, just to see what else they might have changed!

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 12 September 2019

Symphogear Plus and Minus Game: The Final Results

With the first round, started on August 6, 2019 where all Symphogear users were in the game and you have to vote on them. And yesterday, on September 11, 2019 it reached reached the end with the winner! Which was the wielder of the Ichaival relic, Chris Yukine!

Are you happy with her winning or do you think someone else who should've won? Write your thoughts about it below!

Since the game is finished, I'm sure you some of you are curious about how the other Symphogear users were doing through out the game along with some other things. If you like these games and would like to see more, what types would you like to see? Another Plus and Minus game like this one or a different game?

  • キットちゃん
  • Aidoru Yume-chan
  • AirastormRider
  • Alelin00
  • AngelPhoenix919
  • Cust…

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Zaqueu Vinhetas Zaqueu Vinhetas 8 September 2019


My name is Zaqueu Oliveira and i play Symphogear XD Unlimited!

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 6 September 2019

Symphogear Plus and Minus Game Round 3: The Courage to Face It

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 31 August 2019

Symphogear Plus and Minus Game Round 2: Those Who Long for the End, Those Who Challenge the End

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 6 August 2019

Symphogear Plus and Minus Game Round 1: Awakening Heartbeat

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AirastormRider AirastormRider 25 June 2019

Senki Zesshō Symphogear RADIO Live Edition ~2nd Anniversary of XD Unlimited and Airing of XV~

A reminder to myself...


Senki Zesshō Symphogear RADIO Live Edition
~2nd Anniversary of XD Unlimited and Airing of XV~

June 30th, 9pm JST

Turn reminder on at YouTube

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Touhoufan46597 Touhoufan46597 2 January 2019

A Second Administer? That Sounds Wonderful.

Dear SymphoGear Wiki Fans, I was new here since October 4th, 2018 and I'm still here. It's been for 3 weeks since I'd wish for a FANDOM account and it came true. (NO REALLY, IT DID.) After page and page and page and page, I finally made it. I ACTUALLY AND FINALLY MADE IT. My life became a success in 2018. 2019? I gonna be the Second Administer Ever? What can I say?

Yours Truly, TouhouFan46597.

P.S, If anyone reads this, Just tell them "You're gonna and wanna have to read this." And FANDOM fans like you, Thank you for every marvel movie, Every DC movie and more we love about this website.

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 17 October 2018

4 month marathon for all 4 seasons?

I thought of this idea that we all could do together over the course of 4 months. At first, I was going to do this all by myself but then I realised it would be so much more fun if I had others join in. So I have two ideas for this marathon on how we can watch everything at the same time and discuss it.

So starting from December 3, we will watch episodes of the original season up until December 31 for it's final episode. In which from the first Friday of January, we start G. February would be GX and March would be AXZ. This would all be to get ourselves ready for XV and pretty much to reflect on why we love Symphogear so much. The reason for why I am picking three days a week to watch these episodes is because there are 13 episodes a season…

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 3 September 2018

Hopes for Symphogear XV

So it has been a while since Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV was announced that upon listening to the Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited Character Song Album, I started thinking about what I hope could happen in XV. Be it totally stupid wish or points most of you all agree with. God knows. Anyway, here is my list of things I hope will happen:

  1. The big old ep 1 idol performance!!!: Let me be perfectly honest here. I felt like AXZ was missing something that was like a tradition in the franchise, which was none other than the iconic idol performance somewhere in the first episode. When I heard that was scrapped before its first episode aired, I was pretty much disappointed cause it has been in the franchise since the beginning, why get rid of it? M…
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CureHibiki CureHibiki 4 March 2018

Where can I watch the Symphogear LIVE 2016?

I was watching this video and was wondering if anyone here knew where I could watch the whole live online? Just seeing the snippets in the videos makes me wanna see the whole entire concert!!!

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Kw653 Kw653 3 February 2018

About symphogear xd friend list

Hi guys i just lost my account due to my ipad being not turned on anymore. My question is when i follow my friend in the friends list, Can they see the others friend list 9 digit id for the game itself? Need help here cause i forgot my own id and would need to transfer my precious data.

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Kw653 Kw653 18 January 2018

Symphogear AXZ Blu ray vol 4 missions

Can tell me which symphogear user i need to use for the vol 4 missions for AXZ in blu ray if you know about it?

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Providence-carrier Providence-carrier 27 December 2017

Kinda forgot about this, but...

You know, I actually forgot I had a profile page on this wiki ^^; Well, I'm back and I hope I can contribute anyway I can.

Is there anything that needs to be updated?

