Carol's Transformation in XV 14

The Autoscorers (オートスコアラー Ōtosukoarā?) are Automated Dolls (自動人形 Jidō Ningyō?) that serve their master. Their duties include protecting their masters and carrying out their missions.

One trait they seem to share is the ability to drain memories from people by kissing them, but besides that, they all have their own individual strengths.

The autoscorers from Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX are themed after a type of music/dance, an element and one of four suits in an ancient turkish deck of cards. Each one also has a sound theme to them: Garie is a music box, Micha is a cuckoo clock, Phara is a metal clock, and Leiur is a wind-up machine. Tiki, on the other hand, sounds much like a regular mechanical doll.

Known Autoscorers

LeiurAvLeiur Darāhim GarieAvGarie Tūmān MichaAvMicha Jawkān PharaAvPhara Suyūf TikiAvTiki


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