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Alchemy (錬金術 Renkinjutsu?), also called Magic (魔法 Mahō?), is a powerful skill introduced in Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX. The alchemists can use a variety of attacks and defenses with it, such as summoning different elements and combining certain traits.


It is unknown when the first alchemy started, but it is possible around the better understanding of science, chemistry, physics and development of magic in the overall, possibly reflecting on historic figures such as Paracelsus.

In later years, Alchemy apparently became the standard ability of high-ranking members of the Bavarian Iluminati, where they display various levels of mastery over the four elements, phonic gain and countermeasures to Symphogear such as the Alca-Noise, Philosopher Stone and Faust Robes.

The visual representation of Alchemy seems to always involve Hexagonal patterns identical to the ones in actual chemical equations.


Elements manipulation

The most basic display of Alchemy is the control of one of the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, in any way possible and any scale depending on the individual power of the alchemist. It usualy manifests as a circle arranged with hexagons with the colour of the element (Yellow, Green, Red and Blue respectively) alongside a glyph composed of musical symbols mixed together. Autoscorers are also able to use elemental alchemy such as Carol's Autoscorers and Adam.


A common construction by Alchemists are the Autoscorers; humanoid dolls with sentience and a mind on their own with even control over Alchemy themselves. Autoscorers can be built with a variety of purposes such as controlling one of the four elements, recording the movements of the cosmos and recording the songs of relics.


Alchemist have used several times space-warping abilities to teleport objects, themselves, and most commonly use as escape tool a small red flask that upon broken, summons a teleporting glyph to the wielder, warping him/her somewhere possibly pre-determined.


An Alchemist's strongest weapon, the Alca-Noise are a modified version of Noise with the ability to completely disintegrate solid matter, be it organic or inorganic, by white glowing appendages in their bodies. It required the Symphogear to be modified to specificaly whistand it's corrosive power. All which is disintegrated by Alca Noise turns into a blood-red dust called Prima-mater, the substance thats the base of everything in the world.


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