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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 11 October 2017

XDU The Blog!

So with XD Unlimited(XDU) out for a few months now I think it's about time we just have a blog to talk about more general stuff about and discuss more things related to XDU that would save us time on other wikia pages.  I think it's an efficient way for us to talk about the nitty-gritty of things.

Like for example we can discuss different PVP builds we use and which one benefit us the most in PVP.  We can discuss what card effects are...because I am pretty sure not everyone playing the game here know what the card effects are.  Or even the plot to the memoria missions translation.  It's stuff like this.

Heck just talk about random fun things you like about XDU.  I just want this blog to be a little fun XDU blog we can all enjoy together.  Al…

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 29 September 2017

XDU Songs

So while listening to Chris' SAKURA BLIZZARD, I just came up with two theories as to why we've heard nothing about release dates for the XDU songs. My first theory is...

It also helps prove my theory because Blu-Ray 6 has this written in its table:
戦姫絶唱シンフォギアXD UNLIMITED」先行ミッション封入

Why would they they let you can get 50 gems and 5 cards and what not for XDU if they weren't releasing some XDU songs as well? ;)

So what do you think? And do you have your own theories as to when we might get the XDU songs in full?

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 1 July 2017

Symphogear AXZ Hype! What Got You Into Symphogear?

So, Symphogear AXZ starts in roughly about 6 hours and 30 minutes. And damn I am hyped. Far too hyped, that AniChart literally tricked me. It said, the show would premiere on July 1, 4pm, a.k.a July 1, 5pm for me. Turns out, what AniChart and Symphogear AXZ meant was, July 2, 1am. Damn, I was pissed and very sad. Why tell us that Symphogear AXZ is starting on July 1 at 4pm if it was gonna start on July 2??? I will never understand Japan. Not ever.

Anyway, as I am impatiently waiting for 2am to come, I thought that we all could tell each other our stories of how we got into the franchise. For me, I got into the franchise roughly 2 months after season 1 aired. I was constantly being recommended the opening theme on YouTube and constantly came…

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Kw653 Kw653 26 June 2017

Symphogear xd unlimited stones

Actually i started playing symphogear app android in qooapp. But the problem is how can i buy stones using real money in android? Care to give me advice cause i don't want to make my money gone for nothing. 

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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 7 June 2017

Symphogear AXZ Streaming Party

Hello everybody, how your doing?  I am doing great.  All this new Symphogear AXZ news getting you folks hyped, I know I am hyped for AXZ.  So since we finally know the date that Symphogear AXZ will debut July 1st, I want to do something cool.  Have streaming party and all watch the episode together through I don't know maybe a shared Skype chat or something.  So we can all get are first reaction across and just have some fun together.  I don't know just an idea had.  If any of you want to do it, let's do it.  I think it would a good time.

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Tomochin Tomochin 14 March 2017

Symphogear XD Unlimited

As you can see we can already pre-registrate to the game, and we also get rare items for pre registrating. 

Are you guys as thrilled as I am?

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 20 July 2016

What the F***?

Okay, earlier today an anonymous contributer, as their first contribution to this wiki, added "I like cheese." to Shirabe's page.

Totally random and pointless, so I reverted it. But I can't help wondering what possessed them to add that?

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Horizon Striker X Horizon Striker X 28 June 2016

Senki Zesshou Symphogear Z

After the Battle, Shirabe discovered a new Enemy and fought with the Valvrave and has been defeated...

Shirabe is a Symphogear and is working With Kirika and the others too.

The opening theme Lemuria ni sasagu will be performed by KOKOMI

The Ending theme History will be performed by marina.

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 21 June 2016

Just a Heads Up

Okay, from June 30 to July 3, I will be at a science fiction convention called ConVergence. I'll do my best to remain semi-active on my mobile phone, but I can't make any promises. Just thought I should let you guys know about this in advance.

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 9 April 2016

Chapter 2: "Top Gear"

(Continuing Cloud's story. This takes place after Episode 8, if you're curious.)

Happy that things had finally worked out between Hibiki and Miku, Cloud returned to something that he had been wondering about for a while now: Finé's identity.

'Let's see, I know that the only way Chris could have known the Durandal was being transported and what route was being used would be if someone who is part of the Mobile Disaster Response Team told her. That tells me one vital fact: Finé is one of us.'

'Now, when Finé appeared before us, I know where Sakuya, Aoi, the commander, and Shinji were. But that leaves...'

Realizing who Finé had to be, Cloud adjusted his Fenrir badge before deciding to pay Genjuro a visit.

