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Bavarian illuminati logo

The logo of the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati (パヴァリア光明結社 Pavaria Kōmyō Kessha?, lit. "The Enlightened Society of Bavaria") is a secret society existing in the background of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series, pulling the strings of world history in order to achieve their ultimate goal of obtaining divine power. They largely play the role as antagonists or supporters of the series antagonists.


The Illuminati was involved in the "Frontier Incident" in G, funding Nastassja Sergeyevna Tolstaya and John Wayne Vercingetorix in the armed uprising against the FIS. They are also mentioned by Maria in G Episode 12 in reference to a group coordinating with the US in efforts to hide the truth of the impending moon disaster.

The Illuminati were also involved in the "Magical Girl Incident" in GX, where they helped Carol Malus Dienheim to build the Château de Tiffauges. The Illuminati finally appear in the foreground as antagonists in AXZ.

The Illuminati are also responsible for Europe's labelling as "the Dark Continent", the fall of America, and giving the government of the unstable political state Val Verde the technology of the Alca-Noise to use in their wars.

The Illuminati was the true founder of the practice of alchemy using heretical technology, and thus their society is largely made up of alchemists. However, their title as founder was stolen by Finé after she defeated them by sending Tiki to a centuries-long watery grave, seeking to monopolize all heretical technology for her own uses. Finé thus earned her title as one of the major antagonists of the Illuminati, to the point where the Illuminati could only come into the foreground four hundred years later after Finé died when she sacrificed herself to save the life of Shirabe Tsukuyomi. Even then, Finé still haunts the Illuminati in the form of her legacy, the Symphogear.

In XV, the main antagonists are Noble Red, a remnant group split off from the Illuminati, which consists of members who were scorned as outcasts for being failures to the Illuminati.


Bavarian Illuminati Members
Adam Weishaupt
Top Brass
Top Brass
Top Brass
Adam Weishaupt Saint-Germain Cagliostro Prelati Tiki
Vanessa Diodati
Former Member/
Remnant Leader
Millaarc Cranstoun
Former Member
Elsa Bête
Former Member
     Vanessa Diodati Millaarc Cranstoun Elsa Bête     


  • The Japanese translation of 'Bavarian Illuminati' in real-life is 'Bavaria Keimei Kessha' (バヴァリア啓明結社?),[1] which is different to the title used in Symphogear. The バ ('ba') character is replaced with パ ('pa'), and the 啓 kanji (meaning 'enlightenment') with 光 (meaning 'light'). Why these changes were made is unknown.
  • The Bavarian Illuminati has a theme BGM found on the AXZ soundtrack, titled Pavaria Kōmyō Kessha.
  • As revealed in XV, after Adam Weishpaut’s death in AXZ, the Bavarian Illuminati became defunct.


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