Akira Tachibana
Akira Tachibana
Kanji立花 洸

RomajiTachibana Akira
Character Information
RelativesUnnamed wife
Hibiki Tachibana (Daughter)
AnimeGX Episode 5
Voice Actors
JapaneseToshihiko Seki

Akira Tachibana (立花 洸 Tachibana Akira?), formerly known as Akira Morisaki (守崎 洸 Morisaki Akira?), is the father of Hibiki Tachibana.


The daughter of the president of a company that Hibiki's father did business with was among the list of those who died at the tragic Zwei Wing concert. At first, Akira was incredibly overjoyed that Hibiki had survived the ordeal, but it wasn't long before the news spread around and he found that his contract with the company had been rejected and was removed from the project. Having lost his sense of pride and unable to figure out how to cope with the situation, Akira turned to alcohol, which eventually led to him yelling and threatening violence on others within the household. Originally, Akira had married into Hibiki's mother's family, taking on her name, but one day on his way to work he intentionally went missing, abandoning the family altogether. He never returned to the house again.[1]

After he distanced himself from Tokyo, Akira scraped together a living by working various part-time jobs and moving from place to place. When he eventually settled briefly in Ibaraki Prefecture, Akira was working at a gas station when by a twist of fate, he encountered a girl who he recognized that used to play with his daughter, along with Hibiki, his actual daughter.


Akira's personality was that of a cheerful, doting parent. He had a strong sense of responsibility, and was a positive problem-solver. However, over time, Akira lost that outlook and began wearing a superficial smile, which eventually lead to him completely averting from the pain and stress of the situation, almost like a different person.

However, Akira was inspired by his chance meeting with Hibiki and contacted her. He decided he could come face-to-face with her, if nothing else. Was that decision made because somewhere within his heart, the passion he once held might still smolder inside?[2]


Symphogear G

In GX Episode 11, when Akira saw his daughter's transform, he had a flashback of witnessing his daughter fighting in G Episode 13. He had a hunch that she was his daughter, but he was unable to confirm it.

Symphogear GX

Symphogear XV

Akira was once again reappeared in XV episode 9, where his daughter was under house arrest after using Amalgam against Shem-Ha's defense system.


Hibiki Tachibana - Hibiki is shown to be troubled by him due to the fact that he didn't accept her when she was recovering in the past. This is clearly shown at the end of GX Episode 7, when she immediately runs away upon seeing him. In the end, he makes up with his daughter, claiming he can't run away from the fact he's her dad. At the end of the season she is seen running with him throughout her old neighborhood as they high-five. In a post-credits scene, he finally takes up the courage to make amends with his wife and family himself, and after a brief moment of doubt from Hibiki's mother, he almost gives up, until Hibiki holds their hands, saying she won't let go easily, and leads them inside happily.



  • "Then I was right. So that girl was Hibiki? All I ever did was run, but you kept doing your best, no matter what happened." - Akira thoughts as he has a flashback of witnessing his daughter fighting in G Episode 13 (Episode 11 of GX)[3]
  • "Hibiki! Don't lose! Hibiki, don't lose!" - Akira cheering for his daughter when she got hit by Carol to the wall of the building (Episode 11 of GX)[3]

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