After meeting up with Genjuro, Cloud said,…

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LittleDragon Yumegami LittleDragon Yumegami 25 March 2016

Prediction for the 4th Season

If there are new characters, new gear user, appear in the 4th season. Then what should they look like? Let's predict them together! My predictions for them are :

New Character #1

  • Green Hair
  • Purple Eyes
  • Main Color is Purple or Indigo

New Character #2

  • Red Hair
  • Yellow Eyes
  • Main Color either is Yellow or Gold
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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 11 February 2016

Chapter 1: Returning to Japan

(Okay, I was inspired by User:Sylphfarn12 to take a shot at writing this sort of thing for my own Custom Character. So here goes.)

"Well, negotiations have finally reached their conclusion. Still, even though the Commander explained how vital they are, I honestly will be glad to finally return to fighting the Noise."

Hearing his cell phone ring, Cloud took a look at the Caller ID and frowned before answering. "Hello, Commander."

"Ah, Cloud. How are the negotiations going?" Genjuro asked.

Cloud said, "They actually have just finished. The American government has agreed to cooperate with us."

Genjuro breathed a sigh of relief hearing this. "That's good. Without their assistance, I honestly don't know if we would be able to succeed."

Cloud said, "S…

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Mew Amelia Mew Amelia 15 January 2016

Apple (Nōto's Version)

In Episode 6 of DGX, Nōto (my OC) sings Apple with Maria.

The apple floated in the big broad sky

The apple crashed down on the ground

The stars were born and then the songs

And the lulu amel could smile forever

Then the stars kissed and the songs fell asleep

Where is my home?

Where is my home?

The apple crashed down on the ground The apple floated in the big broad sky

Sing, sing, sing forever

Please don't go

I don't want you to go

The stars will fly

The stars won't die

The apple floated in the big broad sky

The apple sang until it became a star

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Blazewind strike Blazewind strike 26 December 2015

If you could have any Relic...

As the title suggest if you could have access to any Relic that appeared in the show what would it be and why.  I would personal us Ichaival, it power is something to be amazed with, and it's fire arm style of combat is just something I prefer.  But that's me, what about you guys?

(This just fun I thought I do, not something to take too seriously)

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

It is almost 8:00 on Christmas Eve over here, so I want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, whether it's also Christmas Eve for you, or whether you live somewhere where it's Christmas Day at the time I'm writing this.

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 20 December 2015


Okay, yesterday I noticed that someone, probably from a long time ago, had added Finé to the Attuned and Symphogear User categories.

Did she ever sing? No. She never sang a single song.

Did she ever use a Symphogear? No. The only Relics she ever used were the Nehushtan Armor and Solomon's Cane, which, due to their status as complete Relics, were automatically exempt from being Symphogear.

I removed those categories from her page, but I sincerely want to know what possessed someone to add them in the first place! It makes absolutely no sense!

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 14 December 2015

Kitty Kitty, Mew Mew

Okay, I have been sitting on this one for a while.

Last month, my family got a pair of cats, a boy and a girl. The girl, who we named Isabelle, was rather timid at first, but has gradually warmed up to us.

The boy, George, however, is extremely adventerous. And we have lots of fun with him, especially when the cat toys are involved!

So we're having a lot of fun with these kittens, and plan to take care of them as they grow up. Wish us luck!

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Mew Amelia Mew Amelia 4 December 2015

Pairings: Canon or Not Canon?

(Read the title, geez!)


Canon?: Yes

Reason(s): TBA

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 3 December 2015

Favorite Scenes

Okay, let's talk about favorite scenes from the series, both awesome and heartwarming.

For me, it's as follows.

Season 1:

Kanade's last stand. Yes, she died, but she made sure that Hibiki would survive, and that none of the Noise would cause any further suffering.

Episode 5. The way Hibiki showed off the results of her combat training was just...awesome.

Episode 8. Even though they'd just gotten into a nasty fight, Miku came up with that plan to distract that Noise because she trusted Hibiki to save her!

Episode 9. The way Hibiki and Chris joined forces was certainly a welcome change from how things usually went whenever they were in the same place.

Episode 10. From Hibiki telling Tsubasa and Chris about what her Armed Gear really was, to Chris b…

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 27 November 2015

Symphogear is getting another season?!

I was just browsing through Symphogear tumblr looking for the full version of BAYONET CHARGE and the duet between Hibiki and Miku and...I saw the title "SYMPHOGEAR WILL GET A SEASON 4" with this link beneath it:

OMG, I'm so excited >.< I love the songs from this series and the storylines/characters/battles are awesome >.< Wonder what they will call season four...

