Kanade's Armed Gear

The Armed Gear (アームドギア Āmudo Gia?) is powerful weapon manifested with each Symphogear, that can take many forms based on the properties of each individual gear. Hibiki is the exception since her relic is a fragment. In the final episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear G, she obtains one like that of Kanade's but directly connected to her right hand.

List of Armed Gears

  • Ame no Habakiri — Katana --> Giant Sword (Blue Flash and Heaven's Wrath), Ankle Blades, Summoned Swords and a Dagger (Shadow Weaving)
  • Ichaival — Crossbows --> Gatling Guns, Missiles, Small Bullet Bombs, Pistols and Crystals (Giga Zepplin)
  • Gungnir — Spear (Kanade and Maria), Spear/Fists/Gigantic Fist (Hibiki)[1]
  • Shul Shagana — Buzzsaws and YoYos
  • Igalima — Scythe, Guillotine Blade and Knives on shoulders.
  • Airgetlám — Whip Sword/Daggers, Sword (X-Drive)[1]
  • Shénshòujìng — Folding fan, Mirrors and Laser Firer.



  • Despite her wide array of attacks, Shirabe has the least amount of Armed Gear variations.
  • If the user and relic aren't synced enough, the Armed Gear will destabilize and return to it's ordinary form.


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