Aoi Tomosato
Aoi Tomosato Casual
Kanji友里 あおい

RomajiTomosato Aoi
Character Information
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBlue
AnimeEpisode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseAsami Seto

Aoi Tomosato (友里 あおい Tomosato Aoi?) works in Mobile Disaster Response Corps and is always in the underground part of the school.


Aoi (あおい) - means "blue".

Tomosato (友里) - "友" means "friend" while "里" means village.


Aoi has dark blue hair with purple eyes. She wears a blue jacket with a blue dress and black tights and shoes.


Like her comrades, Aoi is very calm and trust her partners. She helps Hibiki and others in missions and always tells Genjuro about Aufwachenslagen's call.


Season 1

Aoi is first seen in Episode 2 handing a warm drink to Hibiki who gratefully accepts it. She is then seen behind Genjuro with a party popper in hand. She is later seen with a serious expression along with Sakuya as the explanation made no sense to Hibiki and response with, "Figured that'd happen." in which Sakuya agrees. When the Noise attack occurs she opens up the visual allowing them to see the Noise.

She is seen again in Episode 3 explaining to Hibiki what Durandal is. Later she is smiling amused at Ryoko's sexual advances at Hibiki.

Aoi hands Hibiki a drink after her morning of training with Genjuro in Episode 5. She also tells Hibiki that taking care of information leaks were part of her job. She contributes to the statements made by Sakuya speculation that the EU and USA were probably waiting for them to offer up the Symphogear System as a bargaining chip. She begins to explain to Hibiki the development of the Symphogear and it's significance.

She comments that it was was great time to update their defenses in Episode 6, she recalls that someone had opposed their updates to the defenses. She speculates on if the Americans had a hand in the Minister's assassination before the alarm goes off.

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