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 18 October 2015

Why not Nightcore?

I've seen lately that videos have been getting taken down on YouTube or DailyMotion due to copyright. But why not upload the nightcore versions of the songs? They don't get taken down so it'll be so much easier on your part. Yes, the voices are more higher and the song is a little faster but it's not too bad. It's better than having to reupload videos on this wiki all the time.

There's this channel I'm subscribed to which has the Symphogear songs but the user has edited the songs to make the voices just a little higher but the speed is the same. S/He doesn't have all the Symphogear songs though. Here's the link to the channel:

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 25 September 2015

Final Attacks = Super Robot Homages

Okay, something I have noticed is that the group attacks that are used in the finale of a season are homages to finishers that are used in Super Robot anime series. Now, it is difficult for me to find videos of those attacks from the actual anime series, but luckily for me, there is a video game called Super Robot Wars that should suffice as proof.

The Synchrogazer, for example, was an homage to the Dankukougaken from Super Bestial Machine God Dancougal. So yatte yaruze!

Next up, the Vitalization attack from Symphogear G is an homage to the attack Hell and Heaven from The King of Braves Gaogaigar.

This makes me wonder one thing. What will the Exterminate attack be an homage to? Luckily, I'll be able to find out the answer tomorrow.

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 14 September 2015

Prediction for Season 3, Episode 12

Okay, it's going to be two weeks before we see it, apparently, but I think I might have an idea of how events will play out.

I suspect that in the fight against Carol, she will wind up eventually realizing that her father did not want her to dissect the world. However, with the Chateau de Tiffauges being on autopilot, the following episode will be focused on everyone's attempts to stop it.

I know this is all speculation, but I think this is the direction they'll be going.

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 18 August 2015

Two new CD releases

Okay, so I discovered that there will be two new CDS. They have no covers yet but the first CD is called "RADIANT FORCE/ Just Loving X-Edge" which comes out on September 30 along with the Character Song Album #8. The second one is called "BAYONET CHARGE/ RADIANT FORCE (IGNITED Arrangement)" and comes out on *sobs* November 25, which is the day of my Semi Formal (so far away)!



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LittleDragon Yumegami LittleDragon Yumegami 29 July 2015

What if there will be a dubbed of Symphogear?

What if that Symphogear Anime gonna have a dubbed series, what voice actors you guys want them to voice the characters? My opinion (for myself) is that Stephanie Anne Mills to voice Chris, Emilie Claire to voice rather Miku or Serena or Shirabe. What voice actors you want them to cast the characters?

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Tomochin Tomochin 18 July 2015

Divine Beast ° Gryphon

The title in japanese: 神獣·グリフォン

(the lyrics are going to be in English as I don't speak Japanese)

The hands that one day I left behind

memories that can never be forgotten.

And a promise made in a different place,

holding our hands to tomorrow.

One day walking in this quiet city,

I remembered of our love (Mon Dieu, it's a sin), It's was a simple feeling

trying to always find you, but never reaching cause I was (prétentieux), that I couldn't hear a thing.

ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh, when will this world hits its end.

I can't wait, no anymore, hope, for you to come save me.

The legacy that I found ago,

made my body take a leap( Je suis, vivant),

and the bond that we formed beyond,

(est si forte qui crie).

I will never escape from this feeling,

as my heart still…

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LittleDragon Yumegami LittleDragon Yumegami 16 July 2015

Help in Translating

Hi guys, I hoped you all can help me translate this picture of Tsubasa and Maria, everybody knows what is the picture telling but I only know abit about the conversation, can you guys help by translating?

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LittleDragon Yumegami LittleDragon Yumegami 12 July 2015


Hi guys, I been wondering, I looked in the official website, the character songs, there is a single name "キャラタァー後日解禁". What does it mean? Could it mean the single name Character - Last day Release (lit) or More character songs will be release after this?

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Jmcdavid Jmcdavid 11 July 2015

What's In the Box?

Okay, as you guys might know, Elfnein is carrying a box. She called it Dwerg Dain's legacy, and apparently needs to deliver it to someone in order to atone for something in her past.

So far, I have come across three potential theories for what it might be.

  1. A Philosopher's Stone. This is a theory that I came up with, on account of how Carol uses alchemy.
  2. The remains of Carol's father. Someone else came up with this theory, but I honestly don't know how plausible it is, considering how it doesn't seem to match her last name if it's Dwerg Dain's legacy.
  3. A Pandora's Box. Now this theory is something I like. It might hold the power to bring about disaster if it's opened, but it would also contain hope.

Now, this is all for the sake of speculation, s…

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