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Blue Bunny
AXZ ep9 Infobox.png
Kanji 碧いうさぎ

Romaji Aoi Usagi
General Information
Episode 9 (48)

Season Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ

Air Date August 26, 2017
Theme Songs

Ending Futurism
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"Blue Bunny" (碧いうさぎ Aoi Usagi?) is the ninth episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ and the forty-eighth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime.



Shirabe is feeling guilty for being the only Gear User who can't seem to be able to use unison to increase phonic gain with anyone except Kirika.

Shortly afterward, Yatsuhiro Kazanari approaches S.O.N.G with intel from the Shrine Association. All six Gear Users head to a certain Tsuki Shrine to analyze some ancient scrolls with the help of the resident priest. They find that the Ley Lines connecting seven Hikawa Shrines form a mirror image of the Orion constellation, and consequently, an area called the "Drummer's Gate to Heaven", a divine gate where gods were known to descend. They surmise that Adam intends to use this divine gate to attain his own divine power.

Meanwhile, Prelati is musing alone in her room about what Cagliostro said to her while she was recovering: apparently, Adam is using the alchemists in pursuit of some secret goal. She overhears Tiki talking about what she wants to do after Adam gains his divine power, and confronts the two directly, ready to attack. Adam chases her off, and she uses her Faust Robe to speed down the highway, trying to reach Saint-Germain and warn her.

Shirabe and Tsubasa, the only Gear Users with an easily-accessible set of wheels, head out to stop Prelati before she rips through a residential area. After Tsubasa helps Shirabe gain her confidence, the two Gear Users defeat the alchemist with a unison song.

And just like that, Saint-Germain is the only one left to sacrifice her life energy for the central plinth.


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  • The episode title is a reference to Tsubasa and Shirabe, with Tsubasa's main color is blue and Shirabe's Symphogear is a design of a rabbit.
  • The shrine featured in this episode, the Tsuki Shrine, is a real place in Japan.
  • There are several implications that the Tsuki Shrine is Shirabe's original home.
    • The shrine priest mentions that seeing the Symphogear girls reminds him of his granddaughter, who died with her family in a car accident. Shirabe's character profile on the AXZ website mentions that she was kidnapped by the F.I.S. after an unspecified accident; furthermore, as one of the Receptor Children, she was a kidnapped orphan by default. The priest goes on to mention that if his granddaughter were alive today, she would be around the same age as the Symphogear users.
    • In the flashback to her meeting Kirika at the F.I.S., Shirabe is seen with a bag that has a shrine charm hanging off of it. The charm contains the character "調", the kanji for her name. Shirabe then mentions that she doesn't remember the old reading of her name, and was given a new one by the F.I.S., based on her possessions. Meanwhile, the Tsuki Shrine contains the same kanji as Shirabe's name, but the kanji is read as the archaic reading of tsuki; in modern times, the standalone kanji would be more commonly read as shirabe. At the end of the episode, Shirabe is given another shrine charm by the priest, which is similar to the previous charm in shape and form.
    • Shirabe has a rabbit theme, as noted by the episode's title; the Tsuki Shrine is associated with rabbits, as is brought up in the episode itself.
    • The plot of the drama Hoshi no Kinka, the OP theme of which the Symphogear episode is named after, features a main character who is involved in an accident where he loses his memory; Shirabe was involved in an accident and has no recollection of her past.


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