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Antarctica (南極大陸 Nankyokutairiku?) is the southernmost continent, home of the South Pole and located where the land of Magellanica was once dreamed to be.[1]

This cruel and frigid landscape is shrouded in mystery, thought to be home to or the location of many mysterious or supernatural events, including:

Despite the fact that many countries hold territorial claims on Antarctica and the surrounding area, there is no actual system of government and the territory is viewed as neutral.

In other words, many countries have conflicting claims and intentions, causing the handling of the newly-surfaced "coffin" and holy corpse therein to become a topic of heated debate.[2]

The idea of the Japanese government and S.O.N.G., given its roots in Japanese Secret Service, possessing such technology is met with apprehension by a number of countries. As a result, America was able to assert itself to gain control over the investigation.[2]



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