AXZ Airgetlám

AnimeG Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Relic Information
UserSerena Cadenzavna Eve
Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Armed GearWhip Sword
Airgetlám (アガートラーム Agātorāmu?) is the relic formerly owned by Serena Cadenzavna Eve and later by her sister, Maria at the end of G[1] and onwards. Its model number is SG-x00.[2]


In Irish mythology, Nuada or Nuadu (modern spelling: Nuadha), known by the epithet Airgetlám (modern spelling: Airgeatlámh, meaning "silver hand/arm"), was the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He is cognate with the Gaulish and British god Nodens. His Welsh equivalent is Nudd or Lludd Llaw Eraint.


Serena was loaned Airgetlám by the FIS, and she wore it until dying after singing her superb song to defeat the Nephilim. The Airgetlám pendant was presumably damaged in the same rockfall that killed Serena.

Maria then kept Serena's pendant as a sentimental reminder; as the pendant was broken, it was unable to be used by Maria. However, Maria was able to use the pendant once via a miracle during the finale of G, but presumably the stress of being used despite being broken caused the pendant to snap in half, becoming completely unusable.

In GX, Elfnein repairs Airgetlám's pendant, allowing Maria full use of the relic.


The Airgetlám's special ability is to control energy vectors.

In AXZ, Airgetlám is shown to be able to, either automatically or by subconscious or emotional desire, help reduce the stress of the gear on Maria's body using this ability.

Holy Chant

Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron

Airgetlam Holy Chant (Serena)
Airgetlam Holy Chant (Maria)

Battle Songs



Symphogear GX Transformation - Cadenzavna Eve Maria

Symphogear GX Transformation - Cadenzavna Eve Maria

Symphogear AXZ Transformation - Maria Cadenzavna Eve

Symphogear AXZ Transformation - Maria Cadenzavna Eve


  • On the official G website, Airgetlám is called the Silver Symphogear (白銀のシンフォギア Shirogane no Shinfogia?).[3]
  • At the end of G, Airgetlám was cut in half.[1] However, in GX it was only damaged.[4] This was later corrected in the Blu-ray version.
  • Even though it typically takes the form of a dagger when it's used, it still seems to be defined as a sword, as Phara Suyūf's Sword Breaker was able to have an effect on it.


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